As Social Security and Medicare Go Bankrupt, US Gives $10.5 Million a DAY to Israel

By Rachel Blevins

As the United States government admits that Social Security and Medicare services are going bankrupt and will both be completely depleted within the next 16 years, American taxpayers are giving around $10.5 million to a close ally that is routinely accused of human rights violations.

The latest report from the Social Security Administration revealed that Social Security funds will be depleted by 2034, and Medicare funds will be depleted by 2026—three years earlier than what was last reported. Last year, Social Security and Medicare funds accounted for 42 percent of federal program expenditures, and as the report noted:

Both Social Security and Medicare face long-term financing shortfalls under currently scheduled benefits and financing. Lawmakers have a broad continuum of policy options that would close or reduce the long-term financing shortfall of both programs. The Trustees recommend that lawmakers take action sooner rather than later to address these shortfalls so that a broader range of solutions can be considered and more time will be available to phase in changes while giving the public adequate time to prepare. Earlier action will also help elected officials minimize adverse impacts on vulnerable populations, including lower-income workers and people already dependent on program benefits.

While the increased reduction in Social Security and Medicare funds can be blamed on the federal government, it is not the only area where government spending should warrant serious concern. In December 2010, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that federal debt held by the public was more than $9 trillion or 62 percent of GDP.

The federal debt held by the public is now $16 trillion or 78 percent of GDP, and the latest projections from the CBO show that it is estimated to increase to $29 trillion or 96 percent of GDP by 2028, which would mark “the largest since 1946 and well more than twice the average over the past five decades.”

As the Foundation for Economic Education reported, while the government continues to spend money it does not have as if there are no consequences, it has gotten to the point where it seems unlikely that the debt will ever be paid back:

“A fair amount of this trouble can be laid at the feet of the federal government and its seemingly insatiable habit of spending money it doesn’t have. It’s gotten to the point that there isn’t really anywhere else in the world that has the amount of money the US government needs to borrow. It seemed so easy to just take that money from the Social Security and Medicare trusts at the time, but with federal spending now higher than it’s ever been (regardless of whether you adjust for inflation or simply count it as a percentage of GDP), it seems very unlikely that that money will—or even can—ever be paid back.”

While the U.S. government’s failure to take care of its citizens may be viewed as a good thing because it lets them turn to solutions in the private sector to solve their problems, the government is still robbing citizens through taxes, and making it look as if it will benefit them in the long run through programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

In reality, the federal government is using the money it extorts from citizens to fund endless wars in the Middle East—with the price tag for the longest war in U.S. history costing double the estimate of what it would cost to end homelessness in the U.S. annually in 2018. Millions of taxpayer dollars are also being spent on questionable foreign aid programs, such as the United States’ increasing pledges of military aid to Israel.

Former President Obama set the record by pledging $3.8 billion to Israel every year for the next 10 years in 2016, with the largest military aid deal in U.S. history. President Trump increased the amount by pledging an additional $75 million in 2018, while Americans suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey begged for aid.

The United States’ commitment to Israel has stayed the same, even as Israel was caught opening fire on peaceful protesters near their border fence in Gaza, killing dozens and injuring thousands. While other countries accused Israel of war crimes and called for an investigation, the U.S. blatantly ignored the atrocities.

If countries such as Syria, Russia, or Iran, were targeting civilians in the same way that Israel is, the United States would be calling for a full-scale invasion. Instead, the U.S. continues to condone the country’s treatment of Palestinian civilians by sending Israel $10.5 million a day—even when Americans are in desperate need—all while the president in office gained support by promising to put “America First.”

Rachel Blevins is an independent journalist from Texas, who aspires to break the false left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Steemit and Patreon. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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46 Comments on "As Social Security and Medicare Go Bankrupt, US Gives $10.5 Million a DAY to Israel"

  1. Denuclearize Israel. Eliminate the threat, as special forces personnel are taught to do.

  2. Pissing it all away is what we do best nowadays…

  3. No worries, uncle satan to the rescue…

  4. Israel says they are God’s chosen. Second covenant New Testament God’s church of living water. Modern day Israel has no Hebrew DNA in it;s European population. Tiny trace amounts found in the Palestinians. Israel has the highest population per capital of atheists and gays. Modern day Israel is not the seed of Abraham.

    • Hello Betty, I hope you and your husband are doing well. I tried to post 2 comments on here one is an answer to what you wrote and then a comment of my own but of course they will not let my comment go through as usual…

      • Hi Niko , great hearing from you. Have you been off line for a few days? Hubby and I are having a rainy day and watching some Netflix movie. Very quite here in rural Maine. I miss the restaurants we use to enjoy and Macy’s. We do our shopping online, but do have a grocery store 5 miles away. I’d be lost in NYC, but did spend a night at the Plaza when it was a hotel. Such a beautiful place.

        • Macy’s has caved into PC stupidity. I remember going there with my mom for Christmas pictures and window shopping when I was a kid, lol. The Plaza is no more – Ugh. Chinese have infiltrated it. Nothing to write so I just keep reading. I did look up the places you mentioned. I like Dover/Foxcroft. I came across a few listings with many many acres. Prices were 275,000 to 375,000. That’s in my range, lol. I do have worries thou: Southern Maine seems to be in the grips of mentally unstable imbeciles. Lewiston in a month and a half muslime scum kids had beaten up a couple ages just recently a man who looks like me had succumbed to his injuries at the hands of muslime filth. The mayor there is a total buffoon, spewing PC antidotes.

          • Maine was quite about what happen in Lewiston and I just learned of it last week. Lewiston is about two hours south of us. The Muslims population are pretty much in that one area here. Maine has her idiots. You might want to look outside Bangor Maine. Rural like 20 miles outside. Hampton Maine is very nice but I wouldn’t want to live there if SHTF. Many lovely homes could be raided. Where we live, last tiny town, 1 road in, nothing here for people to come to rob.

          • Thanks for that, I also want a one road town!!!!! I will check 60 miles out of Bangor

          • I don’t want to say online where we are but we are near milo, Maine 47 miles from Bangor. We are in a dying lumber mill town. In fact the mill owners built our home over a 100 years ago. There are some nice lakes near us, with nice homes in your price range. You can buy a lot up here in that price range. You could buy a lake home on a small island. A friend of ours owns a entire small lake island with 2 camps on it. Nice place.

          • Our winters are long and boring. Most ice fish , ski, or snow mobile. We had to beautiful snow Mobil’s but stopped several years ago.

          • I have been on a snow mobile once. I cant ski since my feet go outwards like a ducks ,flat footed .I have not fished in many many years ,I can anyways pick that up again

          • My iPad needs a charge. I’ll tell you more about Maine tomorrow.

          • Thanks Betty, sounds good ,I have a couple of questions

          • I replied to Betty right above on this thread. Made a mistake but you can find it by looking at discussion. Where we live it’s like going back 40 years. It’s a older population and people are polite and well mannered. Maine has problems with drugs and alcohol . We have a high population of veterans and a state militia but I know little about it. Portland area is full of liberals. Hope this helps.

          • Thanks fir the info , how is medicare and the hospital that is close to Dover foxcroft ,is it a decent hospital . Doctor availability, good/bad? The pending on the work situation for the populace there I know about the drug situation there, its bad everywhere . Some places are worse than others depending on the working situation of the populace

          • The hospital in Dover Foxcroft is part of the Bangor Maine medical center. The medical center in Bangor is excellent and they life flight into Bangor. I think it’s good for small town.

          • That is good to hear. How about the Medicare program and social security in Maine. Do you hence am inkling of what goes on with that in Maine. Since I’m disabled and collecting my disabled retirement from my union , Social security disability and on Medicare these things are very important for me. Like you mentioned Bangor is not that far, so that is a good thing ‘ if and when needed. I found a bed and breakfast in the area you mentioned ,I might make it a point to check it out next year and see how things sway me, lol

          • I’m not sure about Medicare and social security but think they are federal programs and you can live in any state. You’d want to check and make sure your benefits don’t change. Maine is a lovely state to visit so hope you make it up here for a look see.

          • I’m more than sure my benefits will suffer considerably. Have you heard of the Freedom House Bed and Breakfast.

          • That’s too bad about your benefits suffering if you leave NYC. The bed and breakfast looks nice. I don’t know anything about it but sure it’s ran by nice friendly folks. Dover Foxcroft has some lovely old homes. We drove over there yesterday to the health food store.

          • Betty that is the way it goes, places less populated and do not put into the system as much and where cost of living is less that is the price or actually the penalty for being disabled or retiring early. Go figure, they give our money to rapefugees and muslime filth that have not earned it or deserve it. A health food store is always good to have nearby. How are the homes heated and the stove – gas or electric ? I really do want to thank you for your time and patience in answering my questions, thank you very much.

          • It’s wrong not putting Americans first. Never in my life did I think we’d see this. Homes here have huge heating oil gas tanks and usually a wood stove or pellet stove. You want two good heating sources. Never buy a all electric home. I don’t think there are many all electric homes up here. Maybe 3 season camps. Beautiful morning here. Shame I have housework to do but it never stays caught up. Grandkids will be visiting soon. Then I have lots of cooking and baking to do. My grandfather William Wallace was a baker, and we are direct decentants of Braveheart . I’m hear to answer any questions anytime, friend. God bless you always.

          • You’re first sentence echoes my feelings to a T. I would never buy a house with electric stove or electric baseboard – that’s a waste of money. Summer time is upon us. I am also a good cook and I can bake , my mother taught me good. She is 82 and teaches cooking classes in Virginia. I never asked how is your husband doing. I read more than a few of your threads on here and I know that both of you hence been thru alot. Enjoy the grandkids and the cooking!!!!!.

          • That’s wonderful you still have your mother and she’s enjoying herself. Hope you get to visit her a lot. I’m originally from southern Missouri. My first husband was a store manger with Walmart after selling his business. I taught history for 12 years back in Missouri until 1989. Eric’s wife died of cancer and I lost my husband to a early heart attack. We’ve been married for almost 18 years come December. We have 4 sons but are disappointed in them. Kids can hurt you a lot. My oldest son is with a huge corporation , makes lots of money, travels to China and places. We have 9 lovely grandchildren. Do you have children? Eric was a gold smith, making designer jewelry, one of a kind pieces, but is very handy as he worked construction for several years. We both try to put God first in our lives and enjoy the peace of rural Maine.

          • This website has three of my messages to you on the pending list. The last message I sent you yesterday is pending. I just noticed, that really T’s me off!!!!!. Did you kmow the arch to the site me state was built by Union Sheetmetal Workers just like I was. History is not taught anymore and if it is irb is indoctrination and nothing abott American History just hatred for America is taught. I was more than a handful as a kid and put my parents thru trials and tribulations , even though I was smart ,I was a punk and loved to fight., lol. My parents were disappointed in me but I straightened out on my own. The Ten Commandments is how I live my life and it sure is not easy…

          • We are having sunshine and a beautiful day here in Maine. I’m shocked how bad our schools have become since I left teaching in 1989. I’m teaching my grandsons this summer how to write in cursive ages 15 and 12. I’m totally disgusted with our schools. My husband was a handful growing up and ran away from home, to CA at age 14. He was into some bad stuff before he found Jesus at age 23. Since he studies his Bible about 3 hours a day for way over 30 years now. Christian ‘s don’t have it easy but Thank God for entering our lives. We have a Scottish terrior puppy named Annabelle. She turning a year old in 2 weeks. Such a cute tiny 12 lbs of trouble. I like dogs more than most people. I will pay you a compliment about your state NY. A few years before my first husband’s death in 1999, we lived near Albany NY for 2 years. Like I told you my husband ran Walmart stores, so we moved around. We lived in a very nice area called Clifton Park. The people were so polite, well mannered, friendly, intelligent. Just the best folks. I didn’t expect them to be so great and they were a wonderful surprise.

          • Betty, I must apologize for taking so long to get back. My left shoulder is in such bad shape, I could not lift a damn thing or do anything. I need a shoulder replacement. Upstate NY is great but getting worse nowadays thanks to the Rinos in Albanbastardville and the leading jackboot dirtbag Cuomo who also lived a few blocks from me in Queens. I knew them all, one way libretard filth… once they get to know you upstate all goes well, lol. You’re husband sounds a little like me, lol. I say all that schools should be shuttered , they are all run by ignorant pedophile/fag scum. Teaching script to kids during the summer will not be an easy task. Good luck with that.

          • Sent you a message yesterday and it’s still pending. Hope this goes through.

          • Good morning Betty. This message came thru. Why did they hold your message, you speak eloquently and nicely, not like me, lol. Political Correctness – run amuck

          • Have no idea why they are holding my message. No violent threats or bad language. Hope your shoulder is doing better. No fun growing old. My husband has a lot of back pain but he keeps on lifting. My first husband back in 1998 missed the George Washington bridge and got us lost all over NY city. We were lost for over 2 hours and spent $18 in tolls trying to get to NJ, then on down to Virginia Beach for a week. He never thought he was lost. That’s interesting your knowing Cuomo . He’s a trash bag for sure. Maxine Waters is calling for conservatives to be harassed . Democrats want our guns so they can shot us. What a world we are living in. Never did I think so many Americans would want to give our country away. Remember God chose you from the beginning to live this remarkable time for His honor and glory forever.

          • Sorry to hear about your husband’s back problems, he is not alone. I have had 11 surgeries in 6 years to both shoulders ,both hands (carpal tunnel) ,left elbow, 2 to the right elbow , one multi cervical fusion in the front, that failed. 2 to the back of the cervical spine into my upper back multi level fusion, 1 st one my neck spit out the hardware. I need to replace both shoulders and my neck is still messed up bad. I will know more this friday after I talk to my surgeon, I see another cervical surgery coming up. MRI’S ,CT scans radioactive scans the whole kit and caboodle, LOL. As your husband I still keep pushing forward no matter the pain, but it does debilitate me… l think I have written before to you, I lived 10 blocks from Pres. Trump and six blocks from Cuomo. I know both of them personally. To prove to you how bad a dirtbag the Cuomo’s are in the mid to late 70’s there was alot of muggings on Hillside ave. They both lived on ther north side the good side ,I lived on the south side of the Avenue, working class blue collar families. Cuomo was involved in the community board then and would not want to hear about the muggings and did not want to do anything to combat the problem, year after year. One summer his grandma was mugged and assaulted and boy did the tables turn then. These dirbag mindsets start from an early age and this is living proof about the liberal two faced/sided crassness . Tolls are horrendous here, to pay for liberal schemes not to fix the bridges or anything that is sensible. Mad Maxine needs to be tarred and feathered paraded around then drawn and quartered as many of her ilk deserve the same – then there would be no more problem

          • Niko, what did you do for a living to have torn your body up so badly? So sorry for your pain and suffering. My mother always said when you have your health you have everything. She was right. My family was close and I always listened to them, and believed. Kids today don’t think we know much. On 9-11 my husband and I were watching the news that morning, seeing events over and over. We never believed the story, 3 buildings falling from jet fuel, then finding out everything inside vaporized. I didn’t sleep well for several weeks as I didn’t trust our government and felt they were involved. I expected Americans to march on DC and was shocked how they just sleepwalked through those weeks not wanting the truth. We’ve become weak, in moral, uncaring, ungodly. What were your friends and fellow workers saying? Surely few were accepting the lies? Since 9-11 I’ve wondered what else is our government capable of? Living in rural Maine is like going back 40 years.

          • I was a Union Sheetmetal Worker. I did it for 27 years ,all told I have been one for 32 years. First 12 years I did duct work in the shop and field then the last 15 years I worked architectural metal doing metal/copper roofing and wall panel systems in those window washing scaffolds that hang on the outside – on every skyscraper in Manhattan including WTC Tower 1. I like being 500′ in the air and working in extreme heat and extreme cold, lol.
            Now let me tell you about 9-11. I was working on a roof that day with my partner 2 blocks away. We were on break when we saw the plane and next thing you know ,it hit the Tower. We packed up right away ,put on our special breathing masks and headed for the truck. As I was driving back like a banshee my partner saw the other hit. We barely made it to the 59st bridge. The cops would not let us cross. We left the truck and had to walk over the bridge. The muslim dirtbags in Astoria were cheering from what had happened. My partner and I pushed and hit a few of them. About the Towers themselves: they fell because of nuclear fission not fusion , fission bombs which are much more devastating because they implode inwards not outwards. I lost 2 uncles, 1 female friend that worked in the restaurant on the 101st floor and a Union in house elevator mechanic in the aftermath. The government planted those bombs. Why you ask: because they wanted to raid the money and gold vault in WTC 7 which they did. WTC 7 should have not been demolished and the Towers were specially built to withstand a hit by an airplane. I worked in the pit burning steel from the concrete abutments in the pit. As for the steel from the Towers there was not much at all. That is because the fission reaction vaporizes the steel. As for friends I do not have many ,most people here are just daily zombified fools and yes that especialy includes construction workers. I do not speak or talk to many or anybody abott about these things,they do not want to hear it. I even have pictures I took and that still will not sway them. So I do not bother. “They all accepted the lies” – hook ,line and sinker. I am a simple man, the simplest things in life give me pleasure. Going back forty years is what I’m looking for, lol. I am a city boy but also a country boy…
            I also am an Eagle Scout and capable of transitioning into any kind of life. I just hope my future wife is willing to go where I want to go. I think she would even though she is from Ghana,Africa. She has been here for 15 years and thinks and feels the same way I do, more than most of the females born in America and especially the ones in NYC. I am an old tough train just keep feeding me and I keep steaming along, hahaha , lol.

          • Wow they all excepted the lies of 9-11. Here these are tough men working construction building these skyscrapers. Very shocking. Sometimes I think God has sent out a great delusion. Sorry for your lost that sad day. Glad you have a good woman beside you. I would be so scared up high. I don’t like heights. I can fly on a plane just fine but don’t do well in a car going up mountain roads. You are fearless in my book. Give your woman my best wishes.

          • That is so unreal your city being attacked and people burying their heads in the sand. My ancestors would be so furious. We are Wallace’s going back to William Wallace Braveheart. My grandfather was named William Wallace and fought in WW1. Every man in my family has fought for this country including 2 in the Revolutionary war. My dad fought in WW2 and in Korea. They all paid a price. Now Americans just want to go into debt spending money on crap they don’t need. Maine has plenty of messed up people do to drinking, drugs, mental health, poverty ect…. my favorite relative was a great uncle, who I never met Lew Wallace. Lew grew up as son of the governor of Indiana David Wallace. Lew became the youngest general in the civil war, then was judge over the Lincoln conspiracy trails. Later he became governor of the New Mexico territories and sent Pat Garrison after Billy the kid. Lew travel to Turkey as an ambassador and visited Israel in search of God. He was a atheists who became a strong Christian and wrote Ben Hur. Do you still have relatives in Greece? Have you ever visited there. It was on my bucket list but by time I had the time and money to go the world had become dangerous. I’m sure it is very beautiful.

          • Betty, I sent a long response back to you this morning and it was removed. Now my texts are being spammed. I had enough of these morons. I am off of this discus for awhile. This happened to me once go for I think it is discus disrupting our communication since we are Conservatives.

          • Maine is a large state with small population 1.3 million. We have over 17 million acres of great north woods, 3 thousand lakes, and more coastline than any state except California. If you’d like a million dollar ocean view look towards Lubec as your money would go far there and it’s a pretty area. I use to own a small cottage, 5 acres, with 300 ft coastline near Lubec. Are you looking for solitude? My husband grew up in NYC as his father was a diamond broker. Eric also worked in construction while buying his gold smith jewelry equipment. As a result he has back pain everyday. Several years ago a friend got Eric to try medical marijuana which helps. I’m a migraine suffer and it has helped that also. Maine has opened up the marijuana laws and Eric grows his own, all natural, six plants a year. There are more guns in this state than people and it’s open carry up here. If you are more social I’d buy on a lake as when we lived on the lake there were lots of cook outs and get togethers. Do you have a wife and family? Our winters didn’t use to be rough. We’ve been up in Maine since 2001. Last five years lots of snow and below zero days. If you buy in Maine make sure you have a wood burning stove besides your oil furnace or a good pellet stove. Property taxes are low here compared to other states but high enough. Lots of wildlife in Maine. Not uncommon to be driving and see a moose or black bear. If you are wanting lots of acres there are always small farms with nice homes for sale. Be happy to answer any questions. Dear God bless Niko and help him in his search.

        • Berwick, Maine is heading in the same direction as Lewiston. What do you think about Maine’s new way of voting? I think it is horrendous and unconstitutional.

          • Are they changing our voting laws? We have a good Republican Governor but lots of liberals in this state.

        • I’m hanging in there, I’m disabled from my job as a Union Sheetmetal Worker. Always in pain but still as tough as nails… Always pushing forward, so to speak.

      • Sorry, we will talk again in the future. You take care and remember God Loves you and He is in charge.

  5. 1. SS could become solvent by simply ending the payroll tax cap of $128,000. Why should the working poor pay a much higher percentage of their income to SS than the rich? SS has a 2.8 trillion surplus to see it thru util the boomers, who created this surplus, are replaced by a higher worker to retiree ratio in a few decades
    2. Medicare could be easily rescued by adopting a single payer system, which allows all other advanced nations to provide healthcare to all at 40-70% lower costs. Polls show that most Americans favor such a system, as it eliminates the 10-15% waste that private insurers provide themselves. Medicare overhead is 2%, and the ER treatment of those without insurance costs 150 billion a year, more than it takes to insure the non-elderly currently without coverage. ER services average $2000 a visit, while conventional visits to the doctor are about $150. These huge savings would make Medicare for All solvent for the future, and it’s what the majority of Americans want and deserve.

    As for aiding Israel, that’s a huge mistake, but it has nothing to do with making our social programs solvent.

  6. dear Mr. President of all the USA Trump:
    the very best allie and frend on earth is Israel and us GOY know exactly how you love these Israelis and why.
    here is the real good deal PAY the IDF to build and lease us a WALL like this that way we will sent them money forever?????

  7. Strange how the money laundering unFed unReserve b.s bank of the U.S. always sending money to all countries of the world and then tacks on this as debt that We the People owe back.
    Then tell’s the folks of the U.S. that it’s untouchable OAI (old age insurance or Social inSecurity) is going bankrupt.
    Usury is unChristian.
    End the Fed and there will be a thousand years of peace and prosperity.

  8. Euclides de oliveira pinto net | June 25, 2018 at 1:01 pm |

    USA Inc. é colonia dos sionistas khazarians, que atualmente ocupam grande parte da Palestina, terra que nunca foi deles… pretendem invadir e ocupar o Oriente Médio (Siria, Iran, Iraque, Libia, Egito, Libano e outros…) para criar Grande Israel, sede do Governo Mundial… vai juntar com “Arabia Saudita” (que são khazarians, ocupando terras dos beduínos), mais Yemen e outros países menores… agora estão intensificando as “revoluções coloridas” e agressões diretas, com receio de perder espaço para China e Russia… e até que o dólar perca sua importância na economia mundial… projeto deles tem mais de 250 anos em implantação…

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