“Citizens Police Academies” Are Used To Improve Community Relations and Influence Voters

By MassPrivateI

A recent article in KSFY revealed that the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is training citizens to act like cops.

Because that is what America needs right now, more police.

These ‘citizen cops’ go through a ten-week training program called ‘Citizens Academy’ which teaches them to take part in fingerprinting, shooting a taser, ALICE training and much more.

In Great Falls, Montana, Citizen Academy attendees can be tasered by the police.

Along with learning so much attendees also get to ride with an officer, see a homicide investigation, be Tased (or just watch). (Source)

ALICE training is an acronym for ‘Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate’ or Active Shooter Civilian Response techniques.

Why are police training citizens and corporations in active shooter drills?

ALICE training reduces corporate liability

At approximately 2:45 minutes into the video, the ALICE Institute reveals that active shooter training reduces an organization’s liability.

Citizens are also trained to conduct mock traffic stops.

“And another one, probably my favorite, are our mock traffic stops,” Deputy EJ Colshan said. “We actually have a bad guy in a suspect vehicle and we allow a participant to pull them over and go through a scenario of a traffic stop.” (Source)

What Citizen’s Police Academies (CPA) leave out are important things like how police stop and question 50,000 motorists every day or twenty million people a year.

Citizen’s Police Academies (CPA) are being run across the country. A Google search for “Citizens Police Academy” returned close to 29 million hits.

CPA’s are training the public to accept the Police State.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Police One.com admits that CPAs are meant to improve community relations.

Perhaps most importantly, a CPA is a unique and powerful means to increase the community’s empathy and sympathy for law enforcement officers. (Source)

CPAs are also used to influence voter opinion.

If you have a decent relationship with your local prosecutor (frequently an elected position), invite that person to come meet with and talk to citizens (who are likely to be voters) about the criminal justice system and how the office works. (Source)

And it doesn’t end there, a Google search for ‘Citizens’ Police Academy improve community relations’ returned over 25 million hits.

The Police State is getting worse, not better.

As John Whitehead said, “there is a philosophical shift underway in how the government views not only the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but we the people, as well.”

You can read more at the MassPrivateI blog, where this article first appeared.

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    Turning the people into snitches. cop wanna bees

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