Google’s Eric Schmidt Says Americans Too Dumb To Detect Fake News, Plans to “Derank” Russian News

By Derrick Broze

Eric Schmidt has made news with his latest announcement that Google is working on ways to “derank” Russian media in the search engine’s results.

At this weekend’s Halifax International Security Forum in Canada, Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and current executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc., discussed Google’s efforts to deal with the apparent rise of fake news. Specifically, Schmidt was talking about how the search engine giant might limit the spread of “Russian Propaganda.” Mr. Schmidt said Google might “derank” fake news stories, going as far as mentioning Russian news stations Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik.

“We are working on detecting and deranking those kinds of sites – it’s basically RT and Sputnik,” Schmidt said. “We are well of aware of it, and we are trying to engineer the systems to prevent that [the content being delivered to wide audiences]. But we don’t want to ban the sites – that’s not how we operate.”


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Posted by Halifax International Security Forum on Saturday, November 18, 2017

Schmidt said Google was not in favor of censorship, but would rather focus on ranking. “I am very strongly in favor of ranking. It’s what we do,” he stated. “It’s a very legitimate question as to how we rank, A or B, right? And we do the best we can in millions and millions of rankings every day.”

The comments about Russian state-owned media broadcasting in English to Americans are the latest consequence of the continued propaganda about Russians “hacking” or “interfering” with the 2016 election. The media claims Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and used WikiLeaks to disseminate the information to the American public. Even if the DNC was hacked by a hacker originating in Russia there has never been any evidence that “the Russians” forced Americans to vote one way or the other.

The corporate media continues to push the narrative despite the biggest bombshell being that Russian intelligence agencies MAY have created FB accounts for the purpose of creating ads aimed at influencing Americans’ election choices. Releasing factual information barely counts as “interference” and does not qualify as hacking by any stretch of the imagination. Regardless, the American politicians and compliant media push forth with the narrative that the Russians stole the election from the American people. As part of this blame game, Twitter recently announced they would no longer accept ads from RT and Sputnik. Just last week RT had to register as a “foreign agent” with the US Department of Justice or face fines and confiscation of property.

Interestingly, Schmidt stated that the 2016 election shows that American audiences are incapable of distinguishing between fake news and real news. Instead, Schmidt believes it is up to tech-giants and their buddies in the government to decide what stories the people are allowed to see and read.

“We started with the default American view that ‘bad’ speech would be replaced with ‘good’ speech, but the problem found in the last year is that this may not be true in certain situations, especially when you have a well-funded opponent who is trying to actively spread this information,” Schmidt stated at the forum.

The idea that both Trump and Clinton were not backed by powerful, wealthy interests is laughable. Both the Democratic and Republican corporate parties are beholden to forces with power and connections beyond the imagination of the average American. Schmidt himself is one of the wealthiest people on the planet worth an estimated $12 billion. In 2012 he was an adviser on digital operations for the Obama campaign and, according to John Podesta’s emails, Schmidt offered the same services to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2015.

Sputnik and RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan responded to Eric Schmidt’s comments with the following statement:

Good to have Google on record as defying all logic and reason: facts aren’t allowed if they come from RT, ‘because Russia’ – even if we have Google on Congressional record saying they’ve found no manipulation of their platform or policy violations by RT.

In reality, the comments by Eric Schmidt and the fake news meme have always been about controlling or limiting the reach of the independent and alternative media which offers a contrary perspective to the statist, corporatist deadstream media. If Americans stand by and do nothing as the Russian alt media comes under attack you better be prepared for the day that Eric Schmidt and/or the American political class announce the “deranking” of alternative views about 9/11, vaccinations, the weather, the food, the water, the environment, the wars, or the Surveillance/Police State. Google, YouTube, FB, and Twitter are the establishment social media tools. If we centralize all of our efforts through these platforms we are setting ourselves up for failure.

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Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for and the founder of the Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1 and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2

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16 Comments on "Google’s Eric Schmidt Says Americans Too Dumb To Detect Fake News, Plans to “Derank” Russian News"

  1. They will derank every site that is critical of the criminal Heine gang/US govt. that now includes the murdered & replaced leaders of Google.

  2. You aren’t seeing the bigger picture. First they censor you, then they demonize you. Once they have gotten virtually everyone to go along with this crap, they haul you away to concentration camps or kill you outright. The reason they are doing this is to prepare us for war with Russia. They can’t have us hearing Russia’s side if they are going to get us to go to a potential Nuclear War with Russia.

    • It’s too late though. We have the Internet & Web. We hear and read Russia’s side with the ease, or more so than picking up a newspaper and reading it. That information is out there & cannot be fully eradicated from view. The ptb might try but it’s too late, the genie has been uncorked from the bottle.

  3. Once this happens, we can at least identify google as a fake search engine and drive on down the internet highway to the Russian news outlets; run the data through a translator app. and take a view from there. You don’t need google, boycott.

  4. Obama once claimed that American business owners weren’t responsible for building their own comanies and that it was their doing that allowed them to succeed. Well, in a way he was correct in that statement as it’s the rich bankers who “Allow” certain businesses to receive the loans to grow their businesses and without those bankers, those businesses would likely fail, so, in the end, it’s those decisions that allow businesses to succeed or fail. No different from Googles success, had it not been for the bankers to give out the money to grow exponentially, they may have failed.

  5. There are other search engines that don’t manipulate in the favor of these creepy people.

  6. The largest Fake News Entities all happen to be Native to the USA, the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times. NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, etc… I HAVEN’T listened or watched, the MSM in over 20 years other than to see how much they lie now. Joseph Goebbels would be astonished at the level of LIES, propaganda, deception they have stolen from his playbook. THE USA even though we have many foreign Enemies, we have many more closer, and domestic in the media and the political arena….

  7. The problem Schmidt doesn’t answer is “Who does the ranking?” Its obvious already that google facebook and other on line media outlets are already doing anti conservative ranking by blocking much content while perhaps over hyping socialist opinions. There is no sheriff to monitor the ranking monitors. A real Dilemma

  8. Eric Schmidt should be subject to a grand jury investigation. Pure evil. Don’t use google.

  9. First Schmidt insults the public by calling them stupid. Then there is the claim that Putin is the most powerful man in the world because he can choose which candidate gets to be the American President. Now Schmidt wants to ban RT and Sputnik from Google search….bye bye Google.

    • Sure we’re too stupid. Kind of figure that to happen though when our government gave us the worst education money can buy. Figures too when our government can lie directly to us, either using MSM or simply face to face, using telephone, email, web sites. Shoot it’s no wonder we’re stupefied. That’s what the government, or the banking tycoons running the show desire, that’s what they get too … it would seem.

      Putin is nothing more than a distraction and excuse at this point. He’s a damn good leader. He’s led his nation to be back on its feet economically. The bankers are hating him. Pharisees want him and his nation paying usury, but he will not do it any more, in fact he’s creating his own insular economics system.

      Maybe we should kick the Pharisees out here in America? Don’t need the Federal Reserve if all it does is sell everyone lines of debt called credit, which is usury discussed politely if you will. Usury is the chain of slavery.

  10. How many actually go to Google to find articles from RT, or Sputnik, etc?

    I go to, or, or

    I don’t use Google for anything but maps.

  11. Since when are YouTube and RT reports on President Putin’s support of Christian values–because he is an apparent Christian himself in support of the Russian Orthodox Church — deemed “Russian propaganda” negatively influencing the West?

  12. google twitter and facebook need to be made public entities so that they
    can be regulated ..i guess that’s what happens when they get too big
    for their britches….they’ve lost touch…mozilla’s getting that way
    too…i think alternatives to these bozos is the way to go…i don’t
    even do google that much anymore..ever since i filed a complaint with
    the fcc against them a couple of years ago.. but didn’t the CIA take
    google over to continue “operation mockingbird ” you know information
    censoring, blocking and disinforming us with bullshit stories, pulling
    posted videos so that they don’t have to pay the youtubers? all that
    fake news shit was killary’s idea…and quite frankly, i’m sick of the
    same ass stories from different sources using the same narratives to say
    nothing about nothing. I miss real journalism…like back in the Walter
    Cronkite days… Eric Schmidt the CIA now? or is he just their
    patsy…? regard;ess. he’s just like all the other money hoarders, he ‘s
    no different. he thinks that because he’s higher up in status quo then
    somehow somebody handed him higher IQ …seriously, all these corporate
    creeps need to get over themselves …they’re about as dumb as a
    rock,..they make nancy pelosi look good HA! fkn dumbshit pencil

    Oh and by the way, I rank Google & Schmidt NO STARS….ZERO….AN “F”

  13. Eric Schmidt is a member of the Rockefeller CFR, an elitist organization which has treated the American public with contempt for nearly a century. See this chart of the CFR propaganda department:

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