Facebook Wants To Spy On You Via Hidden Inaudible TV Ad Messages

By Mac Slavo

Social media giant Facebook continues to ramp up the creepy factor. According to a recently filed patent, Facebook wants to spy on you by hiding inaudible messages in TV ads.

Facebook has filed a patent for a system that hides audio clips in TV commercials. These sounds would be so high-pitched that they are inaudible to human beings. They would then trigger your phone to record all the background noises in your home. The patent application is called “broadcast content view analysis based on ambient audio recording.”

According to The Daily Mail, these secret messages would force your phone to record the audio of the private conversations you have without you even knowing. According to a patent application by the social media platform, clips taken of your background conversations and your movements across a room would help advertisers determine whether or not you are watching their promotions.

According to the patent, originally discovered by Metro, the system would use “a non-human hearable digital sound” to activate your phone’s microphone. This noise, which could be a sound so high-pitched that humans cannot hear it, would contain a “machine recognizable” set of Morse code-style beeps. Once your phone “hears” or recognizes the trigger, it would begin to record the “ambient noise” in the home, such as the sound of your air conditioning unit, plumbing noises from your pipes, and even your movements from one room to another. Your phone would even listen in on “distant human speech” and “creaks from thermal contraction”, according to the patent.

Facebook is currently working on the controversial software, too, said a patent application published on June 14 this year. If you’re like the rest of us, you might think this sounds like an Orwellian nightmare technology which will let Big Zucker intrude upon the lives of millions of unsuspecting people in unprecedentedly terrifying ways.

The tech is going to be used to monitor what people watch on their “broadcasting device” so that the adverts they are shown on Facebook are likely to appeal to them. This would also allow companies to get an accurate sense of the size of the audience which has viewed their promotion. That’s what Facebook says in its patent; however, there is absolutely no mention of spying on our private lives, invading our privacy, recording our intimate conversations, and forcing advertising into the heart of our homes whatsoever.

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6 Comments on "Facebook Wants To Spy On You Via Hidden Inaudible TV Ad Messages"

  1. It’s time to extinguish social media…

  2. Interesting there is no mention of the intimate connection between social and other media and the government/military/security complex. Now it won’t take long before they slowly, but systematically eliminate (by police raids) every probable perceived dissident of any sort in the nation. After all, it’s not just advertising and selling product, as fewer people every day are able to buy any of those advertised products. This system will be used to separate those who are useful to commerce from those who are not, and eliminate the latter.

  3. rhondareichel | June 26, 2018 at 10:37 am | Reply

    Congress in a coma? Why didn’t they ask that little dweeb about this?

  4. rhondareichel | June 26, 2018 at 10:38 am | Reply

    I live alone so I guess they will enjoy my conversations with the cat.

  5. BugsBunnyPatriot | June 26, 2018 at 11:08 am | Reply

    Been out of FB for 2 years and I am soooooooo glad.

  6. I noticed while scrolling through the market place on FB, I would see things that I had mentioned in conversation days before.For example,I had mentioned to a co worker that I would like to buy an ATC,the three wheeled type that has been out of production since the 80’s.The next day I began seeing posts for ATC’s. Given that I had not searched for one and that my phone was in my pocket when the ATC conversation had taken place,I experimented with my suspicion’s. I would purposefully mention things in conversation and see if it would present itself in market place.7 out of 10 times I got it back within 24 hrs,the later 3 within 48hrs.If you think I’m BS you,give it a try.

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