Why Having Medical Insurance Is Important To Everyone Who Loves You

By Amanda Warren

People have many differing opinions about medical insurance.  I adopted my father’s right after I graduated from college.

He told me it was crucial that I at least have some kind of catastrophic health insurance policy AT ALL TIMES in case something unexpected happened.  He always used the same example:  “in case you’re crossing the street and get hit by a beer truck.”

He said that if that or something equally catastrophic happened to me, he and my mother would be compelled to spend every dime they had to help me recover.  If I had some kind of health insurance policy, it would better prevent them from going broke.

This made perfect sense to me.  Any time I was between jobs and/or didn’t have health coverage through my employer, I would buy catastrophic medical insurance for myself through my auto insurance agent.  My father never stopped reminding me to do this either.  He would even offer to give me money to buy it when I needed it.

There were times when I would only need a policy for a week.  I would still have to pay upfront for a policy for at least a month.  When I cancelled it early, I would receive a refund check from the company a few weeks later for the time I didn’t use.  I didn’t mind doing this.  Beer trucks were everywhere and I didn’t want my parents to end up broke because they loved me and wanted me to be well.

I also encouraged other people to buy catastrophic health insurance for the same reason.  One time it really paid off and resulted in receiving a “thank you” call from a young woman I knew through a freelance job.  At the time, she was 21 or 22 years old, still in college, and getting married to her childhood sweetheart.  She couldn’t keep her insurance through her parents once she was married.  Her husband’s job wasn’t going to cover her.  Since she was young and seemingly healthy, she didn’t want to spend money on insurance.  I encouraged her to get a cheap catastrophic policy with a high deductible anyway just in case something happened.

Several months later, she was having some unexplained and serious health issues.  Medical professionals discovered a tumor in her ovaries.  Coverage of the ensuing health expenses saved her family several thousands of dollars.  A few years later, she was also able to start having children.

Most people tend to think that these types of unforeseen expenses only happen to others. And, yet, they can happen even to people who are in fine health and have taken the proper steps to prepare for the worst. The fact of the matter is that 43% of Americans can’t afford a surprise expense; medical insurance is one way of mitigating potentially catastrophic costs, while incorporating the expense into an expected budget. For a harrowing account of what happened to one of alt media’s foremost experts on prepping and economic frugality, read this story. It truly can happen to anyone.

Much has changed in regard to medical insurance and everything else over the last 25+ years.  There seem to be more options for coverage than ever, but of course it depends upon where in the world you live. Do your research.  Insurance companies often pay licensed experts to explain policies to everyone who wants coverage for themselves and their loved ones.  They can do this online or over the phone.  What hasn’t changed in 25+ years – beer trucks are still everywhere … and so are myriad other risks that can seemingly come out of nowhere.

Sure, medical insurance is more expensive than it was in the 1990s.  However, it can still come in handy as a solid addition to your financial preparedness plan. It might even be worthwhile to check into free market alternatives to mandated health insurance if you find the costs insurmountable or the options too restrictive for your particular situation.

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5 Comments on "Why Having Medical Insurance Is Important To Everyone Who Loves You"

  1. Sorry, Medical insurance is a fraud and a scam. No cures for anything, only managing of underlying symptoms. Medical system has no idea what causes disease or how to cure it, the agenda is cut it out, burn it out or medicate it or you to death. Catastrophic insurance is understandable but insurance just to have access to the incompetent medical system for your everyday health is a waste.

    • Her tumor was more than likely caused by consuming the wrong foods, oxidative stress on the cells. This is why the medical system is a waste, instead of telling patients to stop eating foods that drive tumors, cancer, disease the motto is “come in and get regular screenings so we can catch it early.” They’ve got everyone believing sickness and disease just hits you because you’re unlucky…. hogwash. Tumors and cancer can be prevented all together. And curbing her diet and taking in the right antioxidants she could have healed herself for free, but unfortunately this is the medical systems failure and brainwashing to think they are the answers, to have access to their expensive stupidity.

  2. Patrick Wise | May 30, 2018 at 7:36 am | Reply

    “Health” care so hideous they have to force it on you at gunpoint, no thanks

  3. It might have made perfect sense years ago but not now. Who can afford it for one ? Two, it is a racket now, a marriage between the doctors and big pharma for profit. Before you know it you are taking a hand full of pills 2 or 3 times a day that are killing people by the thousands, causing cancer, diabetes and who knows what else. Every body and their brother are BIPOLAR, give me a break. When someone tells me they are bipolar, I tell them your a friggin nut case for believing it and taking their pills, that do not work. Doctors kill more people every year than any gun, car accident, tornado, flood, and just plain depression living in liberal land.

  4. America has the most expensive and worst healthcare system in the entire world. Lives are not being saved and nobody is getting any better. The public is on to the scam, which is why Obamacare (actually an insurance company document) was created to make people pay for the garbage.
    The whole system needs replaced, but don’t hold your breath because free trade doesn’t apply to the healthcare monopoly. Stay healthy and hope you never have a major medical incident.

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