Lefties Celebrate Alex Jones Ban

By Kurt Nimmo

Apple has pulled the plug on Alex Jones. It scrubbed most of his content from its iTunes service. The trillion dollar tech company says it will not support “hate speech.”

Facebook followed suit and wiped the Alex Jones Channel Page, the Alex Jones Page, the Infowars Page, and the Infowars Nightly News Page from its platform.

Last month, Google’s YouTube shut down Jones.

From the former crown jewel of Operation Mockingbird, The Washington Post:

Apple has wiped iTunes and its podcasting app virtually clean of content by Alex Jones, in one of the most aggressive moves by streaming services and technology companies against the conspiracy theorist and owner of the right-wing media platform Infowars.

This is almost funny coming from a news organization that pushed one of the most deadly conspiracy theories of modern times: Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and after none were found, George Bush made a comedy routine out of the fact Iraq didn’t have nuclear and biological weapons programs.

This “hate speech” resulted in the murder of more than 1.5 million people. That should qualify The Washington Post, which unquestioningly published war propaganda along with its sibling The New York Times, as the King of Fake News.

I don’t claim to know what happened at Sandy Hook. However, questioning the official version of that event and others is not a hate crime, no matter how outrageous.

Now lefties want to scrub Jones and his Infowars from all social media. They would celebrate in the streets if Jones’ Internet connection was cut. But that, of course, wouldn’t be enough for these SJW zombies—they want Alex Jones in prison, even dead.

Alex Jones is his own worst enemy. He courts this kind of publicity. Jones looks for the most outrageous and crazy stories in order to drive traffic to his website and store. His support for Donald Trump is part of the drive to get more listeners and customers.

I worked for this man as an editor and journalist for eight years. I know how he thinks. He loves the limelight and it doesn’t matter if that attention is positive or negative. It’s all about Alex Jones.

Finally, this is a long anticipated precedent that will spread like a California wildfire. The action against Jones will be used against others. I wager that within a year many if not most of the more popular “alt-right” and “New Right” personalities will be dumped by the social media giants. It can then concentrate on the propaganda news stream, selfies, chili recipes, and puppy pictures.

After the midterm elections and the inevitable accusation that Russia skewered the results by propagandizing the public, this purge will extend to the internet proper and the end result will be more regulation designed to keep the truth from spreading. It will be sold as a defensive move to save democracy when, in fact, the result will be the exact opposite.

Banning Alex Jones has very little to do with dead children or hate speech. It’s about the government and its corporate partners taking back the media so it can resume the urgent task of propagandizing the American people and thus gain their ill-informed consensus for endless war and the perpetuation of rigged economic and political systems.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Infowars.com. Donate to ADE Here.

Image credit: Infowars

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8 Comments on "Lefties Celebrate Alex Jones Ban"

  1. Jones operation has been comprised since about 2015, and he is taking an active role in the destruction of the truth movement. Between this and his lack of defense in the Sandy Hoax trial, Jones is gonna wipe us out.

  2. It’s mostly staged/controlled opposition anyway, these “alternative” media. How naive can one be to believe only the MSM are controlled? This whole thing with Mr Jones is just another day at the globalist controlled circus of staged antagonisms. It’s about controlling the whole narrative to keep people connected while at the same time thoroughly disengaged from actual resistance. The play acting NWO assets in the “alternative” network must be exposed for what they are, but first and foremost we need to go after the cabal of globalist puppet masters.

  3. I don’t follow Alex Jones at all in any form but I do recognize the violation of the 1st Amendment right to free speech. Anyone who cheers this is cheerleading the final destruction of our already beaten up Constitution.

  4. the inconvenient truth is that Alex, and others wouldn’t be necessary if the newspapers and MSM actually did factual reporting to begin with

  5. I don’t follow Alex Jones as I don’t always agree with him either, BUT . . . he has the right to speak. If we don’t like what he says, we can listen to someone else or do something else. We DON’T need government or big business to shut them down. Everyone has a right to speak. It used to be called FREEDOM, didn’t it?

  6. Anyone consider the possibility that the man who educated many people about psy-ops is now willingly part of a really huge one?

  7. Chelsea Poole | August 8, 2018 at 9:09 pm | Reply

    Wah wah wah…cry me a histrionic hyper-masculine violence-fomenting controlled-opposition river. F**k Alex Jones.

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