The Idiot’s Guide to The Internet of Things (IoT): With an Almost 75% Failure Rate, Security Experts Suggest Only Idiots Would Want to Install It

By B.N. Frank

Many security experts have written about the vulnerabilities of IoT already.  With an almost 75% failure rate, it’s already proven to be more trouble than it’s worth.  Yet Big Wireless won’t give up their pursuit of installing IoT everywhere.  Of course, this is understandable because they are making money off this foolishness. has a great page devoted entirely to the risks associated with IoT.  It starts off with this quote from the Nuvias Group:

As in 2016 and 2017, the number-one cybersecurity concern for the coming year is the Internet of Things (IoT). This really is ‘a security time bomb’ (Nuvias Group)

A security time bomb???!!!  What kind of idiot wants that?

Also included by Whatis5G.Info:

(A)ccording to the The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2018, cyber security is the third greatest global risk of 2018 topped only by natural disasters and extreme weather conditions.

ZDNet reports, “The economic costs of a large cyber-attack could be as large as the impact of a major natural disaster.


According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI sent a note to private companies warning,

“The exploitation of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) to conduct small-to-large scale attacks on the private industry will very likely continue.”

Security expert, Bruce Schneier isn’t playing around.

More from Bruce:

Today’s threats include hackers crashing airplanes by hacking into computer networks, and remotely disabling cars, either when they’re turned off and parked or while they’re speeding down the highway. We’re worried about manipulated counts from electronic voting machines, frozen water pipes through hacked thermostats, and remote murder through hacked medical devices. The possibilities are pretty literally endless. The Internet of Things will allow for attacks we can’t even imagine.

Crashing airplanes???!!!  Remotely disabling cars???!!!  Remote murder through hacked medical devices???!!!  The possibilities are pretty literally endless???!!!!  OMG IoT! also breaks down cybersecurity issues into detailed categories including:


I’ve also written a few articles about the idiocy of IoT:

I included many links to articles about IoT failures as well as testimony from security experts as well.  Some of my favorites include:

  1. “This Teen Hacked 150,000 Printers to Show How the Internet of Things Is Shit
  2. “In a relatively short time, we’ve taken a system built to resist destruction by nuclear weapons and made it vulnerable to toasters.”
  3. “If we must have an IoT bog roll holder, can we at least make it secure? It’s the internet of sh*tty things, says Intel Security’s Raj Samani”
  4. What happens when dishwashers attack the network?”
  5. “Developing an IoT Nightmare: My Smart Fork Ate My Data
  6. University hacked by its own vending machines: How IoT almost took entire campus offline”

Funny but not funny because:

You know IoT security is bad when libertarians call for strict regulation, ‘When the internet crashes into the real world and people get killed’ you’ll be sorry”

Security Experts Warn Congress That the Internet of Things Could Kill People. Poorly secured webcams and other Internet-connected devices are already being used as tools for cyberattacks. Can the government prevent this from becoming a catastrophic problem?”

Regardless, there are big plans for IoT:

“Securing the largest IoT deployments in the world, the smart electric grid.”

Dumb dumb dumb dumb.

Why on earth would anyone install anything with a 75% failure rate on an electric grid?

Pure idiocy, pure greed, or pure evil?  Argh.

“Concern Over IoT Security Grew for Most BHUSA Attendees in Past Year, Reveals Survey (Black Hat)”

“Vulnerable Smart City Devices Can Be Exploited To Cause Panic, Chaos“:

False alerts about floods, radiation levels are just some of the ways attackers can abuse weakly protected IoT devices, researchers warn.

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