Sheriffs Along the U.S. Border Helping Build Biometric Police State

By Derrick Broze

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed open records requests with all the sheriffs along the U.S.-Mexico border in search of information about iris-scanning technology.

Yesterday we reported that the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have announced plans to scan the faces of all flyers exiting the United States. Another recent media report should give all Americans pause about the mass implementation of invasive surveillance measures.

“Thirty-one sheriffs, representing every county along the U.S.-Mexico border, voted unanimously on April 3 to adopt tools that will capture, catalogue, and compare individuals’ iris data, for use both in jails and out on patrol. Biometric Intelligence and Identification Technologies, the company behind the push, has offered the sheriffs a free three-year trial, citing law enforcement’s difficulties in identifying unauthorized immigrants whose fingerprints can be disfigured through manual labor or self-inflicted wounds,” The Intercept reports.

This project is being envisioned as a digital or a “biometric wall,” one of the latest examples of the integration of surveillance technology and biometrics. The Department of Homeland Security wants Border Patrol to operate facial recognition cameras at the airports. The FBI is building a secret biometrics database. And soon the United States will have its very own biometric wall from which to watch all traffic, entering and exiting.

In response to the aggressive threat to privacy and liberty, the American Civil Liberties Union chapters in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas have sent public records requests to every sheriff along the U.S.-Mexico border demanding records of their plans to purchase and test iris-recognition technology.

“As mobile iris-scanning apps and tools become available, racial profiling by law enforcement could lead to Latinos and people of color having their eyes scanned simply because they speak Spanish or have brown skin,” the ACLU writes.

The Intercept reports that Biometric Intelligence and Identification Technologies, also known as BI2, already has an existing national iris database which is expected to rapidly expand with information on undocumented immigrants. BI2’s tech works by taking a high-resolution image of a person’s iris using a special infrared camera. The program creates a template based on that image and cross references it against fingerprints to eliminate false matches. Finally, the program compares the images against more than 987,000 iris scans currently held in BI2’s database. This database contains images from more than 180 law enforcement agencies nationwide.

The ACLU says the potential for “field-based collection” of iris scans raises significant privacy and civil rights concerns.

If sheriffs start using a mobile iris-recognition app, under what circumstances exactly would deputies subject residents to scanning? Will probable cause always be required? Do sheriffs intend to scan people at checkpoints and during routine stops? Border residents deserve to know.

Historically, sheriffs had the ultimate authority in the county. These border sheriffs could choose to stand up for the people and oppose the federal plan. However, this seems highly unlikely in the face of overwhelming pressure and coercion from the federal government. Where does that leave us as individuals? Are there any steps we can take to rid ourselves of this horrid situation?

We cannot shirk away from our present situation. We must stand strong and oppose these invasions of or our basic freedoms at every opportunity. The time has come to opt-out, unplug, and decentralize from this system.

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for and the founder of the Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1 and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2

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90 Comments on "Sheriffs Along the U.S. Border Helping Build Biometric Police State"

  1. In addition to 4th amendment violations keep in mind that iris scans ; especially if you are crossing border often, can be damaging to the eye over time.

    • William Cormier | September 1, 2017 at 10:52 am | Reply

      “1984” becomes more of a reality every day. Corporate owned prisons and pressure on Judges to incarcerate people more often and for longer sentences signals the emergence of the Police State. Liberty and Freedom could be dangling by a thread; we live in dangerous times.

  2. And ppl think trump is here to make America great again smh wake up

  3. BugsBunnyPatriot | September 1, 2017 at 3:01 pm | Reply

    In the battle between security and freedom I will choose freedom every time.

  4. Free Man (NOT) | September 1, 2017 at 3:46 pm | Reply

    Stand by.
    Pretty soon it won’t just be at the border. Next will be bus and train stations.
    Then will come random stops.
    This isn’t the country I grew in all those years ago.

    • Unlikely people will tolerate this. I certainly won’t. Armed patriots in America outnumber the police and military by 100 to one. It will never come to that though because freedom is on the rise and there’s no stopping it. Like Roger Stone said to AJ ” there’s no putting the toothpaste back in the tube “. Don’t be so pessimistic or someone might mistake you for a ‘predictive programming’ type of troll.

      • unlikely? What resistance do you see at the airports now? Anything?

        • I can’t afford to fly anywhere. Are they collecting biometrics at the airport now ?

        • Dagmar Palmerova | October 1, 2017 at 12:00 pm | Reply

          Unless you all say NO, it will eventually spread across the whole world. First were the fingerprints and you all end up with official microchips. You have them from vaccines anyway, just not knowing it.

  5. Not a Hillary fan either but what is trump doing besides tryna start a race war and war with North Korea

    • Just a garden variety war, not a race war. What do you suggest we do about Trumps improprieties ?

      • g3: build the Libertarian Party… and focus on ONE county in each state to produce a prototype so people can SEE it work… not listen to more of the 46 years of sales bullshit… With Jury Nullificaion and standard Interposition, bolstered by The Deputiz’m Plan would provide fortress against the GOP/Dem WWE-style circus act. Ignore those bastards. Focus on Frostproof……….. for further discussion. All are welcome.

      • Impeach and yea he just pardoned a racist sheriff and blamed ” both sides” for Charlottesville when they were protesting white supremacists and remember his speech calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers he encourages racism which eventually leads to a race war

        • Sheriff Joe isn’t a racist but he did protect pedophiles. Charlottesville was a fake staged hoax event in which nobody died. Securing the border from criminal immigrants and anyone else trying to enter America is a good thing. Donald Trump has never said or done anything racist even though the MSM tries to say he is a racist. Finally, I was replying to someone who said DT was trying to start a race war with North Korea. BTW, Barack Obama is a mega racist who murdered thousands of black people in Libya and thousands of innocent people with drone and air strikes. DT is off to a good start killing innocent civilians but he has a long way to go to catch up to the Bushes and Clintons.

          • Really what about his speech when he said Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers did the msm hold a gun to his head come on at least admit he ain’t a saint like y’all think he is

          • First of all Mexicans are a nationality not a race. Second he didn’t say all Mexicans. He said Mexicans criminals are coming through America’s nonexistent border and committing rape and murder. Then he follows up by saying not all Mexican immigrants are bad . There have been many needless victims of criminal illegal aliens from Mexico because the border is wide open. What Trump said was appropriate and it’s why I voted for him.

          • ” and some I assume are good people ” so most Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers was what he was saying and we all know that white racists like to call all Latinos Mexican

          • The dictionary defines Latino as anyone from Latin America (Spanish speaking countries south of America) “regardless of their race”. Still not racism but nationalism. Again he wasn’t talking about all Mexicans just illegal immigrants from countries south of America. Can you explain why so many Lation and Latina Americans support DT ? Probably because they were born here or came here legally.

          • No cus you have traitors in every race or nationality especially if there oppressed these Latinos were voting selfishly fearing that illegal immigrants and dreamers ( children of illegal immigrants that have committed no crimes and coming to this country wasn’t there choice) would take there jobs and also the cost of that wall is in the trillions and would add to our national debt

          • We need to ban all immigration permanently. The NWO plan is to erase all borders and national identity before creating a one world ultra oppressive totalitarian government. You need to stop being so myopic and start looking at the big picture. Voting selfishly ? What does that even mean ? They voted for Trump because they like America the way it is and don’t want illegal immigrants given a free pass. The dreamers need to go back to the countries they came from and overthrow the curupt governments so they can make their countries more like America and then they won’t want to come here in the first place.

          • Did you know that illegal immigration was at an all time low and you can’t do that w/o guns and backing from the West which unfortunately won’t happen cus they support neoliberal economic policies that favor international U.S. based corporations which have big lobbies in amerikkka and donate money to republican and democratic politicians and I guess the native Americans should have banned immigration esp from Europe but they accepted y’all with open arms aye I gotta good idea maybe y’all should self deport to Europe

          • That wasn’t very coherent. Try again. Why aren’t you calling for all Mexicans of Spanish decent to go back to Spain ?

          • Most of them are descendants of natives that were forced to adopt Spanish names and had to mix with the Spanish so there descendants would be lighter skinned and wouldn’t get treated as bad the few that are descendants of Spaniards would need to go back but what I was saying was you wouldn’t like it if your ideas were applied to your race since y’all are the original immigrants

          • As I explained before and you ignored. Immigration wasn’t a problem in the past but it is now because the NWO wants to erase borders in order to create a one world government. You haven’t debunked anything.

          • And I’m saying if everybody else should go back to their own country so should yall. White people are not exempt. W/o white immigration there would be no nwo cus there would be no united states which has nwo written on the $1 bill in Latin there problem solved

          • Using the terms white and black are is inaccurate and divisive. You are a racist who can only think in terms of race. You kerp misding the point. This isn’t about light skinned people telling dark skinned people to get out. It’s about Americans telling non Americans to get out. It has nothing to do with race. God damn, you’re obtuse. You obviously don’t know anything about Satanism/Saturnalia/Archons. You need to start looking at the big picture. This goes back thousands of years. Their main weapon has always been divide and conquer. It’s the oldest trick in the book and you are totally falling for it.

          • Yea it is because the white people came as immigrants and took this land from the original Americans and now they wanna keep everyone else out when its not even there’s to begin with now I see your tryna change the subject I don’t see you worried about the northern border and we all know why

          • Canadians aren’t trying to come to America. Canadians aren’t coming here and committing rape and murders like people from the south. One quarter of criminals in America prisons are illegal aliens from south of the border not from Canada. If there was a problem with criminals pouring in from Canada then you can be sure we would be talking about the northern boarder. You very conveniently ignored my points. I’m not changing the subject I’m explaining to you the problem. You think only light skinned people oppose illegal immigration, not true at all. You just can’t admit this has nothing to do with racism. You can’t admit your wrong. You can’t admit you’re a racist. Whoever sneaks onto America needs to get out. We don’t need any more immigration and neither does any other country. You ignore the NWO plan to erase borders. All you do is cry racism because you are a stubborn stupid asshole who can’t admit you lost this debate. Watch this video before you continue embarrassing yourself.

          • I’m still waiting for your proof that there has been way more racist indecents since Trump.

          • Hey pal, i know you gave up but I have a new video for you proving the immigration debate has nothing to do with racism.

          • I’ve seen those… Right wing propaganda. My question is why don’t y’all care about the northern border and I think we both know the answer but I wanna hear it from you and yea this country always had a problem with immigration starting with the Irish and Italians only reason we didn’t have a ” illegal ” immigration problem then was because we got something called the Atlantic ocean in the way

          • I already explained if there was a problem with the northern boarder it would be an issue. Canadians aren’t trying to invade America. Canadians aren’t coming here and committing rape and murder. Immigration wasn’t a problem in the past but now it is because the NWO wants to erase borders. It has nothing to do with racism.

          • Mexicans aren’t either there tryna escape cartel violence and neoliberal policies forced on them by US policies such as the war on drugs and helping pro wall st governments gain control and keep control of their countries we have an example with the economic attack on Venezuela that’s going on right now by amerikkkas ally Saudi Arabia

          • I agree completely. It’s all about the NWO Satanists. That doesn’t change the fact that we need a secure boarder and to stop immigration.

          • Yea it does cus the land don’t belong to y’all and without immigrants the economy would be shit

          • I disagree we don’t need them for the economy and even if we did it wouldn’t matter because opposing the NWO is more important than the economy. I assume you live in America. If you believe only native Americans should be living here then why don’t you go back wherever your from. It’s not you’re land either.

          • Black people were brought here as slaves and were promised 40 acres and a mule by the government which then went back on its word today that would be worth 6.4 trillion today and Hispanics came to America because of neoliberal economic policies backed by amerikkka and the west and BTW a race war is in biblical prophecy nation shall turn against nation what do you think all these police shootings of unarmed black people and discrimination is gunna cause and one of the favorite sayings of the NWO is ordo ab chao order out of chaos for example order out of the chaos of the race war and also Pike’s ww3 is one of there agendas and what do you think all this islamophobia and hatred between the 2 biggest religions is gunna cause and those FEMA camps are made for the dark skinned people read Rex 84 and how will these FEMA camps be activated a race war will do it and right on time with automation trending so they can replace us in the workplace they will keep a few of us to keep this new system running but for the most part were targeted for elimination by the nwo Satanists you speak of which are your own people and since you say you oppose the nwo you should oppose this too

          • Oppose what to ?

          • The future attempted elimination of my people by race war and FEMA camps

          • They have everybody in their sights. You’ll never defeat them if you keep buying into their race baiting. GMOs and atrizine don’t discriminate.

          • Race baiting? All this shit I been bringing up is real and documented and the Rex 84 and FEMA camps are a part of the nwo and their depopulation agenda especially of the Israelites the so called black ppl and Hispanics and native Americans and scattered descendants because its about the inheritance given to Jacob that Esau supposedly lost and his descendants your ppl the edomites want it back so the nwo is basically yalls last stand yalls last attempt to rule the world and get rid of us and edomite ( read so called white ppl) dissidents that don’t go along with the agenda GMOs are found in cheaper foods bought by poor people the majority of so called black ppl Hispanics and native Americans are poor and they are poor because of wage discrimination against them and discrimination against them that prevents alot of them from getting high paying jobs

          • They’re getting you to see everything in terms of race. They’re baiting you . GMOs are in everything that’s not organic. They’re coming for everyone not just dark skinned people. When you say ‘you’re people’ you’re being racist. We’re all in this together. I don’t know what else to say to convince you of this.

          • I didn’t hear about Rex 84 from the news or about discrimination happening today from the news I found out about it online and they just recently been showing news about police shootings of unarmed black ppl its been going on for longer than that and I could argue your a racist for supporting racist president Donald Trump who definitely thinks in ” terms of race”

          • I support some of Trump’s policies and oppose others. DT has never said or done anything racist. Provide an example.

          • I already did you obviously must be a trump troll

          • Your example was his immigration policy andvhis speech. I told you I support DT on some issues like immigration and oppose other issues like mass murdering innocent people based on 911 lies and promoting GMOs etc. Your out of steam.

          • And it was a racist speech cus he implied most Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers and he also once said he was mad because black guys were counting his money and if he had it his way only guys who where yarmulkes all day would be allowed to count his money

          • It wasn’t rasist it was nationalist. Mexico is a country not a race, as I already explained. Prove the quote about his money counters.

          • Because the NWO wants to erase borders.

          • No they wanna replace minorities read comes a pale horse by William Cooper the guy who predicted 9/11 and who they would blame it on and was killed for it it says it somewhere in there and also trump is going along with Albert Pike (the mason who co founded the KKK) vision for ww3 by getting Muslims to hate amerikkka and the West more than they already do with his travel ban against random Muslim countries and his refugee ban on random Muslim countries

          • It’s light skinned people who are being replaced. The NWO has declared war on light skinned people and Christians. You should learn about what’s been going on in Europe, and they want to do it here. The media and opposition made a big deal about the travel ban which was no big deal. A few months ago I was at a gas station and a big Muslim dude was in the middle of pumping gas and decided it was time to start praying. He kneeled down and prayed for an extended period of time in the middle of the pump area. There was a line of cars waiting to use the pump. He was being a belligerent asshole on purpose. He could have moved his car but instead chose to be an asshole because as far as he’s concerned if you’re a fellow Muslim you’ll understand and if you’re not then fuckyou eat shit. Do you wsnt to live in a country full of people like this ? You need to see what’s happening in Europe. We’re not gonna take it like the Europeans.

          • 1. There are assholes in every race 2. No lookup Rex 84 its for dark skinned people and William Cooper’s behold a pale horse 3. In order to be a true Christian you gotta be a Israelite and thats the dark skinned people

          • Some are trying to escape violence but most just want to make money. In 2006 I lived for two years in house full of recent immigrants from Central America. They spent all their time working and sent home most of their money. They slept three to a room to save money. They rarely ate out. They weren’t escaping violence. If they could have made as much money back home as they do here they wouldn’t have come here. You gotta stop thinking everything is about racism. You do yourself a great disservice when you don’t speak properly. Slaves are denied an education for a reason.

          • Did you read the rest of my message and what’s that shit about slaves being denied an education that’s that racist shit I’m talking about

          • You’re not writing clearly. “Mexicans aren’t either there tryna escape ” this doesn’t make any sense. I thought you were saying illegal immigrants are trying to escape violence. Why don’t you try again to articulate your point. My point about your writing skills is that if you don’t write and speak properly it’s an insult to anyone who was ever deprived an education. People like slaves. “Tryna” is not a word. It’s “trying to”. Whoever invented the concept of Ebonics is a traitor to minorities. IMO.

          • Its called a dialect its how the languages of today formed and you just mad cus you was debunked so you play the grammar Nazi card

          • Grammar Nazi card cus you got debunked and yea I’m typing this again cus racist AF admin censored my shit Ebonics is a dialect of English which was once a dialect of German

          • And haven’t you heard of Clayton Bigsby just cus a minority says it don’t make it not racist

          • Dave Chappelle is a toral racist. He’s made a carrer out of racist jokes. You just refuse to admit immigration is a problem. There are 7 billion people in the world. They need to make their countries more like America so they won’t want to come here in the first place. We can’t kerp taking more people. Stop thinking everything is about racism. Calling that lady a racist is ridiculous.

          • Black and brown ppl can’t be racist cus they don’t have the power to be racist it is about racism it goes back to Jacob and Esau y’all have a deep seated hatred against the children of Jacob which if you look at the prophecies in the Bible including the Apocrypha are the so called black Hispanic and native American people and scattered defendants throughout the world ( 4 corners of the earth) and y’all are the edomites so called white people but really y’all are red and that hatred shows in your refusal to recognized our oppression in the united states of amerikkka the new Rome

          • Dave Chappell is racist against all races. I think he’s funny but he’s definitely a racist. In my opinion racism is a Satanic creation. The KKK was started by a Freemason. Just thinking in terms of race is racist.

          • You mean prejudiced yea he might be and talking about racism is racist wtf I guess that means the civil rights movement was racist lol

          • I didn’t say talking about racism. I said thinking in terms of race. People are the same and race doesn’t have anything to do with anything about anybody. There are cultural differences.

          • Racism is discriminating against another race it has nothing to do with talking about race

          • Racism is a mentality and it’s not an issue in America, in my opinion.

          • Racial discrimination is and the feds turn a blind eye to it

          • The ‘feds’ are Satanists.

          • Yea you basically did

          • Semantics.

          • And no the nwo is the us of amerikkka and the nations of NATO running everything its basically the old order of European colonialism repackaged as democracy and protection from terrorism and right now the immigrants are being used as cheap labor but in the nwo we will have automation so elites will have no need for brown people that’s why they helped trump win with the electoral college he did not win the popular vote

          • The NWO is aimed at everyone not just dark skinned people. Your obsession with nonexistent racism prevents you from seeing the big picture. You need to learn about Satanism/Saturnalia. Trump totally won the popular vote. Hillary cheated. The polls are lies.

          • Nonexistent racism? There’s still discrimination going on and cops are shooting more black people than whites by percentage just cus y’all don’t experience racism don’t mean its nonexistent and yea it does have to do with the nwo just look at how Rothschild’s state of Israel treats black people and Arabs in Israel just because they ain’t white and Jewish those are the same people that train the cops to be racist in amerikkka

          • They helped trump win to kick start the race war so they can exterminate brown people via Rex 84 FEMA camps

          • You are retarded. There is no race war. Everybody gets along just fine. Stop letting yourself be brainwashed by the MSM. You are deliberately ignoring my points.

          • Did you even look up Rex 84 the msm don’t even mention that or the training of police by the racist state of Israel

          • What’s your point ?

          • Racism that you claim is non existent does exist and is a part of the nwo agenda

          • And no there have been more racist incidents ever since trump came in the picture and especially since after he won caught on camera by regular people not msm and most haven’t even been mentioned by msm and if they do most of the times just a blip on the screen

          • Sure there have. Prove it.

          • I’m debunking your points

          • BTW, although DT probably could have worded that speech a little differently, who cares , the important thing is he won and is securing the border. Hillary promised to take the door off of the hinges and legalize all illegal aliens. There are seven billion people in the world, should we take them all ? Also, if you think only light skinned people refer to anyone from south of America as Mexicans then you’re the racist. As far as I’m concerned anyone who uses the words black and white to describe dark and light skinned people is racist.

          • No she didn’t and why y’all worried about the southern border when the northern border is wide open is it cus all those poor brown people are down there and I said white racists not light skin people say that and that’s a fact no I don’t think amerikkka has to let everyone in but at least the Mexicans since amerikkka took there land and gave guns to the drug cartels that run that country and there is a reason why he worded it like that

          • She totally did. Look it up. Dark skinned racists call all Latinos Mexicans to, was my point. Canadians aren’t trying to invade America. Everybody knows the government is the drug dealer. But not just the US Government, the Mexican Government is utterly curupt as well. Spain stole Mexico from the indigenous people why aren’t you bitching about that to ?

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