REAL ID Allows Police to Control “Fundamental Aspects of Our Daily Lives”

By MassPrivateI

Thanks to REAL ID, DHS has created a national ID system right under everyone’s noses.

According to the video below, Tennessee is ‘Spreading the Good Word’ that DHS now has the power to suspend and revoke anyone’s drivers license or identification card.

A recent article in the Lebanon Democrat, reveals how DHS and the Tennessee DMV suspended more than a quarter of a million driver’s licenses (DL) for failure to pay traffic tickets.

On Oct. 5, Judge Altea Trauger ordered the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security to reinstate Fred Robinson and Ashley Sprague’s licenses by Oct. 11 or as soon after as possible.

According to the complaint, Tennessee suspended more than a quarter of a million driver’s licenses for failure to pay traffic tickets, and in most cases, the drivers were too poor to pay. (Source)

It is the same story in Texas. Back in 2013 the Dallas News, warned everyone that the DMV had suspended 1.3 million people’s DLs for failing to pay traffic tickets.

States across the country allow DHS-run law enforcement to suspend people’s DLs and IDs for failure to pay tickets. (Click here to watch DHS run law enforcement videos.)

Think long and hard about what that means.

DHS now has the ability to affect nearly every aspect of Americans’ lives.

REAL ID allows DHS to control ‘fundamental aspects of our daily lives’

The article also mentions, that DHS run law enforcement now has the power to suspend everyone’s DLs and IDs.

The plaintiffs argued without their licenses, people couldn’t access jobs, health care, child care and other fundamental aspects of daily life. (Source)

Suspending or revoking a person’s DL or ID could also affect a their ability to use credit or debit cards, purchase prescription drugs or alcohol, board a plane or even enter a federal building such as a courthouse.

How will Americans pay for their fines or get their DLs back if they aren’t allowed to gain access to a courthouse?

By taking a person’s DL or ID they can control a persons ability to stay in a hotel or motel.

Think you will be allowed to board a plane or train without showing you DL or ID, guess again.

As you will see, threatening Americans with DL suspensions because the Feds don’t approve of their activism is a distinct possibility.

Imagine in the not-too-distant future, you and your family are driving down the road, when suddenly you find yourselves being detained by DHS-run law enforcement. The officer informs you, that you’ve been stopped because the Feds do not like your activism and they will take away your drivers license if you don’t change your anti-government activities.

This is the reality of a DHS-run national ID system and one you can bet will be abused. (Click herehere to find out about the Real-ID nightmare.)

You can read more from MassPrivateI at his blog HERE.

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7 Comments on "REAL ID Allows Police to Control “Fundamental Aspects of Our Daily Lives”"

  1. You don’t actually need a drivers’ license to travel, but that’s another story.

    • If you travel by plane, you need an approved government issued ID. In states such as California where illegal aliens can get a license or ID without a birth certificate, the federal government can’t be assured that a California issued ID has any validity.

      I travel by train as much as I can and I don’t have to show an ID to purchase a ticket or board. Trains can’t really be hijacked and if somebody wanted to damage a train, it would be easier to do it if they weren’t on the train. Even a poor fake ID will work to get a hotel room if it’s from another state. Many receptionists couldn’t tell an official ID from a forgery even from their own state. Nobody ever looks very closely at my driver’s license when I book a room. They just copy the information and hand it back. I also pay in cash. BnB’s would be even easier to rent a room from without valid ID.

      A National ID system is a scary thing even if the Department of Homemade Security already has access to the individual states databases. Anything can be hacked and the US government’s history on securing data isn’t any better than many large corporation’s. Large corporations don’t put the effort into their security since it costs far less to pay for some credit monitoring after the fact rather than paying competent IT people to secure their systems in the first place and the government goes with the lowest bidder, so their contractors can’t afford good people either.

  2. Oh no! My ID has been suspended; I’m not me anymore!

    Actually my state issued ID expired a couple years ago; I haven’t been myself since, though I travel freely.

    • I got my driver’s license suspended over 3 years ago for walking with weed in fluorida. Later on, cops took the driver’s license from me, even though the court had never taken it from me. I have never gotten a replacement, refuse to pay the court costs, and don’t give a d$mn about the state’s position on the subject. Government is the enemy of freedom. I will never submit.

  3. You don’t need to access a court house to pay your tickets, that is what computers are for.

    Honestly, a whole lot more should have their drivers license suspended- or have you not been on the road much? At least 2/3 can’t drive without a phone in one hand.

    • So your response to the state taking people’s licenses away (for control and profit) is they should take more of them away? How about the reason the state originally gave for it being in charge of regulating who was allowed to drive was to ensure the people would be safe from incompetent drivers? The state obviously failed if that had been their true intent. It wasn’t their intent obviously, since all they require is your check doesn’t bounce. It was (as it always is) another ploy to control and fleece the population. Please take a course in critical thinking. That state education you got was as big a failure in that regard as is their failure in making drivers safer.

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