The National Guard And Law Enforcement Use Secret Planes To Spy On Our Cell Phones

By MassPrivateI

A recent article in the Texas Observer, revealed that the National Guard is using multi-protocol scanners and receivers to spy on everyone.

The National Guard and DEA, recently purchased two DRT 1301C portable receiver systems from Digital Receiver Technology Inc., (DRT).

DRTs or ‘dirt boxes’ allow the National Guard and DEA to secretly listen to 10,000 cell phones at once.

DRT’s multi-protocol scanners allow them to spy on “2G, 3G and 4G technologies including GSM, cdma2000, 1xEV-DO, UMTS WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and LTE, the MPS applications.”

DRT devices are “capable of intercepting the user’s location, phone numbers dialed, text messages and photos as well as recording or listening to phone calls.” 

“These DRT boxes are far more capable than the old Stingrays,” Austin attorney Scott McCollough said, “The old-style Stingrays were not able to capture content. Guess what? The DRT box is. … These newer ones get everything.” (Source)

Dirt boxes are far more invasive than Stingrays.

Dirt boxes can spy on individual cell phones for days

Image credit: CSU FabLab

The National Guard and DEA use ‘small, covert and accurate’ dirt boxes to spy on individual cell phones for days.

According to DRT,

Once the system decodes one cell, GPS access is no longer needed. In a typical case where there are only a small number of RF channels; the scanner can stay in sync for many hours or even days.

It’s not just the National Guard, we have to worry about.

A 2014 Wall Street Journal article revealed that the US Marshals are also using dirt boxes.

How do these government agencies get away with secretly spying on everyone?

National Guard uses front companies to secretly spy the public

According to an article in the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) the National Guard and law enforcement use front companies like Air Cerberus and Eagle Eye Investigations to secretly spy on everyone.

CJR used an algorithm called “random forest” to reveal the identities of secret surveillance planes run by the National Guard, DHS and law enforcement.

According to CJR they used ‘random forest’ and FAA registry lists to identify secret surveillance planes in Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona; sheriffs of Orange and Los Angeles counties in California; Palm Beach County sheriffs and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

CJR also discovered a police plane that secretly spied on people during the Republican National Convention.

The Texas Observer asked the National Guard what legal authority allows a military force to secretly spy on Americans?

The answer they got was silence, which is not surprising since the National Guard, the DEA and law enforcement are run by DHS.

The vice chairman of the Texas House Committee, Cesar Blanco, warned that “there are really big privacy and constitutional due-process concerns with the use of this technology.”

What is wrong with this picture?

Companies are given DHS grants to develop and profit from secretly spying on Americans.

Secret government spying makes President Nixon’s Watergate scandal look like a child’s fairy tale.

You can read more from MassPrivateI at his blog HERE.

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5 Comments on "The National Guard And Law Enforcement Use Secret Planes To Spy On Our Cell Phones"

  1. So they’ve graduated from flying heroin into the country using dead soldiers’ body bags, taking over Pablo Escobar’s routes to fly in tons of cocaine, and protecting the opium supply at a cost of trillions and thousands of dead GIs, to keep the body count coming with America’s opioid epidemic. Now with this latest rape of privacies, the badged criminals will have a better idea whom they may violate with civil asset forfeiture seizures, keep the private prisons full of minor offenders, and even – bring out the trombones here – even catch someone with naked pics of underage persons (great fodder for the LEO heroes, while we blast to pieces tens of thousands of kids overseas). And all of it will be fed to Hollywood, that cesspool-receipient of what LEO’s and their gangster fed buddies have been providing for decades.

  2. The feds go after their Cash Cows – Russia, China, NK, Iran Syria while the state and local authorities go after their Cash Cows – the General Public. Now . How in the F.. is that making America – Great Again ?

  3. My cellphone rebooted when 3 military helicopters with those long gadgets sticking out the front flew overhead.
    We have lost the war and are now in for the tribulations.

  4. I’ve noticed these planes everywhere I’ve been in the past several years. First in my hometown San Francisco, where no matter where on the horizon you look, there are small planes blnking and circling; at least four in the air at the same time. Then I moved onto a boat in the San Joaquin Delta, about an hour and a half east of SF, where, same thing happened, small planes just above the horizon every direction you look just circling. Now I’m back east in a small PA town with less than 20,000 people and they’re here, too. Small planes flying a circular pattern all bloody night long. All this tells me this isn’t new news at all, this has probably been going on a decade. I ask you all to go outside at around 8pm tonight and look just above the horizon in any direction, you will see these planes blinking and circling, too. They’re everywhere now. Turn your cells off at night and remove the battery and sim card – make it a bit harder to track you and steal your data.

    • Now You’re sounding like my brother. Do you have any idea how many private airplanes there are in the air at any given time? I Don’t but would guess 25k. No matter what we find out regarding government and their Orwellian schemes, there is nothing we will definitely or can do about our state of affairs. I’ve just resolved to live each day, thankful for breath, health, and a roof over my head. It could be much worse and IS for many, here and abroad.

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