Reporter Who Exposed Diplomatic Flights Weapons Transfers Speaks: Azerbaijan Confirms Documents

By Brandon Turbeville

Last week, I wrote an article entitled, “Leaked Documents Purport To Show How The U.S., Gulf Countries Ship Weapons To Terrorists Using Diplomatic Flight Cover,” in which I covered the story broken by Bulgarian reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva regarding the use of Azeri diplomatic flights by the United States and Gulf countries to ship weapons to various conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East, including to terrorists organizations. Gaytandzhieva originally came upon the documents as a result of a leak sent to her by Anonymous Bulgaria.

Her report blew the lid on a secret program to provide weapons to terrorists in Iraq and Syria as well as anti-Houthi militants in Yemen. The documents leaked to her by anonymous sources show that the Azberbaijani airline Silk Way Airlines was contracted by companies in the United States, Israel, and the Balkans to the militaries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates as well as U.S. Special Ops. Gaytandzhieva’s own on-the-ground reporting also uncovered many weapons related to this secret trade in Aleppo after she had traveled there to investigate the story.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to visit Gaytandzhieva’s original article in which she presents scanned copies of the documents sent to her.

Although Gaytandzhieva’s report is months old, it gained wider traction in the alternative media after it was revealed she was subsequently interrogated by Bulgaria’s intelligence services and then fired from her newspaper because of the story.

Because of the nature of report – leaked documents coming from Anonymous – many readers will no doubt read the article with the mind of a skeptic. However, in the days after my own article was published, Gaytandzhieva was interviewed by Terry Bain of the Voices Network who asked her about her method of authentication of the documents she received.

Gaytandzhieva told Bain that, after she received the documents purporting to be from the Azeri diplomatic office, she contacted the appropriate offices of the Azeri government. The Azeri government then confirmed that the documents were, in fact, real.

During the course of the interview, Bain asked her about her story, her method of authentication, the implications of using diplomatic staff for transferring weapons, and the future for Syria. You can listen to the interview below:

You can find the show on the Voices website here.

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  1. The US military is in over 130 countries!!! We have a black ops that has bottomless funds that sends out its mercenaries to wreak havoc in countries that need a “regime change” to conform to the corporate/NWO/shadow government agenda!

    The USA that we know is merely a cover for the REAL agenda! We’re done! …either way!

  2. I think there is a button in the image where you press her boobs for the sound recording.

  3. Did anyone ever doubt that the US was the biggest supporter of terrorism in the World today? I certainly didn’t. It makes the accusations against Iran completely and grossly hypocritical. Iran is a piker in comparison to the US. All Americans should be ashamed of their government and their immoral and unethical leaders!

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