More Videos Show Syrian Civilians Praising Syria Military After Liberation, Proving MSM Bankrupt

By Brandon Turbeville

Both Western governments and media outlets continue to present to their public a completely false image of the situation in East Ghouta, attempting to paint the Syrian government as a hated and feared force by the Syrian people trapped in Ghouta.

However, as in the case of East Aleppo (which was given a similar treatment in the halls of Western government and the screens of Western media), the civilians of East Ghouta who have been liberated tell a much different story. Despite the claims that the Syrian military was intentionally targeting civilians (a claim which has never made any sense – why would Assad bomb his own supporters?), the Syrian military has repeatedly opened up corridors in order to allow civilians to leave Ghouta. However, the terrorists embedded in Ghouta routinely refused to allow these civilians to leave, preferring to keep them inside the area for use as human shields and useful propaganda set pieces when they were killed in the crossfire.

Now that more and more of Ghouta is being liberated on a daily basis, we are seeing a flurry of videos showing a direct contradiction of the Western narrative that the Syrian people are terrified of “Assad’s forces” or even that they are in opposition to both the terrorists and the Syrian army. Instead, what one can see from these videos are elated, jubilant Syrians welcoming, praising, and even kissing the feet of Syrian military personnel who have liberated them from the yoke of Western-backed jihadists.

One more in a long line of videos that depict a similar situation, this video is particularly powerful. Coming to us from Modar Ibraheem of Syria News Channel, it can be viewed below.

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