BBC Promotes Putting Lithium in Drinking Water to Combat Dementia

By Aaron Kesel

Researchers in Denmark believe that we should add lithium to drinking water because studies show it may reduce dementia.

You simply can’t make this up. Adding fluoride, a neurotoxin, according to The Lancet medical journal, to our water isn’t enough.

The BBC reported that a study, at the University of Copenhagen, looked at the medical records of 73,731 Danish people with dementia and 733,653 without the mental disease.

They then tested the tap water in 151 areas of the country and some how these “experts” came to the conclusion that lithium, which is an alkaline metal, is good for the brain’s health at certain concentrations to prevent dementia.

The results, published in JAMA Psychiatry, alleged to show moderate lithium levels (between 5.1 and 10 micrograms per litre) increased the risk of dementia by 22% compared with low levels (below five micrograms per litre).

However, the article continues to say that the scientists found “drinking water with the highest lithium levels (above 15 micrograms per litre) had a 17% reduction in risk.”

The researchers said:

This is the first study, to our knowledge, to investigate the association between lithium in drinking water and the incidence of dementia.

Higher long-term lithium exposure from drinking water may be associated with a lower incidence of dementia.

What’s failed to be mentioned in the article is that lithium is used as an additive to extend the life and performance of alkaline batteries and in autogenous welding and brass welding, as well as having well-known harmful long-term side effects.

Lentech listed the risk of lithium exposure, especially noting the inhaling/ingestion of lithium:

Effects of exposure to Lithium: Fire: Flammable. Many reactions may cause fire or explosion. Gives off irritating or toxic fumes (or gases) in a fire. Explosion: Risk of fire and explosion on contact with combustible substances and water. Inhalation: Burning sensation. Cough. Laboured breathing. Shortness of breath. Sore throat. Symptoms may be delayed. Skin: Redness. Skin burns. Pain. Blisters. Eyes: Redness. Pain. Severe deep burns. Ingestion: Abdominal cramps. Abdominal pain. Burning sensation. Nausea. Shock or collapse. Vomiting. Weakness.

Effects of short-term exposure: The substance is corrosive to the eyes, the skin and the respiratory tract. Corrosive on ingestion. Inhalation of the substance may cause lung oedema. The symptoms of lung oedema often do not become manifest until a few hours have passed and they are aggravated by physical effort. Rest and medical observation is therefore essential. Immediate administration of an appropriate spray, by a doctor or a person authorized by him/her, should be considered.

This comes after the Environmental Working Group, an environment watchdog, released a searchable database of all the harmful chemicals in our drinking water and surprise, surprise lithium was included in that list.

The group noted that “ingesting too much lithium can lead to symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.”

Still, the medical community wants to try to push adding lithium to our water because they believe it will help depression. There is no better word to describe such an idea other than insanity.

“In high doses, or even at low doses in some people, lithium can be toxic, so it is important that people consult with their doctor before they consider taking it as a supplement,” James Pickett, of the Alzheimer’s Society charity told New Scientist.

He’s exactly right; everyone’s body has a different chemical make-up, which is why you shouldn’t put foreign chemicals into your body because no person’s body reacts the same.

Lithium was also included in early recipes of the soda 7UP but was not included in the final product.

Another study found that “exposure to lithium via drinking water and other environmental sources may affect the thyroid function,” stressing the need to screen water for lithium.

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20 Comments on "BBC Promotes Putting Lithium in Drinking Water to Combat Dementia"

  1. Lithium also has the effect of tranqing you out. Just what the PTB want! Brain dead zombies…oh wait there are plenty of those on the alt left.

    • This is just the beginning as the PTB’s plan of dividing us has worked but it has also shown a lot of people that something nefarious is going on. It has become crystal clear that the gov and MSM are part of it all. It is impossible for anyone that is still able to think critically and logically to not see that we are being lied to at every turn. It really shows with CNN and MSNBC as they are constantly pushing anti-Russia and anti-Trump propaganda even though they are very aware more and more people are waking up up the truth. Even when they are proven wrong they refuse to drop the narrative.
      Something serious is going to happen soon as they have really stepped up the game. When Harvey hit land CNN was busy yapping about Sheriff Joe and anti-Trump BS. Think about that… a major news network is live and instead of informing people about safe places or what to do to stay safe during the worst hurricane in over a decade they could care less about anything other then pushing the anti-Trump narrative.

      • Freddy, you hit the nail dead on the head!

      • Great post. I was in Australia recently and someone asked me what I thought of Trump. I answered that “I have no opinion one way or another because I took the RED pill and removed myself from the matrix”. She was totally perplexed and tried to get a response from me about some of the things that he recently done or said, but when she got nothing from me she went to the next person frustrated.

      • The worse thing is not the lying / propaganda. Governments have been doing this for ever. What’s happening now is that they’re really digging in and beginning to force medication/vaccines, toxic foods, ‘educational’ content, cashless transactions, online profiling via access to govt services, etc., on us now. Pretty soon, microchipping and total control.

    • And very likely away more on the Alt- right.

  2. freewheelinfranklin543 | August 27, 2017 at 1:02 pm |

    This will kill people. Lithium is really hard on your kidneys.

  3. Of course the high-lithium group had less dementia. Most of them died before they reached the typical age for onset of dementia.

  4. Lithium is a trace nutrient, essential for proper brain function
    Because Lithium is perceived as a drug used by psychiatry to treat manias, and because such drugs have been demonized and depopularized by kooks such as scientology’s CCHR, there is a generalized stigma attached to the word Lithium
    Flouride added to drinking water makes the trace lithium found in it unavailable, binding to it.
    Greatgeezer: Re tranquing you out… It may appear that way when the normally observed medical use for it is treating manias… I have observed, when used as a trace nutrient, it contributes to a general well being and seems to help with things like cravings – of all kinds.. raising motivational levels in those who are deficient.
    Freewheelinfranklin: Only at or above the massive doses when used as the carbonate for mania. The carbonate form must be given at higher than trace nutrient levels because so little of it can pass the blood brain barrier to get to where it is needed.
    Doctor Goldstein: While we agree on climate, I doubt your claim, believing it is a result of PR and I’d like your cite – the only side effect of supplimentation I have read about is increased grey matter. – more brains… and we certainly could use some of that these days.

  5. How about Lithium in the drinking water of all BBC buildings and they give us a report of how that goes.

  6. Mikael Vitally Vyachesl | August 27, 2017 at 9:35 pm |

    .pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists can’t make a profit from lithium “”Lithium Orotate””After a few weeks the effects are DRAMATIC. It’s like returning to your old self for people who have depression or bi-polar disorder .Lithium was the mineral precribed to people with mental disoders way back in the 1930s,1950s …now psychiatrists they prescribe drugs that have very bad side affects .

  7. As someone who suffers from Bipolar Disorder and is on Lithium I can tell you I am extremely concerned about this move to add it to drinking water. People who suffer from this complaint and are prescribed Lithium have to have their blood monitored regularly for excess levels in their bloodstream. And the side effects are headaches, nausea, vomitting, balance disturbances, etc… Also kidney problems, I am currently awaiting an appointment at my local hospital for a scan due to this. I have been advised to check with my doctor because I cannot take certain painkillers, indigestion mixtures and laxatives. Which will prove difficult for those who have to take such medications should it be added to drinking water. Also I am going to find it extremely difficult to keep my Lithium levels under control likely causing the aforementioned symptoms. I like many Bipolar sufferers who wish to maintain our independence from unnecessary medical intervention may in the future come to depend on it all the more and thus put a strain on an already overstretched NHS.

    • Hi June, I too was on Lithium for 15 years from being misdiagnosed as Bipolar when I was simply reacting the way anyone would react to being married to a Borderline wife (now thankfully ex wife!). I weaned myself off it over a period of 6 months and found myself no better or worse off though i’m sure my kidneys are rejoicing. Many people are misdiagnosed as Bipolar by Psychiatrists who are nothing more than failed doctors and most of the time don’t know what they are talking about. Just because they say you are Bipolar doesn’t mean you are. There are no scientific tests for it, it’s simply their opinion and their decision to drug virtually ALL of their patients shows they are on the side of BigPharma not that of their patients who they generally look down on with contempt. They have no answers or solutions to your problems, it’s all about drugging you into a stupor so you’ll no longer be a bother to those around you. Psychiatric drugs create a sense of well-being however this is a false perception, meanwhile your physical health suffers their long-term effects. I would advise you to find a decent, empathic doctor or if that’s not possible a good naturopath who understands the dangers of these drugs and work together with them to wean yourself off them over a period of time that you are able to cope with. Bipolar is not due to a deficiency of Lithium!

  8. What a brilliant idea – drug the already dumbed-down masses so they’ll be even more compliant and completely incapable of any form of critical thought. I had actually thought our corporate masters had already achieved this by simply adding flouride to the water. I’m not quite sure how they would keep people’s Lithium serum levels between the safe therapeutic level of 0.6-1.2 mmol/L but then they have so far displayed little concern for people’s physical health when it comes to flouride so why would they give a rat’s. Why not also add Prozac to increase the workers motivational levels and Zyprexa to get those ridiculous thoughts out of the heads of the 9/11 truthers and then they can sit back in their ivory towers and rejoice over their success in creating the ultimate society of drones.

    • Hello Zyklzy, I have been for some time thinking of weaning myself of Lithium so am very interested in any advice you can give me. Mostly it is fear of having an extreme state of what I guess was euphoria and being out of control that stops me from going any further, also I really am not sure who to turn to for advice. I would be grateful if you had any further advice to give me. Do not hesitate to get in touch. I await your reply. Thank you for taking the time to contact me. June.

      • Most doctors will be reluctant to support you coming off any drugs of this nature as they secretly harbor the attitude “once a psych case always a psych case” and don’t want to be the “one left holding the baby” if things go wrong. The decision to wean yourself off this drug and any others you may be on can only be made by you and you alone and should only be attempted if you have a good support network of friend(s) and a good therapist, preferably not a shrink as they are the ones who put you in this position in the first place. You may need to distance yourself from unsupportive (i.e toxic) family members who prefer you in your drugged state rather than as somebody who stands up to them and can speak your mind. Remember that mental illness usually runs in family’s with people like yourself winding up being the victim through their skate-goating. The longer you have been on these drugs the more difficult it will be to come off them. It needs to be done slowly and you have to find other ways of dealing with depression, mania or anxiety rather than popping pills. Many people who have been on psych medication for years find themselves in a rut and i’m afraid there are no easy answers at least not ones that work for everybody. I used to be a psych nurse and dished these drugs out to people with no concern for the harm they were doing to their bodies as I felt it was in their best interests but have since seen the error of my ways. I could not in good conscience return to that line of work knowing what I know now. Psychiatry is an evil industry but unfortunately is where a lot of people turn when they have personal or emotional issues. The best advice I can give is to find a good counselor who doesn’t have any letters after their name and has a genuine interest in seeing you break free of this chemical dependence you find yourself in. Good luck.

  9. Low-level lithium in drinking water supplies was found to have an ‘anti-suicide’ effect in a Japanese and Lithuanian trial…

    Mustn’t allow the sheep to jump of the cliff.

  10. This is nothing less than criminal intent, and may lead to massive deaths that the Councils and BBC could be held accountable and responsible for!
    Another Zombie Apocalypse method via soft kill!

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