Collectivist Mind Control: “Save the Planet”

By Jon Rappoport

“The planet wouldn’t need saving if willing prosecutors had gone after high-level criminals (corporate, banking, war-mongering) with hammer and tongs. Now, the very people who escaped such prosecution have emerged as the leaders of the “save the planet” movement. That’s called a clue.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The word “collectivism” sounds old-fashioned today. It’s supposed to.

It’s supposed to sound like a label from a bygone age when people were combing US government offices for hidden Soviet spies.

Collectivism is tied to other obsolete slogans like “Better dead than Red” and “America, love it or leave it.” In other words, we’re supposed to think collectivism was simply a trendy idea that ran out of steam.

You know, a bunch of crazy paranoids were warning everybody the sky was falling, but it wasn’t. They yelled COLLECTIVISM IS COMING, WATCH OUT, but nothing happened.

Well, the truth is, collectivism won its war.

So it changed its name. It became a thousand names behind a thousand masks.

If we win this fight to preserve freedom in America, will people understand what The Individual means? Or will we they be so brainwashed that they’ll preach and teach freedom for The Group, the Collective?

Consider the actions and words of the last few presidents. Have any of them made The Individual the basis of their rhetoric?

The answer, of course, is no. And Obama has been the worst of them in that regard. Obama is, you might say, the natural evolution of the eradication of The Individual. He’s focused all his attention on groups.

He bemoaned the unemployment rate in “the public sector,” which is the drone-core of the collective. He emphatically demeaned the individual entrepreneur (“you didn’t build that”).

Under Obama, the collective became a messianic force. As if, in its vague and undefined way, it would save us all.

Yet, for every significant enterprise in human history, the individual vision comes first.

It is the launching pad.

The energy and inspiration of one person is the thing without which nothing happens.

Where is this taught in our schools? Where do we hear this in churches? What corporations explain this? How many parents make this clear to their children?

The major media certainly don’t bother with it. Psychologists don’t study it or comment on it. Who is funding studies on the power and vision of the free individual?

The Individual is supposedly passe.

An overwhelming number of Americans can no longer conceive of themselves as free and powerful individuals.

I, for one, think about the free and independent individual every day. The very idea is a North Star that allows a person to navigate his life.

In uncountable ways, we are being drawn into the orbit of The Group. One group or another. We are told, directly or subtly, that everything we do is connected to other people, and that connection is the defining impulse which shows us what we are. We are THAT and nothing else.

Why did George Orwell write 1984 about Winston Smith, one individual? Because he wanted to show the effect of the all-consuming State on its primary target: one person. Is that the way the book is read and taught now?

Operation Mind Control, or collectivism, has triumphed so fully in our time that most people can’t imagine themselves as distinct and separate and free and powerful individuals. They feel guilt when they try. They feel they are betraying the Mass. They feel they are breaking the law. They feel they must retreat back to a position of safety. They feel that, if they step out in front of The Group, they are losing their innate “religion.”

Through devious means, the media twists “individuals” into “lone individuals,” a phrase we’re all too familiar with. These are the mysterious psychopaths who commit vicious crimes.

According to collectivism, to be saved IS to recognize that one is a cell inside an interdependent collection of cells. That is the premise. That’s the trendy thing to believe.

What do you think Globalism and the New World Order are all about? They are the apotheosis of The Group, disguised as humanitarian service to The Good.

This is a cold calculated propaganda operation. It sells because people, when they become aware of suffering, want to reach out and end it. That impulse is preyed upon by the Globalist vultures, twisted, redirected, and harvested.

On a personal level, many individuals become aware they can discover and invent visions of grand achievements and futures; then they hesitate; they balk, they feel alone; they don’t have the staying power to rebel against the Mass. They find a group into which they can retreat. They remain there. They hide from themselves there. They hope their self-induced amnesia will last. They invent reasons and stories and myths to explain their retreat. They seek confirmation they’ve made the right choice. They find other individuals like themselves, who’ve surrendered. They form bonds. They collectivize.

Now we are told the individual’s highest aspiration or vision must be service to the group. Thus the whole matter of “the greatest life” is presumed to be settled. It’s no longer worth re-thinking.

This, of course, is propaganda. In many ways, from many angles, it’s taught and implied in our schools. Children learn to parrot the appropriate phrases. They utter them proudly.

Look at how “one world striving together” has been used by Globalists in the last 65 years. We have, for example, the GATT Treaty, which gave birth to the World Trade Organization. And we have lesser treaties, like NAFTA and CAFTA, which were designed along the same lines.

These treaties have led to the enormous outsourcing of jobs and the flight of industrial factories. As Sir James Goldsmith pointed out, this is a completely criminal and insane policy. It means that the industrial countries have had to compete on impossible terms with countries where workers will produce goods for next to nothing.

It is economic suicide—planned economic suicide. Behind the psyop, this is the real and brutal face of the slogan, “We’re all in this together on planet Earth.”

From the World Trade Organization has come the pernicious standard called Harmonization. It means that food policy and medical policy and health policy and trade policy—and eventually military policy and limited free-speech policy and judicial policy—are all arranged on an international basis. No more sovereign choices and no more sovereign nations. Again, this is the real and brutal face of the collectivist slogan, “We’re all in this together on planet Earth.”

At the heart of the operation is the premise that the free and powerful individual, seeking his highest vision, seeking his greatest achievements, is defunct.

Some people, reading this, will think I’m against any group action, that I don’t believe group action has ever been effective. They miss my point entirely. I’m not talking about REAL group action. I’m talking about ENGINEERED group action devised to destroy life, under the guise of saving it.

And most of all, I’m talking about the individual human being SURRENDERING to the idea that he is unimportant, that he only counts in reference to other people, that he has no real power, no real imagination, no great vision, no great status.

Status ultimately is reserved for the collective.

In my life, I’ve known people, and I’ve seen people, who’ve launched and built and created enterprises of one kind or another…and then turned around and preached the primacy of the group.

Instead of standing as an example of what one person can do, a TRUTHFUL example, they betrayed all that and became advocates for the collective.

Some of these people have been co-opted, but many just failed to understand their own psychology. And then there were people who refused to think of others as individuals:

“Well, yes, I built that, but I know you can’t. So I’m here to help you, to put you into the mass, the group, the collective.”

Could they be more patronizing?

“Yes, I’m a big person, but you’re a little person. Don’t worry. I’ll show you the way. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.”

And standing nearby, the real movers and shakers in the Globalist Club are cheering.

They live for the erasure of the individual. And they have lots of friends.

But here’s an irreversible clue. They don’t have THE INDIVIDUAL.

They never will.

This is why the father of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays, wrote: “It is sometimes possible to change the attitudes of millions but impossible to change the attitude of one man.”

Consider this idea: a college is formed on the basis of one question, aimed at each entering student: WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT TO CREATE IN YOUR LIFE?

For four years, every student wrestles with that question, writes about it, talks about it—and every course comes back to that point of view. History, literature, biology, logic, mathematics—it’s all framed around the student learning and using that learning to answer the one burning question that will guide his future.

As an individual.

As an individual, shaking off the dead coils of The Collective.

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

Image Credit: Anthony Freda

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12 Comments on "Collectivist Mind Control: “Save the Planet”"

  1. Louis Charles | August 6, 2017 at 2:02 pm | Reply

    Sad that I am the only one commenting on this amazing article…. (so far). The “problem” with individualism is it’s cousin: PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Liberty is costly on many levels. 99.999% of us don’t win like Howard Roark did. It is sort of amazing how the braintrusts of the collectivist orchestration mechanism have figured out just how to keep the masses fat, entertained and docile, whereas they willingly stay “productive” on the plantation. Then they robotically turn their heads to what the massahs are up to “behind the curtain”…. even though there are plenty of uncensored news outlets serving up Truth. Unlimited currency counterfeiting from “The Fed”, feeding academia, “free” education, media, entertainment and “law enforcement” is very tough to overcome. As long as a cabal can print e-currency at their whim, buying what they want, when they want it, and who they want without any possible limitation, is the fencing around our cages. Any solution-suggestions?

    • Vlad TheSkewerer | August 6, 2017 at 3:37 pm | Reply

      Ultimately God, guns, food and ammo. I make a distinction between stupid and willfully ignorant, stupid people can be educated, and some people don’t know and dont want to know…about anything! There is a certain stability in a mostly numb popultation, how long have they been trying to ignite a race war with no takers? But that lasts only so long as those E digits flow and when those get flipped off, now your back to my opening sentence. I will keep trying to gently warn folks but the things I have warned about for 30 years are here. Warning time is past.

      • Common Sense | August 7, 2017 at 8:41 am | Reply

        Those who see and try to warn are many times shunned by their own community, but don’t give up. Your warnings and insights are revealing themselves now and you will be vindicated.

        Keep planting those seeds. They are taking root.

    • Common Sense | August 7, 2017 at 8:36 am | Reply

      Agreed. Frustration and sadness increase when seeing so few here engaging in this, and many other very good topics that affect our daily lives. Especially when you visit the mind numbing sites that the herd flocks to. This is where the majority are spending their time and discussion. Much to do of nothing, but more so, the drivel that is foisted upon them designed to just distract, entertain, and manipulate.

      With wisdom comes great sorrow. I would rather be in the know and sad than blissfully ignorant, even though it is painful. In some ways it is like a test or filter that is being applied. The truth is there if we care to sometimes dig to unearth it, but many (far too many) prefer the low hanging fruit of attractive lies. Their apathetic and cowardly choices will allow them to be led by the evil pied pipers right over the cliff. So in may ways it is like a process that must run its course to separate those who mindlessly follow from those who seek truth and knowledge no matter the challenge.

      Solutions? Every passing day we let this corruption grow we lose a little more, and our solutions become more limited. But there is an old Chinese proverb that says, ” Even the longest journey begins with one step” The judicial system is probably the most important in restoring and keeping our society, but the laws have been subverted by the money and corruption. This is a self defeating act if allowed to continue because in the end it will destroy itself and we all lose still, so going along to get along will only stave off our final demise so long.
      Think of Rome.

      When the colonists fought for their freedom from the tyranny of the king it was only 10-12 % of the population that started the movement, but those were rugged individuals who knew what they were losing and were ready to fight for it. Todays population is distracted and confused by TV, social media, lying officials, and have become dependent upon the system to the degree it undermines their own self preservation and freedoms. We have to overcome ourselves. There are none so blind that refuse to see, and any amount of leading will not work.

      Winning is in the will. Never give up because that is the only real defeat.
      Keep planting seeds of knowledge. You never know where and when they will take root and possibly become a tree of inspiration.

      • Louis Charles | August 7, 2017 at 11:49 am | Reply

        Giving up isn’t the issue. Finding a solution to the infinite currency counterfeiting we are experiencing is what I am asking us to put our minds towards. I thought I was clear….

        • Common Sense | August 7, 2017 at 1:55 pm | Reply

          The judicial system is probably the most important in restoring and keeping our society, but the laws have been subverted by the money and corruption.
          (I copied and pasted this from my original comment. It appears you missed it)

          What is your suggestion?

          • Louis Charles | August 7, 2017 at 5:02 pm |

            I don’t have one… which is why I am soliciting ideas. We have such a dilemma because we need a justice system without bought-and-paid-for judges and prosecutors in order to convict the counterfeiters who are purchasing the judges and prosecutors. It’s a classic “Catch 22”. Until “legal” counterfeiting is eradicated from a nation, nothing virtuous can remain available.

      • Very stirring and passionate morale boosting comment, Common Sense. I especially appreciate the Chinese proverb. Well done and well said.
        Cheers. Miss Blue

    • TPTB are poised to replace fiat with energy credits and social credit scores in a very draconian global technocracy. Perhaps consider checking out what this paradigm involves. Start with and then check out some interviews and presentations on YouTube by Patrick Wood and also look into Jordan Peterson educating the public on post modernism.

  2. Common Sense | August 7, 2017 at 8:49 am | Reply

    Many times people can become confused with complicated issues that are very detailed, but when that occurs, I like to break it down to its simplest terms as to not lose the basic understanding.

    This article says to me…”The herd is being conditioned to censor itself”.

  3. uncle bobedy | August 7, 2017 at 1:12 pm | Reply

    Very well stated article, good opinions, and I heartily agree with the need to rekindle the INDIVIDUAL in the consciousness of people, regardless of where you were born. I am an INDIVIDUAL, and I often feel a pang of remorse(?) at the signs of decay and pending dissolution I see everywhere in my country. I see good simple Americans completely locked into the 24/7 media cycle, and I can actually watch in real-time their reactions to propaganda and lies being parroted back to the TV!

    The more I learn, the less I like what I see, which is why an idea is germinating in my head, an idea of this INDIVIDUAL that only time will tell if it’s a worthwhile endeavor or an entrepreneurial failure.

    I wish this collection of other INDIVIDUALS a hearty good luck in your varied endeavors, and how proud I am of others who have found a good path in this crazy life!

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