State Threatens to Kidnap Little Girl Because Parents Cure Her Seizures with CBD in a LEGAL State

By Justin Gardner

“I would look outside my window just scared to death I would see a police officer and CPS here to take my kid.”

It’s a nightmare made entirely by the State. A little girl would be snatched away from caring parents for doing nothing more than healing their daughter’s debilitating condition with a plant extract.

Even though medical cannabidiol (CBD) is now legal in Indiana, Child Protective Services (CPS) was going to take 20-month-old Jaelah Jerger—because her parents chose to use legal CBD oil instead of a harmful pharma drug. Fortunately, and ironically, this assault was stopped in the nick of time by an Indiana state legislator.

Jaelah suffered about 40 epileptic seizures a day, and was being seen by doctors at Riley Hospital for Children. They recommended the drug Keppra, with known side-effects of “drowsiness, dizziness, unusual tiredness or weakness.”

Instead of immediately turning to pharmaceutical drugs—as the U.S. medical-pharma industry typically does—Leiah Jerger, Jaelah’s mother, and her husband wanted to find out more about this drug and consider alternatives. CBD oil, a cannabis extract, is well-known to stop seizures in their tracks and allow children suffering from multiple seizures a day to become virtually seizure-free.

CBD, the other major ingredient in cannabis alongside THC, does not produce a high and can be extracted from industrial hemp plants. Due to its amazing healing power, especially for childhood seizures, CBD extract has been legalized in most states—even staunchly prohibitionist holdouts.

In April of this year, Indiana legalized the use of CBD oil for those with treatment-resistant epilepsy. After speaking with other parents successfully using CBD, Jaelah’s parents decided they would try it for their own daughter. Why risk the harmful side-effects of Keppra if there is a safer, effective option?

Apparently, at least one “expert” at Riley hospital believes this is such an offense that government must ruin the lives of children and parents who want to end their child’s suffering.

“Lelah Jerger, the child’s mother, said personnel at Riley Hospital for Children reported her to Indiana’s Child Protective Services after she and her husband decided to use cannabidiol oil, or CBD, to treat their daughter Jaelah, rather than use the medication prescribed by a Riley doctor.”

Even though the parents had a prescription for medical CBD from a chiropractic neurologist, and even though Jaelah “went from at least 40 noticeable seizures per day down to almost none,” Riley medical personnel reported the parents for “not treating” their daughter.

Unless you conform to the U.S. medical establishment—driven by Big Pharma and blinded by the drug war—you are in danger of losing the most precious thing in your life. Jaelah was virtually healed of her seizures through a completely legal process, but doctors and the State were somehow compelled to treat these parents as criminals.

“CPS arrived at the Jergers house in Huntingburg on Sept. 20, formally asking the parents to agree to keep Jaelah on Keppra, to take her for weekly blood tests to confirm she was taking Keppra and to only see a specified physician, Lelah said.

Just days before CPS arrived, the Jergers said they had already decided to add Keppra to their CBD oil treatment after consulting with another neurologist.

Jerger said CPS said it would get a court order to remove Jaelah from their home if they did not comply.

CPS contacted that family again on Sept. 26, Jerger said, telling the family to admit the girl to a specific hospital for symptoms from the Keppra medication.”

Rep. Mark Messmer was not going to let this injustice happen. He called the office of Gov. Eric Holcomb the director of the Department of Child Services (DCS). Soon after, DCS dropped the case.

“They had overreacted based on a complaint from the nurse practitioner in this case and should have approached it more cautiously than they did,” Messmer said. “I saw it as extremely heavy handed and over reach on the part of DCS.”

Incredibly, Gov. Holcomb believes that his agency acted appropriately by threatening to steal a child from caring parents for the act of healing their own child through legal means. In his mind, “ensuring the child’s safety” means ripping her from her family and taking away the cure for her seizures.

Leiah Jerger expressed the trauma she experienced.

Our daughter was never taken away from us, but the fear was horrible to live with,” said Jerger. “I would look outside my window just scared to death I would see a police officer and CPS here to take my kid.
And she is not taking this lying down.

“Jerger wants CPS to be held accountable for what she sees as wrongdoing by the agency. She has started Facebook pages called “Justice for Lelah” and “Parents for DCS Reform” to bring attention to the situation.

“Our hope in this whole mess is that no other family will ever have to go through this,” she posted on the page. “If a product is legal and works, then something needs to be done to prevent CPS or hospitals from reporting it.”

The actions of Rep. Messmer and other noble lawmakers, such as Rep. Allen Peake of Georgia who skirts the law to bring medical cannabis to sick kids, suggest the tide has turned. With awareness, communication and civil disobedience, resistance to prohibition is growing.

Justin Gardner is a peaceful free-thinker with a background in the biological sciences. He is interested in bringing rationality back into the national discourse, and independent journalism as a challenge to the status quo. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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35 Comments on "State Threatens to Kidnap Little Girl Because Parents Cure Her Seizures with CBD in a LEGAL State"

  1. Are you curing?, there’s no curing in the new world order.

  2. Don’t make the mistake of bringing your child to a hospital.

  3. I’m have no doubt the seizures were caused by the state. Vaccines more than likely.

  4. Governments are the instruments of criminal psychopath control freaks. It’s time to severly limit governments.

  5. George W Obama | November 5, 2017 at 7:56 am | Reply

    The parents should have told the hospital they could not afford the Keppra. Without money the hospital would have lost all interest in the child.

  6. “Excuse me, I appreciate your efforts to offer treatment. That noted my religious & moral beliefs forbid the course of treatment you are advising. Thank you, I/We will find a more homeopathic means of curing or coping. Have a good one.”

    See how quickly they continue arguments for dangerously toxic treatments against that. I believe it is the first amendment and regardless anyone’s religion, or lack of no American government can create any bias against it nor remove it.

    By the by for any suggesting America is a Christian founded nation state, see below.

    Nov. 4, 1796 — Robert Braunwart US: America signs a treaty with Tripoli, which includes the statement,
    “The Government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

    Recalling history correctly, Tripoli is/was Islamic/Muslim and the above statement needed placed into any treaty with them. We were never a Christian only founded nation state. We came from the Old World into the New World to escape being told we needed to be Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindi, Taoist, Mason, Whatever, and forced to be such.

    Do not misunderstand this from me as hate or religious intolerance. While I am apathetic agnostic, I do respect the views of others. Please respect the views of others yourselves, is all I am asking. It was one of the vital tenets of creating America. Thank you.

  7. The names and addresses of the government drug warriors responsible should be posted with this article.

  8. Grace by Faith | November 5, 2017 at 10:03 am | Reply

    This isn’t about the unquestionably positive results of CBD or whether or not it should be used on children. This is about the state puffing its chest and reminding us all that they have been given the power of possession of our children via laws none of us even know are already precedent (case law). Like these, and check out how OLD these are; they’ve been on the books a very long time: Government’s “ownership” of America’s children is not secret. There are many court cases which openly declare that our purported government owns virtually all of America’s children. “The primary control and custody of infants is with the government.” Tillman v. Roberts 108 So. 62, 1925, Van Koten v. Van Koten 154 NE 146, Senate Document 43 & 73rd Congress 1st. session, Wynehammer v. People 13 NY Rep 378, 481, 1855.

    According to Nichols v. Nichols (Civ. App., 247 S.W. 2d 143, 1988), …in its capacity of “parens patriae,” government may assume direction, control, and custody of children, and delegate such authority to whom it may see fit. (See, Ridgeway v. Walter, 133 S.W.2d 748, 281 Ky. 140, 1939; Shelton v. Hensley, 299 S.W. 979, 222 Ky 808.)

    The government could not ever confiscate children unless they owned them to begin with, and that’s precisely what they’re claiming. Solution? Stop registering births, because when you do that, you hand over possession of your baby to the government.

    • bernard palmer | November 5, 2017 at 6:00 pm | Reply

      Nice start, don’t register births, deaths or marriage. Hard one to implement though. Better to get a challenge to these ‘illegal’ laws using the 9th Amendent and something on the lines of the Primary Fundamental Right.

      “Does the Primary Fundamental Right really exist?

      For over 200* people it does. And it exists for them because they signed the PFR petition and sent it to the US President. They bravely sent him their name and email address even though they knew the hidden police state would be watching them from then on. They did it because they wanted to inform the highest authority in America and supposedly the most powerful man in the world that they are aware of an innate human right which they now know as the Primary Fundamental Right. In the petition they request that he and his government cease enacting and pursuing laws and practices that infringe on this right.

      For these American patriots and the other signatories from around the world, the Primary Fundamental Right affirms that what you do to your body is your business only, no one else’s. Signing the petition for the Primary Fundamental Right is a renewed Declaration of Independence by the individual for themselves and for their country. The fact that many people would like to sign but are scared off by their government is possible proof that many governments are dangerous to the world’s free thinkers, people otherwise known as Individuals.

      But how does that work in principle?

      All the signatories can do for now is to disagree with any law that hinders this right of self ownership of their own body. They firmly believe no one has the right to tell anybody else what they can put in or remove from their own body. Hence the PFR motto; My Body. My Business.

      Seeing as you own your own body can you sell yourself into slavery?

      ‘Slaves’ still own their own bodies even if they and their so called ‘owners’ think otherwise. Prostitutes, just like all workers for a wage, rent their bodies out, they don’t actually sell them.

      What about children, do children own their own bodies?

      Yes they do. Once they start breathing outside the womb the children own their own bodies exactly the same as the adults. Parents are there to protect and nurture and teach responsibility until the time comes when the children are capable of making their own decisions.

      So if a 12 year old decides to inject heroin and have consensual sex with a 25 year old, then that’s okay?

      Under the Primary Fundamental Right if the child makes that sort of decision then it is their right to use their body this way because they have exactly the same rights as the adults. A child’s behavior is usually a reflection of their parent’s behavior. Parents teach their children by example and everyone, including the government, must forever butt out on how they do it otherwise Individualism is threatened and Individualism is the only defense against Conformism.

      If we legally restrict the freedoms of children for any reason, especially age, then nobody’s freedom is safe because it takes away the basic responsibilities of all parents. Even after all the drug prohibition laws have been abolished everybody’s freedom will always be at stake on this one. It is possible that because we have restricted the freedoms of children we have as a consequence inadvertently allowed our own adult freedoms to be systematically and surreptitiously taken from us. By allowing the existence of laws that let certain people legally enter a person’s home uninvited and remove their children without the parents or the child’s permission and then give them to someone else is probably one of the most damaging things that can be done to a child and to a free society.

      Until the children are free to do anything that the adults can do then probably nobody’s freedom is safe. ‘To protect the children’ is a phrase commonly used by those wishing to restrict adult freedoms and with their banners flying high these people continue to successfully remove the freedoms of everyone. These extremely influential and compassion fueled ‘hypermaternals’ are probably the greatest single danger to any free society, more dangerous than any terrorist attack because the terrorist’s damage is obvious to all. They are the instigators of the ‘Nanny State’, the harbinger of the modern super repressive Socialist police state that will so easily emerge with the coming of the new technologies to create a nation of super Conformists.

      To counter this situation parents must again learn to be responsible for their own parenting and not let governments do it for them. “Why doesn’t the government do something about…” is an identifying catch phrase of the Conformist. Individualism is the main ingredient used when making a free society. Remove it if a dictatorship is required.”

    • Interesting points you convey as per your usual posting countenance. Thank you for that. 🙂

  9. hopefully the people fired from hollywood can rape cps to death!

  10. Her fear is not unfounded.

    They took our 31 year old autistic daughter that lived with us all her life, because they alleged we weren’t controlling her seizures enough. We were following our neurologist’s orders exactly. Other doctors disagreed with him, so they took her. Then they put her on psychotropics that she didn’t need, placed her in a secret “placement” and the psych meds lowered her seizure threshold and almost killed her with them. 16 years later after numerous efforts to release her and sue them, she is still being held prisoner and they won’t let her go. They do this in order to avoid civil liability. They pile on more and more meds to cover increasing side effects, and they have seriously damaged her health.

    They have persecuted our family for 16 years in order to avoid facing an honest judge. Their main strategy is to slander us to make us look crazy, called gaslighting. There is no justice in the courts. It’s all about getting money from the government. They never give up and they never stop. They are so sure they have the psych meds to cure epilepsy, but they can’t do it. Ours is not the only case. It’s very widespread.

    There’s an online journal that deals with this widespread phenomenon, called “Medical Kidnap.” Here’s our story that they published two years ago.

  11. The lesson here besides the obvious one of the government is tyrannical, is don’t let doctors, the hospital, etc. know your plan.

  12. Read the GoFundMe:

    They may have dropped the case but they are forcing the parents to give the daughter Kepra anyway! This is far from a resolved story. Please donate.

  13. The problem is the illusion of communication. Pay attention to the words. Very close attention. Legality is not reality. We want law (lawful or unlawful). “Legal” and “illegal” are in the Matrix – right up there with U.S. citizen slave (from the 14th, not ratified, Amendment). Change your status to American national [state] non-resident alien, living woman or man. U.S. citizens are taxpayers. American nationals are not.

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          • Dominique scolos | November 5, 2017 at 2:51 pm |

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  15. Some of these so called Dr. need to lose their license to practice. Not all FDA approved drugs work and some of them have chemicals in them that are bad for our system. and since the 60”s they have gotten worse. And who says that Dr.and hospital have control of our medical health. We all know that they have been working with others to help depopulate the world. and they need to learn to back off. There are many different ways to get healed and its not for the FDA to control us any more. We do have a brain and know when some people are trying to dominate us./ ———like one that I will name and that is Fema lately.!!!!!

  16. Oh, I chuckle. Guess I need to be “used to” my comments here going into the Memory Hole. Ah well, to that end I’ll just abstain as it is clear I am censored, censured from commenting. Good thing I only look at the “circus” every few days.

    • well ,i for one don’t know you
      say your say
      if it follows on the lines of most of us here, why would you not
      if it is opposite, then it is your right, responsibility and obligation to let the rest of us know, and you can try your best to convince the rest of us of how wrong we are, but complaining about censoring / censuring gives nobody anything
      1A guarantees your freedom of speech, and everyone else’s, even if you disagree with them and/or they disagree with you. BUT… if you stay silent…
      evil requires that the good man stands aside and says nothing

  17. it’s time to start suing, well , the law doesn’t mean anything to them, so sue, hit them where it hurts most
    all prohibitionists/war on drugs proponents from jeff sessions all the way on down to the lowliest ATF/DEA/CPS agent, not selective, EVERY single BODY involved. the doctors, nurse practitioners and the hospitals (and MOST ESPECIALLY big pharma) as well
    and sue them in their personal capacity as well, and if the government finds that it has to raise (illegal) taxes to cover costs, you tell your rep that he/she/it better vote against, otherwise they won’t be there next session

  18. This is tyranny like we’ve never witnessed in America. The government has given the unconstitutional Child Protective Services unimaginable powers to steal children from their non-abusive parents. It has become a state sponsored child trafficking syndicate. And that isn’t even the worst horror it’s perpetrating on innocent children.

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