New Colorado Bill Could Implement Nanotechnology to Track Legal Cannabis

By Derrick Broze

A new Colorado bill would require the implementation of technology to scan cannabis to determine whether it was legally purchased. 

Colorado lawmakers have introduced a new bill which would require the development of “marijuana tracking technology” to help law enforcement distinguish between legal and illegally purchased cannabis. The bill, SB18-029, was introduced by Representatives Leroy Garcia, Daniel Pabon, Kent D. Lambert and Yeulin Willett on January 10 under the title “Development of Marijuana Tracking Technology.”

According to the text of the bill, it will require the Institute of Cannabis Research at Colorado State University – Pueblo to develop cannabis tracking technology. The bill calls for development of an “agent” that can be applied to cannabis plants or products, industrial hemp or industrial hemp products. The cannabis or hemp product would then be scanned by another device which would indicate whether the cannabis or help was “cultivated, manufactured, or sold by a licensed marijuana business or registered hemp cultivator.”

The general assembly finds and declares that the technology will benefit Colorado by increasing the ability of law enforcement to properly enforce Colorado marijuana laws, which in turn will enhance the regulated marijuana market by differentiating between legal and illegal marijuana and protect state revenue from unregulated marijuana sales.

Further, the bill instructs the Institute of Cannabis Research to find a vendor to develop the technology to the satisfaction of the state licensing authority. Once this technology is determined to be an effective means of tracking cannabis and hemp, the state licensing authority will create rules which require the technology to be used by licensed cannabis businesses. In addition, the commissioner of the Department of Agriculture will create rules that require registered industrial hemp cultivators to use the technology. Finally, the bill would require that the technology be made available to law enforcement throughout the state.

The actual text of the bill reveals more details about what exactly constitutes an “agent” and what kind of tracking technology might be employed in pursuit of catching gray and black market users and dealers. As noted, the bill would require cannabis and hemp dealers to “insert unique and traceable identifiers” into legal medical and retail cannabis and industrial hemp. But what would this technology look like?

According to the text of the bill,

The Institute may determine whether the marijuana tracking technology should be nanotechnology; isotopic; chemical, or biological identifiers; other available technology; or a combination of any technologies.

Yep. You read that right. The Colorado bill for tracking legal cannabis purchases may use nanotechnology, or isotopic, chemical or biological identifiers. What does that mean for your health? Will there be any risks associated with smoking this new nanotech weed? Time will tell, but hopefully studies will be conducted before this technology is pushed on the people of Colorado and spreads elsewhere.

One final intriguing note is the mention of a “distributed ledger” to catalog all of this data. The bill states that the “identifiers” used to track the cannabis must be coded into “secure records using distributed ledger technology that, in compliance with federal guidelines and industry best practices, will be accessible by law enforcement agencies or the department of revenue.” Although the bill does not explicitly state it, a distributed ledger could be a reference to the state of Colorado using technology similar to the Blockchain, a distributed ledger that is used for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Will this technology be a part of Colorado’s new efforts to track pot users?

At the end of the day the bill is a perfect illustration of how big of a joke the War on Drugs has become. The people of Colorado have decided they want to use cannabis recreationally and medically. However, instead of being free to do so they had to convince the legislature to leave them alone. Now that the law has changed, the lawmakers want to continue exploiting the prohibition of drugs like cannabis by pursuing “illegal” users.

Legalization of cannabis in Colorado (and elsewhere) was never about freeing the people from the tyranny of government. It was always about putting the state tyrants in charge of what you can and cannot smoke. This is why the authorities are spending more money and time trying to smoke out the users and dealers who still choose to operate on the peaceful gray and black markets. These entrepreneurs and their customers represent the last threat to the State’s complete control of the cannabis market.

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for and the founder of the Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1, Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2 and Manifesto of the Free Humans.

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12 Comments on "New Colorado Bill Could Implement Nanotechnology to Track Legal Cannabis"

  1. Regardless of the health issues with these nonotech identifiers in ” legal” ( read weaponised) weed, where do those identifiers go when smoked? Into the smoker? I bet they do. So you’ll be smoking your own tracking device!
    Trust the wicked government to find a way to make a perfectly innocent & healing plants into something poisonous & sinister for their benefit!
    Clearly the govt isn’t our friend!

  2. freewheelinfranklin543 | January 18, 2018 at 7:56 pm |

    Stupid is as stupid does! Free the Weed!

  3. It is already happening in California.

  4. Warning: Mostly incoherent non-cannibis-related rant coming. Why do people continue to vote for lawmakers when we are getting to the point where everything is a code violation? Why everyone allows the government to just keep writing more and more bills (bills are bills, just like your electric bill, they must be PAID for by us) to add to the already ridiculous numbers of codes that cover everything from reflectors on bike pedals to growing your own veggies, is beyond me, especially since we’re supposedly already in insurmountable debt. It’s time to STOP them.

    These people called lawmakers’ entire job is to MAKE MORE LAWS, which aren’t even real laws, they’re codes of behavior under color of law, to make us change our behavior or pay a price (money or cage), and each one is something already legal they want to make illegal. That is their sole purpose and why they’re called lawmakers.They need to be stopped because they are the ones shoving us into debt. Blows my mind that people keep voting for the very people who are enslaving them to imbecilic codes of behavior that cost them dearly.

    Think about that – we are paying mountainous amounts of money for people to find new ways to take even more of our money. Boggles the mind, it’s so STUPID. It’s the mismanagement of our nations that causes debt, but no one blames the managers, they just keep hiring and voting for the same people who did the damage in the first place. I think we need a government of law-breakers, those who remove stupid laws from the books forever and ever. Amen.

    They restructured the government in 1933, why don’t WE restructure it again and get rid of them? Did you know that members of Congress get a lifelong pension after only five years in service? This is unconscionable – almost as unconscionable as actors accepting ridiculous amounts of money just to get in front of a camera and pretend they’re someone else. It’s out of control stupid. It’s right up there with these rich AF billionaires who want the middle class to share their measly wealth with the poverty stricken as some form of equity or equality. If they want to get rid of extreme poverty, it makes sense to me to get rid of extreme wealth first.

    Regarding cannabis, I knew this would happen. Taking something natural and creating legislation to make it legal when it grows in nature is moronic. Now they can compromise the product making it just as bad as their pharmaceuticals, if not worse now, with nanoshite in it. It is our stupidity that has enabled it, and unless someone takes a stand soon (come on men, grow a damn pair and do something to protect your mums, wives and daughters from this tyranny), we’ll all be dead and their agenda will be completed.

  5. i can see it now get pulled over and “license and registration please” no not your cars registration i need to know where you bought that weed
    leave to the government to fu56 it up

  6. Part of the ‘bill’:

    reading this (if it is really true), sounds like chemical or genetic modification of the entire HEMP PLANT is aimed, in order to track (and maybe even change??) the final consumer.. It’s hard to imagine, every single plant would be simply tagged with something similar to a conventional price tag and later on scanned when dissecting the plant and adding the tag to every single part of the plant… CRAZY!

    Such a ‘LAW’, as written by any of these ‘law makers’ should be entirely NULLED, including their profession.

  7. talk about cartel
    what in the world make these people think they are the overlords of any plant or medicine
    what in the world makes them think they can make it legal for themselves but not others..
    the fact that people allow this to happen to themselves is astounding

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