When Will Trump Supporters in The Freedom Movement Realize They Were Duped?

By Derrick Broze

What will it take for Trump supporters to admit they were duped like Obama supporters before them?

One of the most surprising (and disappointing) effects of the Trump presidency has been the shift of certain “independent” and ” alternative” media outlets from truth seekers to establishment supporters.

We have seen several once great outlets become part of the divide and conquer put forth by the powers-that-wish-they-were. It’s been one year of the Trump administration and I think it’s quite clear that any perceived benefits are vastly outweighed by the negative actions of the administration. Some indy and alt outlets saw that Trump was a deceiver from the get go, but others somehow fell prey to the deception. Some have since abandoned the Trump train, picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and rejoined the fight for liberty.

Now, of course, there are the diehards who will inevitably stick with Trump through his entire presidential career no matter what policy he takes, even when in contradiction with not only his own words, but with the principles previously espoused by these die hard followers. Just as with Obama (and Bush, Clinton, etc. before him) some of the supporters have such a level of cognitive dissonance that they are literally incapable of having a rational discussion without a flood of emotion and panic which shuts down all reason and critical thinking. It’s best to walk away when you recognize this stage.

However, if you are a Trump supporter and you’re still reading this, I’d like to offer four pieces of evidence showing where Trump has displayed authoritarian behavior. Let me preface this by stating that attempts at defending Trump by claiming “he is only carrying on what Obama did”, or, “it’s not his fault”, etc. will be dismissed outright. However, if you have something substantial – a legitimate reason you can put forth for supporting him – I will consider it. I won’t support him by any means (he needs some serious help), but perhaps I’ll have a more full understanding of my fellow human. So here you go…

The Border is turning into a Surveillance and Police State

Under the guise of “border security” and “fighting illegal immigration” the Trump administration has granted the Customs and Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement wide ranging powers which violate constitutionally guaranteed protections (and rights that all people should have). The expansion is not about catching illegal immigrants, but establishing a “biometric wall” with facial and retinal scanning for ALL people leaving and entering, armed surveillance towers, automatic license plate readers, and other forms of surveillance.

The Trump administration is already facing lawsuits over their use of secretive handheld devices which gather biometric data from immigrants. In addition, the authorities have already been stealing people’s phones and laptops. This is only going to increase under the rest of Trump’s presidency and it will expand further and further into the mainland United States. Activist Post has previously reported on efforts to monitor social media and establish a “threat assessment” for all visa applicants.

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The Trump Administration Supports The Deep State

For all the raving about Trump “draining the swamp” and removing the “Deep State” elements from the CIA, FBI, and federal government at large, the Trump administration is actually fighting to save these elements.

For one, Trump was never an anti-establishment candidate. That’s the same BS the media sells every four years. Second, Trump is fighting to save the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) courts and controversial section 702. According the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Section 702 of FISA “allows the NSA to collect emails, browser history and chat logs of Americans. Section 702 also allows other agencies, like the FBI, to search through that data without a warrant. Those searches are called ‘backdoor searches.’”

Check this article for full details, but suffice to say, the FISA Court is a glaring example of The Deep State. A secret court run by secret judges who interpret the law behind closed doors and who refuse to publicly release their findings or their interpretation. The court is only one of many tools at the hands of The Deep State and the Trump administration is doing its best to allow the program to continue.

Detaining An American citizen without trial/lawyer for over 3 months

For the last three months the Trump administration has been holding an American citizen who is “suspected” of fighting with ISIS in a secret prison in Iraq. Now, I know many Trump supporters will have no sympathy for this man, but that’s my point. He is an American citizen and he has only been accused of fighting with ISIS, not charged because there is a lack of evidence.

Despite the Trump admin’s best efforts, a federal judge recently ruled that the man must be given access to a lawyer. If we let them do this to this man it is only a matter of time before it spreads to other Americans in different situations that might be even less black and white. If we truly value liberty for all people, we must be consistent when standing up for rights of all people or you are a hypocrite.

Trump Administration is Continuing and Expanding Drone Kill List

This is an area where Trump is actually extending a secret program started by the Obama administration. Specifically, the secret kill list and rules which allow for the assassination of American citizens. It may sound like fantasy or “fake news”, but the Obama administration created a secret list of potential targets, including American citizens.

Recent reports allude to the fact that the Trump administration is loosening the already flimsy protections established by the Obama admin. These protections were reportedly put in place to minimize injury and deaths of civilians. Not to mention that Trump has increased the amount of airstrikes in his first year, leading to more civilian deaths than during the Obama administration. I am no fan of Obama, but Trump is definitely the new Drone King.

If you made it this far, please ask yourself what differentiates this man from the last warmonger? Surveillance, police state, war, loss of civil liberties, divisive rhetoric, friends with Goldman Sachs and other banksters, and a defender of the Deep State.

Is this the Trump you voted for? It’s time for the free hearts and critically thinking minds of the world to reject the “independent” and “alternative” media who continue to support the Trump administration. Remember, the enemy of my enemy (or in this case, the perceived enemy of my enemy) is not always a friend. We can defeat the new world order, the deep state, the elite, the ruling class, etc., but we will not do it by believing narratives pushed by the deadstream corporate media and the co-opted alt-media.

We must continue to seek truth and accountability while remaining consistent with our principles and values.

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter forActivistPost.com and the founder of the TheConsciousResistance.com. Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2 and Manifesto of the Free Humans.

Derrick is available for interviews. Please contact Derrick@activistpost.com

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26 Comments on "When Will Trump Supporters in The Freedom Movement Realize They Were Duped?"

  1. This guy obviously hasn’t been following Q-Anon

    • griffinalabama | January 5, 2018 at 12:40 am | Reply

      QAnon has been exposed to be a fraud. Check out Ed’s post at The Outerlight channel on You Tube. There is quite a bit of evidence Trump is backed by AIPAC also along with Sheldon Adelson, Stephen Schwartzman and others in bed with Rothschild and Soros through Blackstone Group.

      • Q-Anon is absolutely real. There is no doubt about it. totally predictive. Too much actual history revealed.

        As far as Jewish roots. I agree. I guess we’ll see how it shakes out. Could be a deep game of 4D chess.

  2. Good article but you left out Civil Asset and Forfeiture, which Trump personally has defended as a good thing. No due process needed. Guilty until proven innocent.

    • They B freemason evil doers | January 5, 2018 at 2:46 pm | Reply

      He also has not repealed the smart meter roll out of Odumbo either. Radiation spewing meters will be wreaking havoc on all of us living things. Look up dangers of smart meters and smart phones.

  3. Agreed. Chump never has been and never will be a friend to liberty and the constitution. That was easy to see from the beginning and all those in the “alternative”media trying to sell this clown as such have proven themselves to be either a fraud or sellouts or both.

    • They B freemason evil doers | January 5, 2018 at 2:44 pm | Reply

      Yep! I got duped for a number of years from infowars, which may have been legit at first, but I saw some video where a guy was the “replacement” for the real Alex Jones. Oh, yeah, check out “Alex Jones replaced by Bill Hicks”. That’s it.

  4. Lowering taxes and doing away with ‘blue state’ deductions.
    Draining the swamp one critter at a time. He put the beat down on the Hildebeest.

  5. So what do you presume we do at the border just keep it open you have to have some type of control as for biometrics the technology is upon us like it or not, we allowed that to happen with the advent of cell phones, facebook and the like. You are using the technology that has led to the biometric system…Surveillance, kinda a double edge sword we either allow them to use this technology to surveil suspected criminals or we allow the criminals to use our system against us, you choose. (what do you have to hide?). I don’t much like being tracked either but if they are bored enough to look through all my email conversations we are in deep shat. And third I haven’t seen drones killing Americans in America so again this technology is here I doubt crying about tactics will change a damn thing the Military Complex has done thus far. The time for crying about Military Complex invasion was 1960’s but no, we didn’t. Lastly good luck life is what it is and when the time comes let’s hope we can defend ourselves. So there you have it fellow . Now what part of increased economy are you not enjoying? please elaborate. Oh I might add some of his dumbass comments are a wee bit immature but his bombastic attitude I like. At least he has the cojones to say it like it is

    • We are a nation of laws or, we are not!!!

      Our importance is defined by where we spend our time.
      Look at Breitbart, the new info wars, where children fight against one another.
      The herd has learned to censor itself. Your with us, or against us. Galvanizes the parroting.
      The last time this mindset was subjected was the middle ages. Remember the witch-hunts?
      If you don’t think like us you are the enemy!!!

      Any questions?

    • Is their any potential evil you are not eager to rationalize? Already threw the towel in on this life? And Donald Trump has cojones for feeding his dupes clown talk? Lol, no way you are for real.

  6. This article was sadly written. It’s the language of a sixth grader in an argument on the playground. The writer doesn’t take into account of changing a system or direction of a Republic with seperation of powers. He accuses Trump of authoritarianism as negative but says Trump failed his supporters without authoritarianism. It’s a fantasy article based on truism as his base. Truism is an imposibility in any human endeavor.

  7. Seriously? Let’s go down this pathetic article subject by subject – talk about biased BS and showing the world “Derrick” is more of a Bozo than a Broze!

    Border – The security and support the Border Patrol is getting has 1) saved lives and 2) decreased illegals from coming across 3) stopped a LOT of drugs coming into this country. If you want to pretend this is a bad thing, take a trip down there buddy because you’re clearly an indoctrinated fool who likes fiction over facts.

    Deep State – apparently you’re not paying attention to the literally hundreds of liberal crooks who are jumping ship, trying to get out of the country because they’re in the sealed indictments and have turned a blind eye to the arrests and round ups of MS-13 who are the contracted murders for the liberal Clinton’s and their cronies. This is obviously missed by people like you who are blinded by the shear hatred of a President who FINALLY has the American people in mind. You’re probably going to whine and cry when your precious criminal enterprise falls like dominoes filling up Gitmo with Deep State operatives. What a load of crap you’ve published.

    Cryptocurrency – nothing but smoke and mirrors created by more people who are trying to digitally control you and ensure you’re dependent on non-existent “money” – if it’s not backed by Gold or Silver, it’s nothing. President Trump (and yes – he’s the President of ALL Americans) – isn’t a digital currency fan. He is going to bring back the Gold and Silver Standard so grab your ass because this moronic writer who is promoting smoke and mirrors is going to be one of those investing in Gold telling you to do something totally different. It’s what crooks do so they can be ahead of the game while you wallow around in the mud. Nice try, no cigar.

    Your Traitor44 garbage and delusions – your clearly inept on the “detaining” aspect of Americans for 3 months. If you served in the military at all, I’m glad you’re out because WOW – you don’t let enemies, foreign or domestic – roam free to commit terrorist acts and unless you’re this guy’s lawyer, I’m pretty sure you’ve got one side of the “poor little terrorist” story – detention.

    And what’s wrong with drones? The “kill list?” The Kill List is something the rogue FBI and CIA are using and President Trump is trying to stop them – not with the help of driveling idiots as yourself, but with the help of Marines who are loyal to the American people. You clearly missed this since you weren’t paying attention to the Hammond Ranch or the Bundy’s incident and what’s been reported lately.

    You people who are siding with this idiot are those who dial 911 and wait for the cops while a terrorist is pointing a gun at your kids. This guy is a literal moron – not a figurative one. This guy needs a helmet to walk around with because he’s clearly got a brain injury.

    One thing you’ve made abundantly clear is – you’re a keyboard jockey and know how to spin a hate story which has nothing to back it up with. WOW – you should be ashamed and embarrassed!

  8. OratorImplored | January 5, 2018 at 12:46 pm | Reply

    The American people unleashed their government upon the world, so that they may create and worship idols. Those idols having been empowered by the will of the people, now recognizes it’s own, as the greatest threat to the State.

    For years the people voted themselves largess from the Treasury. They murdered, coveted, bore false witness, stole, adulterated, fornicated, etc.. they failed to embrace one another as brothers and sisters. They tore humanity from themselves, aNd replaced it with the mark of the beast, and so, behaved, and still behaves as beasts. The king bears the sword, and does so for good reason.

    I’m no supporter of trump, or any other politician, but I recognize that action has consequence. I recognize that the American people, devoid of love, truth, and purpose, have implored the presidency of trump. They solicited it, through love of money, through love of power, through love of materialism. The American people have and still do to this day, hinder their path to freedom.

    “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.”

    – Benjamin Franklin

  9. They B Freemason evil doers | January 5, 2018 at 2:41 pm | Reply

    I was perusing Henry Makow’s website and there was some good info about Trump, Clintons, Alex Jones, et al being freemasons. Apparently they ALL are. They all do the various hand signs. This explains why he’s NOT changing any real laws that could help anyone. He’s just Reagan II. God help us all. Apparently Putin is a fraud as well, pretending to be a Christian. Did any of you all see the video (I can’t remember who did it or the website, I’m sorry about that!) where Alex Jones is supposedly not Alex Jones? He was replaced by some “comedian” (it may have been posted on aircrap.org now that I think of it). It also may have been on fellowshipoftheminds.com, I am not sure. People need to not underestimate evil’s ability to deceive. Pray for clarity and discernment of evil as well as the exposure of evil to the masses. Prayer DOES work.

  10. Trump 2020, Bannon 2024 2028, Paul 2032 2036
    I’m ready to give up security/safety for liberty, keep the Muslims out, less Muslims equals less Islamic caliphate.

    • They B freemason evil doers | January 5, 2018 at 2:48 pm | Reply

      Look up who is a freemason. They all are, Trump, Putin, Clintons, Bushes, Carter, etc. “Architects of Deception” by Juri Lina is an “illuminating” book (pun intended). We’ve all been deceived. Trump is just another drone. Don’t forget, years ago he ran for president as a democrat….remember that?

  11. When they crash and burn.
    But then it’s too late.
    This is the state of the society that goes along to get along.
    Trump is no different from all the rest. It’s a big club and we aren’t in it.
    Nature will see to it to solve this it’s own way. The hard way!!

    A people deserve any regime they endure.
    We are getting the government we deserve.

  12. I came across this insightful fellow who uses the term “graduated animal farms” to describe the media levels appropriate to the conscious levels of their respective viewers. The same theory holds true across the false left right paradigm

    Never liked any of main stream candidates seeking the presidential brass ring. Continuity of Agenda marches on.

    • Garry Compton | January 7, 2018 at 7:11 am | Reply

      Lately, I judge a good article or website that laughs at Russiagate and asks the big question – What about Israelgate? Of course the older you get and the more places one travels to – is helpful.

      • So what about ‘Israeligate’? Who gives Israel LLC, registered in Washington D.C., its marching orders and green light and puts politicians who will carry out those orders in place? Or is Israel LLC the exception in that its people actually have a say in how policies are made and implemented? All these bankrupt corporate states seem like perhaps they are a part of a much larger publicly undisclosed business plan for the enrichment of elites? Does the Russian government, the American, the Israeli or any other government treat their citizens any better if they defy the status quo and stir up dissent? Stand on the steps of the Capital. or any street corner, and begin to hand out pamphlets on ‘Israeligate’ or some other sensitive topic and time it how long before the state removes you from the premises or arrests if you start in with any supposed freedom of speech recitation and refuse to immediately comply. Which media sites investigates and answers these larger questions?

        “The state exists to enforce the dominance of elites, all the rest is propaganda, misdirection and obfuscation,” this while ” the secret dominates this world, first and foremost as the secret of domination.”

        Israel has a relatively low debt to GDP ratio of 62% but has a very large surplus in its balance of trade as an offset. BDS being a direct challenge. Israel also has off book revenue through its crime syndicates, dealing in everything not publicly acceptable, by mainly Russian Mafia supposed ‘Jewish’ immigrants who were allowed to set up shop and who of course work with other crime syndicates around the world including the CIA and their homey Russian Mafia. Who launders this illicit money and takes their slice….etcetera?

        Now my comment is awaiting ‘approval’ by Activist Post.

      • Well Garry I replied to your comment posing questions that go beyond the nation state you mentioned as being a problem, and in no way laid blame on that state, being just another used entity for control. However that reply was censored, which begs the question of which media sites will investigate those bigger questions and provide the public with the results of those investigations. The gist of my reply centers on these two quotes: “The state(s) exist to enforce the dominance of elites, all the rest being propaganda, misdirection and obfuscation.” and ” The secret dominates the world, first and foremost as the secret of domination.”
        It seems AP is just another ‘graduated animal farm.’

        Activist Post.

  13. Garry Compton | January 6, 2018 at 4:22 am | Reply

    Since when does a real Christian and their Leaders sign-off or vote for Sanctions and Wars? It’s all a disguise – they are working for the ” other God” – Lucifer – how else can you explain it?

  14. Deregulation comes to mind.
    I will be Trump’s corner till he proves otherwise.

  15. I agree, I had the same problem with the left and Obama, but most butt wipes like to be lied to. Collective left/right delusion.

  16. He nixed the Paris accords. Fake weather change.
    He’s building a wall and doing away with immigration chains and lottery crap.
    I’m still in Donalds’ corner.

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