If You Don’t Want Small Cell Towers in Front of Homes and Throughout Your Community, Contact Your Elected Officials Before Wednesday, July 25, 2018.

By B.N. Frank

Big Thanks to the folks at Whatis5G.info for organizing this effort.  Please share widely!

Since 2004, The International Association of Firefighters has opposed the use of fire stations as base stations for towers and antennas until it’s proven they aren’t hazardous to the health of members.  So why would the rest of us want small cell towers installed in front of our homes and everywhere else?


There are two hearings taking place on Wednesday, July 25th

1 – The Race To 5G in the Senate Commerce Committee in the morning.

2 – The FCC Oversight Hearing in the House Commerce Committee in the afternoon.

Please immediately call or email members of both committees respectfully expressing your point of view about 5G and unfettered wireless expansion.

Contact Information:

1 – Senate Commerce Committee: You will have to look up phone numbers to make calls. (Dial *67 before the number if you want to keep your number private).

For sending emails: 

The main office of the Senate Commerce Committee has promised to forward all emails they receive regarding the Wed. hearing on the Race To 5g, to all the members of the Commerce Committee.

Please send your email to: [email protected].

Subject heading of email should read:
Re: Race to 5G | Please forward to all Committee Members before 9:00 am, July 25th

2 – House Commerce Committee Contacts: (FCC Oversight Hearing)

You will only need to contact the members of the Communications and Technology subcommittee as the Oversight Hearing will be conducted by only the subcommittee, not the full Commerce Committee. 

You will need to look up individual phone numbers for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce

For sending emails:  The staff at the Energy Commerce Committee has promised to forward all emails they receive to all members of the subcommittee on Communications and Technology who are conducting the “Oversight Hearing.”

Please send your email to: [email protected].

Subject heading of email should read: 
Re: FCC Oversight Hearing; Please forward to all Committee members before 1:00 pm on July 25th. 

Suggested Talking Points:

About The “Race To 5G” 

1 – In light of the overwhelming independent science showing adverse health effects from wireless radiation – in particular both the recent conclusions of the NTP study as well as the Ramazzini study, it seems highly inadvisable to launch a “race to 5g” before 5g and the IoT are proven safe.

Instead we urge you to call for a moratorium on the installation of all small cell technology and the rollout of the fifth generation wireless network, 5G until proven safe. 

2 – If there’s any “race” to be had, it should be a race for “safe, reliable, fast, energy efficient and cyber secure fiber to all homes and businesses”!!

3 – Nothing should move forward with 5G rollout or ANY wireless “small cell” legislation until the FCC has re-evaluated their OBSOLETE and INADEQUATE 22 year old wireless radiation exposure guidelines in light of the 2012 GAO report that clearly gave that advice. (“Exposure and Testing Requirements for Mobile Phones Should Be Reassessed” : GAO-12-771: Published: Jul 24, 2012. Publicly Released: Aug 7, 2012.)

The NTP/Ramazzini studies both show evidence of cancer from microwave radiation exposure, and the 2014 Dept. of the Interior letter states that the FCC’s guidelines are inadequate to protect wildlife. 

We also strongly urge that public and health experts/advocates be allowed to present and speak at the hearing.

For the FCC Oversight Hearing 

Encourage Committee Members to press the FCC for

  1. Their lack of an actual safety standard for RF/MW;
  2. The fact that the FCC is not a health agency should not be the agency tasked with overseeing health guidelines;
  3. The fact that there has been no reassessment of their current safety guideline as recommended by GAO 4 years ago
  4. The reasoning behind the FCC passing the Wireless Infrastructure Streamlining Order on March 22, 2018 (WT. Docket #17-79) eliminating Environmental, Health, Safety review despite findings of “clear evidence of cancer” from the NTP study.
  5. No premarket safety testing of 5G and the IoT has ever been required. However, studies have documented negative biological effects to both humans and wildlife resulting from exposure to the higher millimeter wave frequencies that 5G and IoT will utilize in conjunction with frequencies already in use. 5G systems would require millions of new closely-spaced, high-powered antennas, increasing ambient RF/MW radiation exposure. Serious health effects have been demonstrated from both the current frequencies in use as well as from the higher RF/MW frequencies to be introduced. Why are they rushing ahead and disregarding public safety.

This video includes pre-submitted testimony of the FCC for the Oversight Hearing:

FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, addresses “public safety” in his witness statement but makes no mention of RF emissions or Docket 13-84.

For more information, visit the following websites:

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