No Bones About It. Cell Phones in Pockets Kill Sperm and More.

By B.N. Frank

Boys and men of all ages may not feel any heat or sensation from a carrying a cell phone in their pants’ pockets.  That doesn’t mean their private parts aren’t being exposed to harmful radiation

Dr. Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D. of University of California, Berkeley ( provided a great picture along with research confirming that cell phone radiation can harm sperm has also provided dozens of references to research confirming this on their website.

Lloyd Burrell of Electricsense also highlighted and detailed many studies which confirm this as well.

If you’ve ever wondered how much radiation is being emitted from your cell phone, here’s an Acoustimeter measuring radiation from a “smart” phone.

Here’s an Acoustimeter measuring the radiation from a flip phone:

As you can see, anyone carrying a cell phone in his pocket is experiencing one heck of a weenie roast even if he doesn’t feel or smell it.

Radiation exposure is cumulative and your sperm isn’t the only thing that’s affected by it.  Have you noticed that the male actors featured in Viagra commercials continue to look younger and fitter?

Cell phone manufacturers are still legally obligated to provide safety guidelines and warnings about placing cell phones directly against the body.  These guidelines are outdated though and cell phone companies are warning shareholders – not consumers – that eventually they may be held liable for their products causing harm.

Cell phones aren’t the only devices that use wireless WiFi radiation to operate.  WiFi isn’t magic even though marketing campaigns certainly make it seem like it is.

Technology use on TV, films, and marketing– even for prescription drugs – is often portrayed being used in ways that violate warnings and medical recommendations.

Media sources have been referring to The Telecom Industry as “Big Wireless” and comparing them to “Big Tobacco” for many years.

Digital, electronic, and wireless devices have also been reported and recalled for catching fire and exploding.  MANY TIMES this has happened while people were carrying cell phones inside their pants’ pockets.

Protecting the “family jewels” requires keeping these types of devices as far away from them as possible.  It’s a no brainer.

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4 Comments on "No Bones About It. Cell Phones in Pockets Kill Sperm and More."

  1. Is there no such thing as a “pocket protector” the phone can be carried in?

    • Not really-very close the high frequency inductance effects are as bad or worse.
      Consulate the books of Dr. Robert O. Becker from 30 years ago.
      The Sperm fry(and ovum) at amazingly low power levels was shown in the late 1950’s. Those studies are still not released. Some who had access to them were later quoted in regards to microwave oven standards-and ignored.

  2. Wow, good information to know. I spend hours on my laptop daily in the home. Glad I use hard wire instead of wifi.

  3. Use airplane mode when the cell phone is in your pocket.
    Gotta wonder what happens to the female baby making department.
    5G will fry us all.

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