Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Gushes Over Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Despite Accidents, Known Risks and Privacy Violations.

By B.N. Frank

Many Americans don’t trust Automated Vehicles (AVs) and other automated technology because:

  1. There are too many incidents of how autonomous technology (vehicles, utility “Smart” Meters, etc.) have already failed BIG TIME.
  2. These vehicles and infrastructure violate our right to privacy by collecting data on us and selling it to God-knows-who to do God-knows-what with.
  3. Experts have warned that automated vehicles aren’t worth the risk.

Regardless, Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao, says Americans need to be convinced to not only trust – but also embrace – automated vehicles and infrastructure anyway.

Transportation Topics provides a summary:

WASHINGTON — Widespread adoption of autonomous vehicle technologies depends largely on public trust, according to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

Autonomous technology can take a variety of forms in transportation, from lane-departure warning systems and automated brakes to truck platooning. Automated technologies have, however, raised public concern over security and privacy.

Chao, who delivered remarks at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ legislative meeting Feb. 27, said she has urged manufacturers and Silicon Valley technology leaders to educate consumers in an effort to dispel apprehensions.

“The promise of automated vehicles will never be realized if the public does not have confidence in the safety, security and privacy of these new emerging technologies,” Chao said.


“I want to let you know what a great journey you’re embarked upon. You’ll make friends for the remainder of your lives,” Chao said. “We want to help you build the infrastructure that you think best suits the needs of your communities.”

Really, Elaine?

That’s not all.  Tech moguls are concerned about automated vehicles eliminating more human jobs.  Because of this, they’ve been endorsing a Universal Basic Income to offset mass rioting and other issues associated with more Americans becoming unemployed due to more automation.

Elaine also doesn’t address the biological and environmental harm caused by self-driving vehicles and infrastructure either.

How can any of this be described as a great journey where life-long friends are made while best meeting the needs of communities?

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