Reality Check: Syrian Gas Attack Connected to Bigger Conflict?

Leading investigative journalist Ben Swann, founder of Reality Check with Ben Swann, tackles the developing situation in Syria in light of a reported chemical attack in his latest episode. As Swann discusses the details of the recent attack in Douma and the US government’s potential retaliation strategy, he takes the time to explain what many mainstream reports do not: the issues concerning evidence implicating the Syrian government in chemical warfare, and the complexities arising from Israel’s involvement.

Swann’s latest Reality Check provides an unprejudiced report of what is actually happening in Syria, which is truly scarce in the majority of mainstream reports.

The transcript of this episode can be found here.

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6 Comments on "Reality Check: Syrian Gas Attack Connected to Bigger Conflict?"

  1. Swann makes a very serious and believable case against the Syrian rebel terrorists. If you follow the money, you would come to the same conclusion. So the question becomes, did the US, UK, France and others have a part in this attack? Are they very much behind the blaming of Assad’s regime, for something they actually accomplished using proxies or their respective “intelligence” (excuse the pun) agencies? Looking back on these nations’ previous histories, it is more certain then not, that they were!

  2. We the peace warriors have almost succeeded. If we can kick this Syrian stoush to the curb, and continue to resolve the Korean peninsula, we will have successfully shoved the Devil of War deep into the nether regions of Never Never Land. The stats are on our side, so far we are winning since the mid 80’s.

    • I sincerely hope that was sarcasm. On March 15th,WWIII was averted when the US stood down from a decap strike on Damascus. The next day Putin made his famous JFK speech, saying that any attack against Syria and the embedded Russians would be considered an attack against Russia calling for immediate retaliation, including nuclear weapons. It was very similar to JFK’s speech in the US during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It’s a trap. The USS Donald Cook is being sent out as bait. The RKM hopes that the Russians can be lured into sinking it after it fires its missiles at the russians in syria. I bet that the press releases about the deaths of all those martyred sailors have already been made and are just awaiting the event to unfold.

    • I think you vague WTF “peace warriors” are a commie-liberal “troll fest”. I have a suggestion for you…go clean your basement bedroom like your Mama told you to do!

  3. Can anyone explain to me the difference between the supposed chemical strike in Syria and the daily spraying of the people in America of the heavy metals and other unknown components used in the spraying of the people in America?
    The only logical difference I can see is that the one used in Syria is a fast kill component and the ones used in America is a slow kill, so, if the end result is the same, is there really any difference?

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