Mainstream Media Confirms Conspiracy Theory That Walmart Stores Are Being Turned into Prison Camps

By Rachel Blevins

When citizens began to ask questions about why Walmart stores were suddenly closing in in southern states in 2015, the mainstream media insisted that the closures were due to plumbing problems and that any suggestion of government involvement was a crazy conspiracy theory. Three years later, the MSM is finally admitting that several of those Walmart stores were converted into detention centers, which now house immigrant children who have been separated from their parents.

At least 1,500 boys are currently being detained in Brownsville, Texas, where NBC News reported that they “spend 22 hours per day during the week (21 hours on weekends) locked inside a converted former Walmart,” where at least five boys are packed into rooms built for four. Many of those in prisons across the United States get more yard time than these children.

The boys range in age from 10 to 17 years old, and the average stay at the center is around 52 days. If the idea of imprisoning young boys as if they are felons for two months straight sounds agonizing and cruel, that is because it is. A small group of reporters was allowed inside the facility, and the report from NBC claimed that guard asked them to “smile at the hundreds of detained migrant kids in line for a meal because ‘they feel like animals in a cage being looked at.’”

A report from ABC News also noted that the detention center in Brownsville “was once a Walmart,” and while it claimed that the facility was “clean and well-staffed, with activities to keep the kids busy and their minds off their unfortunate situation,” it also noted that this was “a media tour, and journalists weren’t allowed to interview any of the children.”

“Where there were once racks of clothes and aisles of appliances, there were now spotless dorm-style bedrooms with neatly made beds and Pokémon posters on the walls,” The New York Times report noted that the converted Walmart store is now the largest licensed migrant children’s shelter in the country, but failed to point out that it was one of many stores that mysteriously went out of business when President Obama was still in office.

At the time, citizens became concerned when a number of Walmart stores mysteriously went out of business in Texas, Oklahoma, California, and Florida starting in April 2015. The mainstream media and its “trustworthy fact-checker” were adamant that the closures were due to plumbing problems, as Walmart claimed, and that there was no government involvement.

However, the reality that the former stores are, in fact, being used by the government, and that they are being used to imprison migrant children who have been separated from their parents, made headlines recently when Senator Jeff Merkley attempted to enter the converted Walmart in Brownsville, and he was denied entry by police.

“When I was at the center at McAllen Border Station, this is the processing center, earlier and I was admitted there and I did see the people, hundreds of children locked up in cages there at that facility,” Merkley said in an interview with CNN. “They have big cages made out of fencing and then wire and nets stretched across the top of them so people can’t climb out of them.”

While it is not clear whether any of the children in the detention center in Brownsville are being kept in cages, it is clear that the government worked diligently to keep facts from the public.

The young children who are forcefully separated from their parents are treated like prisoners and taken to detention centers where they are forced to live among hundreds of other children they have never met. The lifelong consequences can be detrimental; and, in some cases, these children will never see their parents again.

The individual cases are horrific, and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal recently shed light on her experience visiting a facility near Seattle where she met with more than 170 women who were taken into custody near the southern U.S. border.

“Thirty to 40 percent of these women came with children who had been forcibly taken away from them. None got a chance to say goodbye to their children—they were forcibly taken away,” Jayapal told The Nation. “One said she was deceived because they were in detention together. Then the CBP officers told her she was going out to get her photograph taken. When she came back, she was put in a different room, and she never got to see the child again. Some of them said they could hear their children screaming for them in the next room.”

A father from Honduras, who came to the United States with his family to seek asylum, was so distraught after he was separated from his wife and child that he killed himself while he was left alone in a jail cell last month.

In another case, a mother from Honduras who came to the U.S. seeking asylum with her family said she was breastfeeding her infant at a detention center when her baby was suddenly taken from her with no warning and no explanation.

A former employee of one of the detention centers is now speaking out after he said he quit in protest after he saw how horrific the process was for the children. Antar Davidson said he watched young children being “ripped from their parents” and sent to a detention center, where in some cases, no one spoke the same language they did.

Davidson claimed the facility was understaffed, the employees lacked the proper training, and as a result, the children were “extremely traumatized.” He also said the workers were underpaid, while “the CEO and his wife clear more than a million dollars a year in mostly federal tax money and undercut the services we need.”

“It’s a basic private prison deal in the guise of this shelter,” Davidson said. “So the people at the end of the day, when they have to put the kids to sleep have already worked an eight-hour shift and are often times asked to stay overtime. On top of that, these kids are running up and down the halls screaming, crying for their mom, throwing chairs. Everyone is tired. The under-trained staff is dealing with an increasingly traumatized population of minors.”

As The Free Thought Project has reported, while there have always been people seeking asylum in the U.S. from other countries, it should be noted that the “War on Drugs” in the United States has contributed both to violence in the countries immigrants are seeking asylum from, and an increase in drug trafficking over the border that has resulted in all migrants being treated like criminals.

Former Congressman Ron Paul noted last year that the War on Drugs has “produced no benefit to the American people at a great cost,” and “just as with the welfare magnetthere is an enormous incentive to smuggle drugs into the United States.”

There is also the troubling concern over what is happening to the immigrant children who are separated from their parents. While the idea of an innocent child being locked in a cage is troubling, it is not the worst fate many of the children are subjected to. The Health and Human Services Department recently admitted that nearly 1,500 immigrant children have gone missing, and many of them are suspected to have been kidnapped by human traffickers.

Watch Davidson’s interview below:

Rachel Blevins is an independent journalist from Texas, who aspires to break the false left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Steemit and Patreon. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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72 Comments on "Mainstream Media Confirms Conspiracy Theory That Walmart Stores Are Being Turned into Prison Camps"

  1. The government must tell the parents of these brats: “If you want to be with your brats, stay the hell away from the US of A, unless you come here legal”. Even if these brats were born here, send them back with their parents.

    • NobodysaysBOO | June 17, 2018 at 9:47 am | Reply

      perhaps IF we send their KIDS to AFRICA the parents would FOLLOW???

      trade them 3 to 1 for WORM INFESTED NORTH KOREANS they have BETTER MANNERS and SKILLS!!!

      • Undocumented immigrants have a 50% lower crime rate than US citizens, according to the Bureau of Prisons, and most of the crimes are lack of documentation
        “the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, also barred unauthorized immigrants from drawing benefits.

        Title IV of the act, subheaded “restricting welfare and public benefits for aliens,” states that “aliens who are not qualified aliens” are ineligible for “federal public benefits” and for “state and local public benefits.” The act defines qualified aliens as people with certain legal documented immigration status, meaning unauthorized immigrants are not eligible.”

        Legal immigrants, such as those seeking asylum, can get very limited benefits ($420 a month for 2) for 8 months.

        Yelling and dismissing facts and the law of the land is for fascist liars, comrade.

        • NobodysaysBOO | June 17, 2018 at 11:54 am | Reply

          BULL SHIT you nasty LIAR!!

          • No, it’s all documented fact. Screaming your obscene insults does not refute the facts, comrade. You are exhibiting the key ingredient of the fascist: hatred and intolerance. May you recover!

          • elainewoodriff | June 17, 2018 at 10:01 pm |

            You keep calling the people you reply to ‘Comrade’. Are you a Communist? You surely do talk like one.

          • No, I am a libertarian socialist. Comrade means friend. I follow the Golden Rule and treat people as I wish to be treated, and I wish to be treated as a friend or comrade. The libertarian socialists in fact challenged the Communists 150 years ago……..I urge you to study the history of this movement, which offers a non-coercive alternative to either state capitalism, state socialism, fascism, and communism. Wikipedia has a good introduction, and a good book on the subject is Beyond Capitalism by Gar Alperowitz. The MSM has banned libetarian socialists like Chomsky and Wolffe, who internationally are recognized as our most prominent intellectuals.

            I take it you are one of those whose education has been programmed to exclude libertarian socialism, which at one time was larger than Marxism, ruled in
            Catelonia before the fascist crushed it, and today is the model for the Kurdish experiment in democracy. I would define it it as the expansion of democracy into all spheres of life by people who are equal and reject both state and private/corporate tyranny. Examples of enterprises that fit, like a mosaic, into this model of society include workers coops, where the workers own and run the business, ESOPS, and credit unions (90 million strong in the US). It is not a top down arrangement but arises organically as a decentralized form of democratic self-government… is the alternative you have been prevented from learning about.

          • The only difference between a Socialist and a Marxist is ..Socialist take other people’s money give to their slacker, dumbed down easily bribed voting block . Marxist just take your stuff outright and shoot anyone who complains. Both are Totalitarian, Both always fail in the end.

          • dale ruff | June 20, 2018 at 9:24 pm |

            That’s pretty much what Hitler said when he sent the socialists to the first Concentraito Camp at Dachau in 1933 Like Trump, you have learn the lessons of the Fuehrer well. And how is decentralized worker owned and controlled free enterprise totalitarian. Libertarian socialist reject both state and private/corporate tyranny. You are brainwashed with fascist lies.

        • Elle Pereles Borella | June 17, 2018 at 1:43 pm | Reply

          The angry person yelling at you in caps has made me wonder ( again) just how many Trumpistas have mental disorders that could benefit by therapy and some type of meds to control rage and hallucinations.

    • Seeking asylum IS legal; turning them away is illegal. Calling young children ripped from their parents brats is just ugly fascist rhetoric.

      • The child abusing parents are 100% at fault. Most of those kids are given to traffickers, are raped and pimped out on their trek from Central America.

    • Hello,

      Hlow about we sell the kids and their illegal parents as slaves?

      Bill Moore

  2. We all knew the government lied about the Walmarts, but the solution to this migrant child problem is simple. Don’t come and don’t bring your kids with you.

    • Seeking asylum is legal under international and US law. Are you for rejecting the law of the land? Do you justify telling asylum seekers that despite the law, they will have their children ripped from them to deter them from their legal rights? That’s fascism, friend.

      • You don’t have a clue as to what fascism is. This policy was started under Obama. But I stand fast on my beleif. Come here legally, and I will be the first to welcome you. Come illegally, and you take your chances. Understand this however, those “children” are treated, fed, clothed, and bedded, better than where they came from. If their country is so screwed up, that they need to run away from it, that’s not my, or Americas fault, and the taxpayer should not have to pay for it. Go home and fix whats wrong with your country, is my view. We will arm you, and train you so that you can. And live there in peace and prosper.

      • Fake asylum….Typical of the open border Globalists who take advantage of America’s generosity.

        • Ron Gonshorowski | June 27, 2018 at 4:21 pm | Reply

          I wonder if ol’ Ruff and ready is going to continue his union dues payments.

          • I paid my teacher’s union fees; teachers in districts with unions make more, get respect, and have rights. Those without (I worked for both) get treated like slaves and get low wages.

            The right to make less appeals to the corporations who maximize profits by lowering wages. Since Reagan gutted the unions, median wages are down 40%.. The conservative soulution to unemployment is starvation wages.
            hERE is my proposal: you are not forced to pay union fees, but when they negotiate a new contract which raises wages, it only goes to those who pay their fees. OK? Why should those who don’t pay fees get benefits funded by those who do: that is freeloading.

          • PissedoffVet | June 29, 2018 at 8:35 am |

            If he does I got some ocean front property in Memphis Tn for sale. LOL ☻

    • It was not the government but Walmart that lied: “… rumors began to swirl in April 2015 when several WalMart stores around the U.S. were abruptly closed due what WalMart claimed were “plumbing problems“: WalMarts in Pico Rivera, California, Livingston, Texas, Midland, Texas, Brandon, Florida, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, all suddenly closed their doors, with WalMart corporate announcing that some of those outlets would be shuttered for six months or more.”

      Among the many conpiracy theories promoted was this one: ” rumors began to swirl in April 2015 when several WalMart stores around the U.S. were abruptly closed due what WalMart claimed were “plumbing problems“: WalMarts in Pico Rivera, California, Livingston, Texas, Midland, Texas, Brandon, Florida, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, all suddenly closed their doors, with WalMart corporate announcing that some of those outlets would be shuttered for six months or more.”

      Here is another: “The closures are linked to the U.S. Army’s Jade Helm military exercise scheduled for the summer of 2015 (which involves soldiers trying to operate undetected amongst civilian populations in areas where residents will be advised to report any suspicious activity), the imposition of martial law, and the construction of so-called “FEMA Domes“ across Texas. ”

      How many Walmart are now being used to warehouse children taken from their parents?
      ONE! “More than 1,500 boys aged 10 to 17 who crossed the US border illegally are being held in a former Walmart superstore in Texas. ”

      Now look again at the claims beiing made by those who believe he original conspiracy theories: “We all knew the government lied about the Walmarts, but the solution to this migrant child problem is simple. Don’t come and don’t bring your kids with you.”

      “Most of the boys at the Walmart in Brownsville, Texas, crossed the border without parents….”

      The prison is run by a private corporation with a government contract.

      Those who flee violence have the right under US law to ask for protection, whether they enter legally or, turned away at border station which has been common, enter illegally and then ask for protection. Those who propose denying them their rights should be locked up for inciting crime (ie violating the law of the land).

      • Ron Gonshorowski | June 27, 2018 at 4:25 pm | Reply

        They have to enter at a Port of Entry as stated in the law.

        • The asylum law allows that those who enter illegally (many are turned away at Port of Entry, which is a violation of the US law) may be charged or not charged (Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump in first year did ot charge for the misdemeanor of illegal entry.”

          The law also states, a quoted in Trump’s recent order, that those who enter illegally may, if charged (and that is ot mandated) be either fined or imprisoned so if they are charged, they can be fined and released to enloy their right to request asylum thru due process.

          The asylum laws states that those who enter, legally or illegally, have the right to ask for protection and must be given their due process. if you cite the law, cite the whole law.
          1. Asylum seekers need not be charged
          2. If charged, they can be fined
          3. However they enter, they have the right, under US law, to ask for asylum and must be given their ue process.

          • Ron Gonshorowski | June 28, 2018 at 12:49 pm |

            How it works in practice: Immigrants have the right to due process. But in reality, says, Andrew Arthur, a resident fellow in law and policy at the conservative Center for Immigration Studies, “courts of law run the gamut.”

            In some cases, immigrants are not granted a hearing at all. When asked about the president’s tweet, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders pointed to the process of “expedited removal,” which was created by the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

            “Just because you don’t see a judge doesn’t mean you aren’t receiving due process,” Sanders said.

            Under the expedited removal process, immigrants who have been in the country illegally for less than two years and are apprehended within 100 miles of the border can be deported almost immediately without going through a court hearing.

            The exception is asylum seekers, who must be granted a hearing.

            Those who are not processed through expedited removal have the right to due process in an immigration court, where the main goal is to decide whether a person has a legal claim to remain in the U.S.

          • dale ruff | June 28, 2018 at 4:52 pm |

            My post is clearly about asylum seekers and asylum laws,which I have summarized correctly Asylum seekers who enter illegally need not be charged,and if they are, a fine will satisfy the penalty.No incarceration is in any way mandated by the law. Trump,Sessions, and Sanders alllied.

            I dud not discuss non-asylum seekers anywhere in my post.

  3. NobodysaysBOO | June 17, 2018 at 9:49 am | Reply

    they always stop at a WALMART FIRST then on to the WELFARE OFFICE!!!

    • To be eligible for RCA you must:
      Provide documents issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) verifying your immigration status and date of arrival into the U.S.
      Provide the name of the voluntary agency (VOLAG) which resettled you
      Meet immigration status requirements
      Meet work and training requirements
      Meet income and resource requirements.

      If you are a family of two eligible for RCA, you will get $420 if you have no income. If one or both of you are working, we count half of your earnings against your grant. If you are a family of two, once you earn over $839 per month, you would no longer receive RCA. You will continue to receive RMA for the rest of your first eight months in the U.S.

      Here is the law of the land which Trump is violating:

      “Affirmative Asylum Processing With USCIS
      To obtain asylum through the affirmative asylum process you must be physically present in the United States. You may apply for asylum status regardless of how you arrived in the United States or your current immigration status.” Showing up at the boarder and asking for protection is one legal way; the other is to enter the US without authorization and then within one year to ask for asylum status.

      The President and his Cabinet take a oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land. To deny asylum seekers OR to deter them from asking by ripping away their children is a betrayal of the
      Constitution and the oath of office. Let all patriots now stand up to oppose this betrayal of the law of the land, the Constitution, and the oath of office. This is grounds for impeachment: do the patriotic thing and speak out against this cruel and illegal program.

      • NobodysaysBOO | June 17, 2018 at 11:07 am | Reply

        NONSENSE or perhaps BULL SHIT? these are here for the CASH lots of it UNDER the radars!!!
        YOUR MONEY and YOUR CHILDREN will live under these scum.

        • Elle Pereles Borella | June 17, 2018 at 1:35 pm | Reply

          You are racist sir. TRUMP and his ilk are not demonstrative of the majority of TRUE Americans. It is you wanna b Nazis that are the minority.jeez.

          • Same old tired Lefties always spout when you can never win a debate.

          • dale ruff | June 18, 2018 at 1:59 pm |

            Calling out fascists is not tired or invective but a moral imperative. When you defend the Nazis, you are one of them.

          • Elle Pereles Borella | June 19, 2018 at 9:21 pm |

            Thank you Sir… Seems as if we are in a thread alone W deliverance types… ??

          • Fascist is Public Private Partnership..aka..3 P..Trumps a free market, fair trade Capitalist and Nationalist..unlike the Democrat..aka..Communist party that are Totalitarian, anti Capitalist, Globalist New World Order apparatchiks.

          • racist..a word coined by Russian Leon Trotsky to stop debate..and shut the opposition up.

      • NobodysaysBOO | June 17, 2018 at 11:09 am | Reply

        silly they ” DON’T NEED NO STINKING BADGES”

        • What are you screaming, fake name? Hysterical incoherence is a sign of mental deterioration. Are you crying for help?

          • Elle Pereles Borella | June 17, 2018 at 1:32 pm |

            Thank you for being on here Mr. Dale Ruff. It is proof that not everybody is falling with actual relief that they can FINALLY take off the fake mask and be themselves into racist and fascism.

          • dale ruff | June 17, 2018 at 1:47 pm |

            We all have the duty to expose lies and thus uncover the truth lies cover up. Thanks for recognition. Respect!

          • The Nazi’s were National Socialists..aka.. the Democrat party.

          • dale ruff | June 18, 2018 at 1:39 pm |

            Nazis were right wing party, as socialist as the Democratic Republic of North Korea is democratic. The first people Hitler sent to the concentrations camps (Dachau/1933) were the socialists.

          • Nazi’s were Totalitarian Nationalist Socialists, the controlled all means of production, their medical, and other Govt. controlled entities were Socialists. It was a hybrid–Left and Right….Friedrich Naumann came up with it. North Korea is a dictatorship…. Nothing Democratic about it. Hitler killed and jailed Communists, made war with Stalin..why..? Because they were Commies.

          • dale ruff | June 19, 2018 at 7:50 pm |

            Nazis were not real socialists; they threw the socialists in Dachau in 1933 The govt did not control all means of production. In Manchester’s classic Arms of Krupp, he tells how the the Nazis needed the corporations more than the corporations needed the Nazis When Hitler and Himmler argued with Krupp that Germans should make the weapons, made by Krupp with a lucrative govt contract, Krupp argued that he wanted slave labor. Guess who won?

            Krupp won, and the weapons his company built used the slave labor of the concentration camp that was built next to the factory.

            The corporations did not have to be FORCED to accept lucrative war contracts.

            After the Nazis were defeated, all the major corporations except IGFarben, were intact and in a few years were back to making lot of money. The corporations which supported the Nazis and were rewarded with contracts were not defeated. Many still are operating nearly 70 years later.

          • Ron Gonshorowski | June 20, 2018 at 10:28 am |

            I don’t know if you grew up in abject poverty like I did, but it does
            allow me to see those that are totally brainwashed and those that are not.
            Now in the twilight of my life I now see what was offered to me and what I did not take.
            The Democrats are now yelling bloody murder because of laws passed during the Clinton Administration.
            But the Democrats and Republicans can’t see clearly as I do.
            We were very lucky that our founders were able to delve into the future and understand what would be.
            This allowed them to set up the Electoral College and it was this and the personal decision by George Washington not to seek more than two terms in office that set this country up to be as successful as it has been.
            One of the darkest periods of our country’s history was during the administration of FDR. If he could have lived longer and become a benevolent dictator, he would have.
            Many Americans began to recognize that having a president serve more than eight years was bad for the country. This led to the 22nd amendment, which was passed by Congress in 1947 and ratified by the states by 1951. Now if more Republicans recognized what they accomplished then and then extrapolate that into term limits on every part of our government and this includes the Supreme Court.

          • I was lucky to live middle class with a hard working mom and Dad..It’s the luck of the draw. You’re 100% on though FDR wasn’t benevolent…He interned over 100,000 Americans. Yes our founders did try their best to protect us against a dictatorial Govt. We almost lost everything if the witched witch of the east were in the White House they would have the Constitution trashing Marxist Supreme court and a continued corrupt DoJ and IRS + more multiple scandals far worse than Watergate. Too bad they kicked us off DeSmog blog..they couldn’t handle the truth.

          • Ron Gonshorowski | June 20, 2018 at 4:21 pm |

            You are so correct that DeSmog Blog was unable to Hadley anything.
            Oilman with his cigar was a real nutcase.

      • NobodysaysBOO | June 17, 2018 at 11:55 am | Reply

        BULL SHIT you nasty LIAR!!!

      • Dale..pussy hat worthy..Ruff..Don’t hold your breath . Where was your outrage when Barry the fairy was violating multiple laws. Him and his Commie crew used the IRS as a weapon, ran 1000’s of guns to their fellow gangsters in Mexico, ran guns to their fellow terrorist in Syria, allow 4 Americans to be murdered, Gave Libya to the terrorists, pulled out of Irag allowing ISIS Barbarians to slaughter , rape, torture millons, Gave 150 Billion $$ to the psycho’s in Iran to finance more terrorism.

        • Didn’t read: trash talk, troll Waste of time. FO.

        • Elle Pereles Borella | June 19, 2018 at 9:19 pm | Reply

          Wow! Really! And which media stronghold of honesty and compassion WAS this???? Link??? Never mind, you have become a Cult, before the Trumpcult was formed you all were a bunch of hate filled racists W chips on yr shoulders harboring loads of resentment. Note: just because a famous rich person who has Power of the presidency says evil does not mean that the evil is true. You folks think your reactionary whites only political nonsense is validated. Nope, it’s the other way around. You all have a Racist and resentful man like yourselves shaming the sensible and caring human beings to our Americsn Allies. Smdh. So, u are a CHRISTIAN then?? I wonder what the Bible says about cruelty to children being cheered on? Hmmme

  4. Child traffickers and molesters approve especially the Clintons who were caught twice trafficking kids out of Haiti. Monica Peterson was murdered for investing the Crime Inc couple from Hell. They visited serial molester convicted Pedo Jeff Epstein’s island 26 times to molest underage girls and boys who were sacrificed to Moloch..aka..Lucifer. They drank they adrenalized blood and cannibalized them.

    • Elle Pereles Borella | June 17, 2018 at 1:29 pm | Reply

      Link, please???? I’m asking w respect for a direct link to these horrific accounts!

      • Google >>Laura Silsby caught trafficking Haitian kids. Google >> Monica Peterson murdered in Haiti while investigating child trafficking. Google > Where’s the Haitians relief money the Clintons stole.?

  5. This is a fake story since the original activistpost article (from infowars) claimed Walmarts were being transformed into prisons for US patriots, after martial law was declared by Obama Now we find a Walmart is a prison for non-US immigrant children….are they patriots?!
    And it is being used not for patriots under Obama but for children ripped from their families by Trump!

    True patriots are denouncing the Trump policy (which he blames on Democrats, tho Republicans control Congress and the separations of children and family is a Trump policy he could end today, but his office has admitted they are using this cruel policy to force Democrats to fund the Wall, etc. So unless Democrats vote to fund the Trump Wall, they are the ones to blame for ripping apart families. In legal terms this is called blackmail: either do what I say or I will destroy your reputation.

    How I yearn for an activist post that would speak truth to power, expose Trump and the false claims by his favorite website, infowars, on how the Walmart is being used. Patriots, where are you?

  6. BugsBunnyPatriot | June 17, 2018 at 11:16 am | Reply

    Wow what garbage journalism. This was setup by Oblahblah and there using it as a hit piece on Trump.
    “as if they are felons” They are felons!

    • Children brought here by parents legally seeking asylum are felons? To be a felon, you must
      commit serious crime, be charged and convicted. You are using fascist rhetoric to scapegoat innocent children….as bad as Hitler! Shame on you and all those who do not condemn your ugliness.

      • elainewoodriff | June 17, 2018 at 10:09 pm | Reply

        dale ruff, you are a tiresome unAmerican liberal. This country does not need more immigrants, legal or illegal. Most immigrants come here to feed off welfare. They are parasites. We don’t need them.

        • elaiine, I am 100% American and NOT a liberal. This country without immigrants would fall into a consumption-deficit recession, prices would rise, jobs would be lost, and our Social Security and Medicare programs for the elderly and disabled, which are subsidized by immigrants, would become insolvent. Our population would decline, due to less than replacement birth rates by native citizens, and this would cause a loss of economic activity and loss of jobs Immigrants are not parasites but the fresh blood that keeps us going. If you want a hard worker, hire an immigrant. Immigrants also have a much lower crime rate that US citizens so they bring us both the work ethic and safer neighborhoods, as well as doing the jobs Americans won’t.

          When the govts of Washington, Alabama, and Georgia passed draconian laws that chased off the immigrant labor for the crops, the crops rotted in the fields as farmers could not find people to work at wages where they could make a profit.

          i urge you to shed your fascist hatred of immigrants and read the studies which show the vital contributions they make to the nation. Note that the wealthiest state, California, which is now the 5th largest economy in the world, and the world hub of high tech, film, and provides a lot of the food you eat, also has the largest immigrant population.

          I urge you to transform your fear and hatred into respect and compassion and appreciation. I sense you cannot, so I pity you, for hatred is a poison not only for those it is directed at but for those who bear it. “Only love is strong enough to defeat hatred” Dr King.

          • BugsBunnyPatriot | June 18, 2018 at 1:13 pm |

            Dale get off your soap box of reciting from the Communist Democrat play book. I don’t have a problem with immigration I have a problem with illegal entry and your open border policy. California also has the nation’s highest poverty rate. The 5th highest tax burden, ranks 50th in Quality of life, 43rd in fiscal stability and 46th in opportunity.

          • Ron Gonshorowski | June 20, 2018 at 10:40 am |

            You are definitely a Liberal trying to hide by saying you are Libertarian.
            The words you type expose your hypocrisy, just like the sound bites expose Hillary.

      • BugsBunnyPatriot | June 18, 2018 at 12:47 pm | Reply

        Blah Blah Blah. Where was your condemnation when Oblahblah held kids in cages. Why don’t you be honest. You, like all liberals, could care less about the kids or minorities. This is just the next attempt at to make Trump look bad. Everything else you’ve tried so far has failed so now you’re back at exploiting kids. dale ruff you are just another Useful Idiot.

  7. Notice Mockingbird Media only became interested in this matter when they learned illegal immigrant brats were being held in them? Before that, if anyone brought up the subject, they were labelled ‘tin foil hatters’ or other derogatory terms.

  8. Hello,

    Build the Wall, and do not let them into the USA. And take the ones already here and bus them to the Mexican side of the Wall.

    Bill Moore

    • Kind of the Hitler solution, eh? Your proposal betrays US and international law. Outlaws like you should be locke up.

  9. BostonLiberty | June 18, 2018 at 4:09 pm | Reply

    Bush signed this into law back in 2006. Obama did NOTHING about it. In fact, Obama imprisoned thousands of illegal alien children during his 8 nightmare years. How many went missing to feed the democrat pedophile machine will never be known. Obama and most of the democrats should hang for their crimes against humanity.

  10. Mainstream media? CNN? These so called news sources are nothing more than mouth pieces for the delirous dems and these so called reports are nothing more than the last vestiges of their death rattles. They will do anything to try and make the Trump administration look bad but never do anything to bring to light the truth of the demonic wickedness they promote.

  11. This is another fake tear jerking ploy to trash Trump and sabotage his winning agenda. The Parents are 100% at fault. They hand over their kids to traffickers who rape, pimp and live them to die.

  12. Ron Gonshorowski | June 27, 2018 at 2:50 pm | Reply

    You can shame me all you want.
    As a fiscal conservative I have fought socialism all my life and with Trump, who is really neither Liberal or Conservative I think we are on track to eliminate the socialist trend of the Dimms.
    Look at what has happened today with SCOTUS moving us towards a right to work country. We are now really winning.

    • How have you fought socialism? Let me ask a question and I would appreciate an honest answer:
      a hallmark of socialism is universal healthcare. Of the 35 high income/advanced nations, only the US does NOT have a universal healthcare system. The cost of providing universal healthcare, which eliminates or minimize private profit in the system, for the other 34 nations is 40-70% cheaper. The US has 30 million uninsured and pays on average 50% more (for less) Thee US also ranks last of the advanced nations in healthcare results, such as longevity.

      As a fiscal conservative, do you not support a system that provides more for less?

      • Ron Gonshorowski | June 27, 2018 at 4:17 pm | Reply

        I have physically fought socialism in Vietnam.
        I support Capitalism as it is the most effective way to provide reasonable healthcare without outrageous tax subsidies like the UK or Canada. Just some of the many examples.
        I will throw it back at you to inform me where in our Constitution does it state that we have the right to healthcare provided by government.
        Look how cost of healthcare skyrocketed under Obama, that is the most obvious example.
        The mandate was a tax placed on those that could least afford it.

        • You are confusing socialism with Communism, and the real enemy in Vietnam in fact was nationalism. I stated I am a libertarian socialist: we oppose both state tyranny and private/corporate tyranny. Genune socialism is not state socialism, which is actually state capitalism (ie the state owns and controls all the capital) but rather worker ownership and control of the means of production, as in workers coops, etc.

          The Constitution mandates that the purpose of government is to “promote…and provide for the general welfare.” I submit that providing medical care to all, which costs half as much as a for profit system (in the other 34 advanced nations, as evidence) is essential to providing for the general welfare.

          And I note you have dodged the issue of why as a fiscal conservative you defend a system which provides much less for twice as much.

          The ACA waived the mandate for those who could not qualify for mandate and could not afford it. Those who could least afford it got subsidies (based on the old Republican/Heritage Foundation plan) and those without subsidies could waive the mandate if their insurance costs were over 9% of their income. The US spends about 18% of GDP on healthcare, twice as much as the other high-income nations.

          If you defend such an costly but inadequate system, you are NOT a fiscal conservative but a right wing ideologue who confuses socialism with communism, and ignores that historical socialism is not state socialism but decentralize worker control.

          • Ron Gonshorowski | June 28, 2018 at 10:21 am |

            To enact socialism it requires capitalism in order to suck in funds to supposedly give away free stuff.
            Look at democratic Venezuela as an example at how its government has been taken over by a dictator. One of the richest countries in the Western Hemisphere totally destroyed to fill the coffers of just one person.
            After what has happened there the next step is their total devolution into another Cuba.
            Just because you can’t open your eyes to reality is of no concern to me.

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