Biological EMFs Assaulted by Artificial Ones

By Peter Tocci

Hopefully, many readers saw Catherine Frompovich’s informative piece on vaccine damage to a ‘family’ of vital enzymes called Cytochrome P450, and to mitochondria – the energy producers in cells.

Alas, vaccines aren’t the only horrendous assault on C-P450 enzymes and mitochondria. Glyphosate, the demonspawn in Roundup® herbicide, suppresses P450, as well as “Amino Acid Biosynthesis by the Gut Microbiome.” I haven’t read the full text, but the Abstract says a lot.

Glyphosate works on weeds as a mineral “chelator,” meaning that it locks up minerals central to enzymes needed for growth. If these were confined to weeds, it might be one thing. Unfortunately, they’re common in organisms, including ones in our gut bacteria and those that make soil a living thing. So it’s quite probable that ‘glyphosated’ minerals are involved in suppressing P450 and protein synthesis.

Eminent MIT scientist Stephanie Seneff has said that half of all children will be autistic by 2025, from glyphosate alone.

Children with autism have biomarkers indicative of excessive glyphosate, including zinc and iron deficiency, low serum sulfate, seizures, and mitochondrial disorder.

And when it comes to mitochondrial disorder, don’t forget sunlight deficiency:

…what people don’t understand in animals, is that, on average and I’m giving you averaging on being a 70-kg adult, needs on average to make 85 kg of ATP per day. So I want you to think about that. If you have to make more ATP per day than you weigh, that is the function of a mitochondria.

But here is where it gets really interesting. Food only provides 1/3 of the amount of electrons to make ATP. Well, guess what is—is supposed to provide the other two thirds? Sunlight—and how does that happen? It’s a function of the protein in the intermitochondrial membrane called uh—Cytochrome C Oxidase which I think most people know.

And Cytochrome C Oxidase is a heme protein just like hemoglobin in our skin. Uh—and what it does it absorbs best in what we call the optical window. And the optical window grows from about 700-1400 average specifically in the red infrared range. And what does it do? It makes ATPase spend much faster and we create uhm— several things from that.

Not only do we create ATP, we create the other 2/3 of the ATP that food don’t [sic] provide us. The other key thing is the faster the ATPase spends, the higher magnetic flux we create in a cell. And that’s where magnetic fields come and—and most people who are in the allophatic and functional medicine don’t functionally really understand how the magnetic field is generated and how it’s designed to alter as current that comes across the intermitochondrial membrane in the form of electrons. — Neurosurgeon Jack Kruse (from transcript below video, sometimes not well heard 🙂

Given that the information here and in Catherine’s piece is only a fraction of the concerted assault on life and human health (now spearheaded by wireless tech and hi-tech in general), via policy handed down by society’s Masters and executed by Industry/Government (Illness/Slow-Genocide Agenda), the real miracle is that any of us are walking around. I suspect that what bioscience doesn’t know about life, energy, biology and Consciousness is the main reason.

In our pursuit of the good life, we’re forfeiting our right to any life at all. The irony is, fundamentally we never needed science; we just needed what Western “Civilization” lacks: the intuition and common sense found in many indigenous cultures: Innate, intimate communion with the natural world. Do we live and embrace a collective psychospirtual imbalance, or unrecognized collective mental illness? Innocence lost, techno-Insanity normalized?

The very luxuries we pride ourselves on being able to afford are making us biologically poorer for having them. — Robert Ovetz, PhD, Sea Turtle Restoration Project

A big key, of course, don’t forget wireless technology:

Artificial EMFs affect life and us because we ARE EMFs—every atom, molecule, chemical, cell, tissue, organ, and system. There is no matter per se. It’s all vibration and frequency. For example, what is an electron made of? 🙂 We don’t know what anything really is; it’s just convenient, comforting and reassuring to talk as if we do. 🙂

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. — Einstein

Let’s say you’re on the sidewalk talking (vibration/frequency) to a friend and a semi roars by (vibration/frequency) and you can barely hear each other. You two are body cells trying to communicate. Wireless is the semi.

Wireless technology: There is no safe dose. “Get clean or die.”

Peter Tocci is a retired massage therapist and wellness consultant with an abiding interest in exploring ‘managed’ history, nefarious covert agendas, and mainstream/mainstream-alternative news-media dereliction, distortion and suppression. He can be reached at

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All Rights Reserved

Image credit: Waking Times

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