The London Bridge Attack And What Is Behind The String Of Terrorism

By Brandon Turbeville

“The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, ‘just to keep people frightened.’” – 1984

There is much to say about the attacks that took place in London last night. If Teresa May has her way, however, there will be little chance to say anything. The ice queen of the common people has, in the wake of the horrific attacks, not only called for a suspension of the general election but also for greater control over the Internet. Now, with British SAS troops moving into London and much of the city already acclimated to seeing fully armed British soldiers on the streets, Britain has abandoned all pretense of the “Western freedoms” it once inaccurately portrayed itself as representing. The U.K. is now openly embracing the commune-fascism it once went great lengths to keep hidden.

May, in her totalitarian speech, claimed that the Internet needed more control because terrorists were allowed “safe spaces” online where their ideology could take root and blossom. Therefore, May wants the U.K. to bring legislation and pressure to bear on private companies to regulate and censor content and spaces online under the guise of preventing terrorism.

Of course, the U.K. could stop funding ISIS and other terrorists and terrorist organizations across the world. It could immediately ban Saudi Arabia from funding Wahhabist mosques all across England. It could cease allowing more immigrants from entering a country that has long suffered from an enormous shortage of jobs and whose communities are the locales from which these terrorists almost solely come from. The U.K. could even re-prioritize police efforts to arrest and prosecute victimless drug crimes and focus on actual violence and terrorism but, I digress. It appears that freedom, economics, and reason are now passé, while shutting down free speech and free thought sounds like a much better option.

There are, however, at least three points that need to be made about these acts of terrorism as well as the previous ones in relation to the U.K. Indeed, there are three levels to any discussion of the attacks at London Bridge.

First, after decades of unfettered immigration from cultures often far different than that of the U.K., the British people are now reaping what has been sown by their government in the form of often violent hostility to anything British and British culture in general. Granted, many of the immigrants have entered Britain from lands that jolly ol’ England bombed, occupied, or generally terrorized for decades and, thus, you can see why British patriotism might not be the highest on their priority list. Still, after decades of such policies which were admittedly implemented for the purpose of changing British culture forever, England’s cities contain areas where white Britons are now afraid to go for fear of being attacked by “immigrants,” and members of council who refuse to shake the hands of their female constituents because it violates their extreme form of religion. Anyone who has traveled to England and especially London in the last few years can attest to the vast demographic changes that have taken place as a result of Britain’s open immigration policies.

The elephant in the room is that the overwhelming majority of terror attacks are coming from these communities. Most Westerners, however, are afraid to state the obvious because doing so will undoubtedly open them up to catcalls of “racism” and “xenophobia,” the punishment for questioning the sacred cow of “cultural diversity.”

But the question of terrorism in the U.K. is not that simple. Right wingers would have everyone believe that such terror is the work of “Muslims” and immigrants and that the issue doesn’t go any deeper than that. Some people, according to them, are just bad seeds at the macro level and so “they” are the problem and “we” are the good guys. “Muslims” are taught from day one to hate Westerners, Christians, Jews, and all non-Muslims. Even the ones who aren’t violent and who act like any other Westerner, according to the right wingers, are just acting, waiting for their chance to destroy Western society and impose the caliphate from within.

But where does radical Islamic terrorism really have its roots? It certainly is not in Syria since both the Syrian government and the Syrian people have been the greatest force against it for the last six years. It certainly wasn’t Saddam Hussein and it isn’t Iran. In fact, it’s nowhere that the United States and the U.K. have been bombing for the past several decades. The roots of extremism come from British allies like Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.

More importantly, the roots of extremism are firmly planted in the halls of MI-6, the CIA, and other Western intelligence agencies as well as the halls of the British government who not only manipulate jihadists, but actually create, fund, and direct them throughout the entire world, including on British soil.

Simply put, the U.K. is experiencing the results of the arming of terrorists across the world, allowing Saudi Arabia to fund Wahhabist mosques throughout England, and engaging in imperialist wars all over the planet. Whenever you dump money into terrorism and incubate it on your soil, shit tends to happen.

After all, when you allow a foreign country to pour millions of dollars into mosques that teach children and angst-ridden young people in the ways of extremism as well as hatred for an authoritarian government that keeps them down, all the while dropping bombs on their next of kin overseas, what exactly do you expect to follow?

Lastly, we cannot ignore the history of terrorism in the Western world, particularly the terrorist acts that have taken place in the years after 9/11. Almost all of these attacks appear to have been the result of pre-planning by Western intelligence agencies much more so than any that are organic “homegrown” or simply jihadist-based terrorism. That is not to say that the will, desire, and means to conduct such attacks against British society do not exist. Quite the contrary. However, in the vast majority of the attacks in Britain, the assailants were well known to authorities, many having even been arrested, released (from rather serious crimes), and monitored before, during, and up until the very moment the attacks took place. Such is a hallmark of false flag government-sponsored terror.

These attacks are much more often than not, completely engineered by Western intelligence agencies or, at the very least, known about beforehand and allowed to happen for political purposes. Whether it is terrifying the domestic population into accepting a greater police state or more foreign wars, or whether is simply an attempt to change and direct the public’s mood in one direction or other, false flag terror has been used expertly throughout the post-9/11 Western world. Thus, it would be entirely naïve to suggest the timing of the attacks is not intentional. Indeed, only a week before the general election as the wave of popular sentiment appeared to be leaning to the apparent anti-war Jeremy Corbyn when ISIS attacks innocent people in the most grotesque fashion, not only inspiring a “crackdown on the Internet” but also a suspension of the general elections. This suspension is likely to last just long enough to smear Corbyn as a weakling and a naïve peacenik who isn’t fit to lead in the modern world of domestic terror and constant violence.

But if it is not a coincidence that the attacks occurred when they did, what does that mean? Clearly, it means that the real organizers were members of a deeper state apparatus than anything resembling bearded freaks in a London flat, obsessing over jihadists forums.

The UK has never been known for freedom and democracy but now even the semblance of normalcy and relative calm has disappeared from England and, once again, British people will be living in a country full of troops on the street where the freedoms of thought, speech, and even expression will be suppressed. The troops will serve to remind them that they live in a truly authoritarian country and to make sure that anyone who doubts the new reality will be relieved of their disbelief.

The wars will not stop, however, and neither will the terrorism unless the British people initiate a revolution of their own which brings about an end to the U.K.’s foreign wars, funding of terrorism, trampling of rights at home, and destructive immigration policies.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

Image Credit: RT

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21 Comments on "The London Bridge Attack And What Is Behind The String Of Terrorism"

  1. Two of the purposes of terrorism are to make daily life unpredictable and ceate as much anxiety about the future as possible. We have elected a great terrorist to be President, by keeping his campaign promises, such as withdrawing from the climate accord on some created reason that sounds good, but with the results of the withdrawal not known alll of our lives have become less predictable. He says that it is to protect American jobs, but I see the distinct possiblity hat this will kill far more jobs than it will either protect or create. What will happen if the countries that we have offended by this action, stop doing business with us. What little we have the actual ability to make, are available from other countries at the same or even lower prices, or what will happen if these countries will not sell their products to us. We do not make any TV sets any longer, and the flat screens have a working life expectancy of about 6-7 years and so does the computer which I am using, and both are approaching the bottom end of their life expectancy, and my lap top crashed last week, and even my income from VA disability and SS have become unpredictable. If he does what he has said that he will do and shut down government on Oct 1, will I be able to get any of my VA Healthcare benefits? In his failure to affirm that the US will comply with Article 5 of the NAtO treaty, which provides that an attck on one member constiutes an attack on all, will the other members come to our aid if we suffer from either an attack or a natural calamity such as the ‘big One” on the West Coast? There is no need for any outside group to actually do anything in this country to create these things when we have an unpredictable leader who can do far worse. But, as with an outside attack, there is nothing that I can do as a person to prevent anything that he might do. He has now set neighbor against neighbor against neighbor on all of the Hate speech things that he did before winning the election by such a minority of the popular vote, but fails to do anything to reduce the hate attacks which his hate speeches have caused, and only makes things worse by creating his own Fake news and attacking the actually more neutral news outlets when they report other, and usually more accurate, versions of the news.

    • Average Joe American | June 7, 2017 at 8:03 pm | Reply

      Wow. Are you being facetious, or just waking up to all this, Apzzyk? You sound serious.

      When are you, and others like you, going to snap out of your self induced stupor and realize a few basic facts about the world around you?

      1. The two-party system is a Great Con, comprised of hundreds of Little Cons, perpetrated by the REAL owners and controllers of the United States. The last president who actually tried to LEAD this country was stopped, dead, in Dallas TX, over half a century ago. We now have no “leaders,” only show-men and -women who perform for Owners. Trust me, they all got the Kennedy memo.

      2. There is no “neutral” or “accurate” news coming from the MSM–it is nearly all owned by the same people who own and run “our” two-party system. This has been true for nearly two decades, since Bill Clinton finally signed into law an act which his predecessor George Bush had tried to push through several years earlier: the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which allowed monopoly ownership of all news media by a tiny handful of international corporations which are controlled by a very small handful of the aforementioned Owners.

      3. This nation, as are most “First World” countries, is nowhere near being the richest in the world, it is dead broke and so deep in debt we are lucky to be getting any of the “benefits” (stolen moneys owed to us) which we were promised. The US is BANKRUPT, and has been for a rather long time. If you believed government promises as to your future welfare based on Social Security or military service, if you have not made other provisions for your future survival, then that is the price you pay for trusting politicians, a bogus and utterly corrupt political system, and the mainstream media. That’s tough, buddy.

      But that is the price of being an idiot, Apzzyk. Thanks for voting, thanks for sharing your deep opinions. Now go back to your goldfish bowl and your Ozzie and Harriet reruns. We get that it’s not fair.

      • I actually agree with most of what you say. But I think that just blaming the press does not go to the real source of the problem which I think is the members of the press not having full access to the actual News Makers. The White House press secretary gives a very filtered and select version of what is going on in making policy or carrying out policy. For example, a question such as what was Trumps reaction to the women’s march, would probably not get an answer.

        When I was in HS my mom began working for a local weekly that was almost entirely made up of local news – city counsel meetings, school board meetings, etc, and this was in the 1950’s and too frequently when she asked for an interview she was denied. At the time the Fluoridation of our drinking water was a big issue, and sometimes even now, it becomes some sort of an issue – with the Conservatives sticking to their guns – that it is plot for someone to take over our brains. Later, after she bought the paper, if she printed something favorable to Fluoridataiton, the anonoemous threats would fill up her mail box.
        During NAM, after I had served my 4 in the USMC, and the US did not get out in 1964, when our obligation under the Geneva Accord I went stongly against the war – a total waste of my fellow Marines lives and bodies, and the reasons given for this were simply hollow – the domino theory, the light at the end of tunnel, etc.

        Went to Canada for Grad school in 1968, and lived in places where just with the rooftop antennas of the day, I could see both the Canadian Networks and the US networks. So there were cases where I would see the same clips from Nam on both with totally differeent narrations. Two versions of Laugh In and Smothers Bros. Got a big paperback of the Canadian view of the US called The New Romans. If you have not noticed, we rarely get any direct news from any foreign country so the people are kept from knowing what the leaders and people of these countries think about or interpret US actions. It is not what we think of ourselves that really matters, but what others think of us. We are or were a Great Nation in the eyes of others because we did take the lead and given the most money and goods and services when disasters hit. Now we hear that Trump wants to cut the foreign aid budget, and has already announced his intention to pull out of the Paris Agreement on the grounds that we cannot be great if we join the world community or give away the taxpayers money – a phony look at Nationalism.

        Since it becme available in the early 1970’s I have come to see NPR and PBS as the most reliable and valid sources of news and information. They actually give in-depth discussions between representatives, if they make themselves available to give people the information necessary so that the people can make up their own minds on issues. During all ot the time of the optional wars, they put names and faces on the KIA’s and are the only one that I know of which does this. Before the Iron lady and the privitization of the BBC, I looked forward to just the half hour or so that was available on PBS about once a day.

        With Political parties, I don’t know how many times I have advocated for the TEA party to go its separate way, with no results, but I think that they should and so should the progressive/liber faction of the Democratic party – this would make the passing of any bills by congress the building of a consensus enough to get a majority on all issues. Right now, just the GOP members of the Senate are trying to make their own version of the replacement for the ACA even though that they should know that anything that they send back to the House is not going to pass. Now what we see in the polls does not go far enough – if one came out on personal priorities, it should ask questions like what is more imporant to you – A or B, and a whole list of pairs. When it comes to our personal lives, they are made up of similar types of choices – do you want to go to the movie or the hockey game?

        I also think that it should be possible for a public initiative, something like a recall, should be availlable to the people, because our representative form of democracy does not seem to be working that well, which would leave the public with the power to get their 2 cents in at times other than the official elections, and would be a totally popular and nationwide effort. With Turmp and his policies, I have doubts as to whether there will still be a functioning US in 2020. He is devisive, and so are his policies.

    • daniel wright | June 9, 2017 at 7:24 pm | Reply


  2. All of what we call “international terror” or “Muslim extremist terror” is nothing but blowback from America’s Neocon Wars and outrageous actions in the Middle East.

    The only exceptions to that statement involve the gangs of mercenary thugs the U.S. and its allies have supported in places like Syria and Libya.

    Such gangs – variously named ISIS or Al-Nusra and still others – are no different to the gangs and armies of mercenaries which have been used in countless imperial wars before, except they don’t wear uniforms and they make big noises about matters other than the real purpose of their filthy work.

    It is all a big theatrical production, courtesy of support and funding and supplies from the United States, Israel, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and with support from willing helpers like Britain and France.

    For example, were ISIS (aka, Daesh) really what it has claimed to be, a fanatical Muslim terror group, clearly it would attack Israel and Israeli interests, but it never does. Never.

    Or it would attack the fat princes running Saudi Arabia, princes who in their private lives are well-known for ignoring the strictures of the very conservative Islam they claim to follow. It is only the poor people of Saudi Arabia who are left with those strict rules. And, of course, since now for years since 9/11, the Saudis have worked secretly hand-in-glove with the Israeli, this fact would make them doubly a target.

    But again, Saudi Arabia and its horrible elites are never targets for such supposed radical fundamentalist terrorists.

    The poor people of Syria, though, people governed by a fairly reasonable government, are targets. With at least a third of a million having been killed and countless injured and made homeless.

    And so were the poor people of Libya targets, people previously governed by a man who gave them everything from free education to good water and peace and are now reduced to bloody chaos.

    Every once in a while, some of the victims of, or sympathizers against, all of this paid state terror do manage to carry out an attack in revenge for what has been done to them or their families or homes. Such exactly is the nature of the attacks in Paris and this Manchester attack.

    They are classic terror operations, but they are not the acts of mindless fanatics. They are works of revenge in response to immense injuries having been inflicted by Western authorities.

    Britain and France both have long worked with the United States in actually assisting the paid mercenary “terrorists” working to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria. They supply weapons, they fly missions to destroy Syrian infrastructure, and they give special forces support – all while pretending to fight terror.

    And do they really believe, while they fool much of their own populations with dishonesty and propaganda through the ever-accommodating corporate press, that no one else notices what they are doing?

    In addition to fifteen years of horror in the Neocon Wars, burning and bombing their way through the Middle East, killing at least two million people, we have the terrible suppurating wound of Palestine and Israel’s terrible treatment of millions, always defended and protected by the United States and by those same governments in Britain and France.

    How anyone believes that you can do what Israel and the United States have done without ugly consequences is beyond me. You can only oppress and abuse millions for so long without consequences. That is just human nature.

    Of course, the Neocon Wars themselves largely relate to Israel. The United States has been trying to literally re-create the Middle East so that it might come to resemble some American suburban place for Israel’s benefit. Ozzie and Harriet’s charming suburb of the 1950s, or a contemporary American gated community complete with golf courses, so that migrants from America and Europe can pretend they have done nothing wrong to millions they oppress.

    It is a horrible set of policies and acts absolutely no different in nature and quality to the works of tyrants of the 1930s or of places like Apartheid South Africa. Only the numbers of lives destroyed are less. Ethnic-cleansing, mass terror, mass killing, treating millions like cattle – that, with no exaggeration, represents the work of the United States and Israel for fifteen years.

    I have never understood how rights-loving average Americans can view with indifference a bloody spectacle where even the ownership of a home or farm is not secure and where millions are penned-up as though in prison and, now, where millions are sent running in terror from cities being bombed to become despised refugees.

  3. Michael McNulty | June 5, 2017 at 11:54 am | Reply

    When the “authorities” come to arrest political opponents they will probably start with ordinary activists like us. If they first go after high-profile people like Noam Chomsky and John Pilger, their arrest or missing-person status will soon be noticed and we’d be able to warn of the purge. Once most of us are behind bars they can go after high-profile targets, because who amongst the sheeple will give warning once it’s clear we were swept up first?

  4. Michael McNulty | June 5, 2017 at 12:04 pm | Reply

    When the authorities start arresting their political opponents I think the first wave will be ordinary activists. If first they went after high-profile targets like Noam Chomsky their arrest would be noticed and activists would try and warn of the purge; but with us in detention they can go after their primary targets, because who amongst the sheeple will warn of the purge once it’s clear they swept up the activists first?

  5. NobodysaysBOO | June 5, 2017 at 12:35 pm | Reply

    The BRITS work for half what they pay Americans so it must work very well indeed.
    They have tried it here in the USA many times but basically failed , they even caught some of them and they went to a soft prison for a short time.

  6. The Uk has actually always been known for freedom and democrasy, unless what you wrote is a typo.
    It’s only in the last 10-15 years that there’s been a huge crack down and invasion of privacy.
    Liberalism and PC crap are destroying Britain, because both allow the minority groups to control the majority. Anything they don’t like (the thoughts of the majority) are racist, homophobic, islamaphobic, some ‘phobic’ or’ ist’ – the list is endless – most are now illegal expressions, opinions or thoughts.
    As for so called terrorist attacks, its been long known that if governments create fear, people will give up freedom more easily and will therefore be controlled much more easily.
    Who’d ever believe that you could be arrested for a ‘thought’ crime? I’m sure the Gov has technology to read our thoughts (or create them) but walking down a high street?
    But, when people get a little tired of lives being invaded and controlled? Well, there’s always another disaster to keep the sheeple in line!

    Yes, we have a lot of no go zones, where white British daren’t enter and the Gov allows it.
    Because of the liberal PC brigade? Or because of puppet masters? The liberal PC brigade is a NWO invention anyway – just another distraction.
    Keep people frustrated, depressed and stressed, then they won’t see the bigger picture – most ordinarly people are busy thinking about how to keep the roof over their heads, food on the table and bills paid.

    The general election isn’t going to be suspened.
    And as for Corbyn, anyone who thinks he’s going to help Britain get back on its feet is insane – he’ll bring the country to its knees!
    Mr Pro-EU (dictatorship) flower child has far more sympathy with terrorists, than those killed by them!

  7. EnjoyTheShow | June 5, 2017 at 5:02 pm | Reply

    London Bridge is falling down,
    Falling down, falling down,
    London Bridge is falling down,
    My fair Lady.

    Build it up with wood and clay,
    Wood and clay, wood and clay,
    Build it up with wood and clay,
    My fair Lady.

    May’s regime is falling down,
    Falling down, falling down,
    May’s regime is falling down,
    Manchester Bombing!

    Build her up by looking tough
    Looking tough, looking tough
    Build her up by looking tough
    UK’s Cat Lady

    Wood and clay will wash away,
    Wash away, wash away,
    Wood and clay will wash away,
    My fair Lady.

    Her poll numbers bend and sway
    Bend and sway, bend and sway
    Her poll numbers bend and sway
    UK’s Cat Lady

    London Bridge gets attacked
    Gets attacked, gets attacked
    London Bridge gets attacked
    Sure looks shady!

    Build her up by looking tough
    Looking tough, looking tough
    Build her up by looking tough
    UK’s Cat Lady

    The big vote is only days away
    Days away, days away
    The big vote is only days away
    For Britain’s Cat Lady

  8. By Way of Deception

  9. Dead right. Freedom and democracy in the sense that we, the people, perceive it has never been at the core of the UK’s political system, nor of any other Western nation (not to mention the rest of the world – though, there they don’t engage in such pretense in the first place).

    What is democracy, really? – A system where you can vote but have no real power.

    Democracy is a concession rather than a victory. It was handed to us by a reluctant oligarchy who knew they could no longer maintain absolute power and so instead used democracy as a kind of appeasement. Unsurprisingly, power remained firmly in the hands of those who always had it, meaning that democracy is controversially little more than a public show subtly masking who has power. The old establishment never wanted any vote or real change. We’ve got the vote, but got no real change and even less power.

    And so they’ve managed to pull off the world biggest hoax; we blindly accepted democracy as an adequate concession.

    Look in the dictionary. Democracy is given as the antonym to oligarchy.

    Democracy does not guarantee a better society; through democracy we find ourselves arguing about things that shouldn’t ever be argued about, such as basic human rights and equality.

    Democracy is a smokescreen for behind the scenes puppeteers, the conversation democracy initiates may only serve to distract us from realising the truth of the smokescreen. Trump America is the best recent example.

    Left or right. For or against. Yes or no. Is this rhetoric just the illusion of choice and the illusion of unfettered self-determination?

  10. I’ve been saying this for years since as a young college work study-student at Roosevelt University during the protest era working in the library I happened across a book written by the Jamaican
    historian Joel Augustus Rogers titled “Race and Sex in the Americas” which covered amazing historical
    facts of not only American but European history untaught in our so called institutions of education here
    in the western world. The French also are seeing “chickens come home to roost” and young Parisians
    need to have their eyes opened about their history hidden that would reveal how the French National
    Assembly during their revolution was thirty percent black African and mulatto, the president of their Senate black, and many of their high ranking officers and generals in the French military were also
    of the darker hue including the father of the man who wrote the famous French novels, “The Man in
    The Iron Mask, The Three Musketeers, and the Count of Monte Cristo” (Ted Reis in interview with Ms.
    Mimi Gerges can be seen on You- tube confirming this!) What happened to these brilliant, outstanding
    men and to anyone in Paris who looked like an Arab after Charles de Gaulle granted independence to their former colony Morocco really explains why all this is happening and can easily be understood by
    a six year old properly educated and trained to understand the truth about our human history, which when revealed in its entirety is one of the most exciting and revealing experiences an inquisitive mind can have!

    Unfortunately the world adult population seems to have a problem understanding Mr. Turbeville’s explanation in this writing for the reasons I’ve given,



  11. These attacks are completely fake hoaxes in which nobody died.

    • strawberrytart | June 6, 2017 at 10:24 am | Reply

      Yup, they have the sheep right where they want them! Ripe for the pickens.

    • Real people did die. Too many connections. Too many schools in Manchester involved in mourn for them not to be real. They don’t care who they kill, Government or Isis. There are other attacks that are fake, I don’t think they care anymore about the death toll.

  12. This is exactly the stated and true cause and mechanisms of ‘terrorist’ attacks across Europe and elsewhere in the west. This article by Brandon Turbeville should be the leading Op-Ed on every alt news site across the web, whether of right or left wing persuasion, if the people are ever to be united enough to demand enfranchisement in all important policy decisions that effect their lives. The plutocrats will keep pushing their fascist agenda until they are stopped and justice served. This is the fascist invasion of the UK that Nazi Germany failed to succeed at in 1940, or failed in the planned military coup of the USA in 1933 by the plutocratic business leaders of the day, seeking to install a fascist government in the USA then.

    …”But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties.” W. Churchill

    These fascist plutocrats are acting on many fronts and levels simultaneously, from financial and economic strangulation to the repeal of all civil liberties under various tactics and strategies, in seeking to install their world order under which they aim to control everything on this planet at any cost to others lives or life support systems…”to inventory and control all finances, land, water, minerals, plants, animals, energies, means of production, construction, information, education, [ food production, health care, human habitation] and all humans on this planet. Have I left anything out?” – Rosa Koire.

    The greatest enemy of these fascists are those democracy loving peoples and their various charters of freedoms they love so dearly that reside within these fascists own bailiwick. And as May pointedly spoke to in her speech they detest above all the freedom to speak freely whether on the internet or anywhere else.

  13. The state has become so corrupt that the public is threatening to throw out the whole government and start again. Do you think this government would just sit back and do nothing? No, they are going to replace the voters instead — by creating a refugee crisis. And this is the result.

  14. My head is spinning. I’m a left-wing conspiracy nut. At least I used to be left-wing, and culturally, I am still totally there. But politically, I don’t know what to think. Activist Post features ads for Christianity and guns (right-wing alert!) and yet I totally agree with the articles I am reading here concerning the way our government is lying to us. And I am totally fed up with my left-wing cohorts who want to re-start the cold war with Russia and think it’s OK to fantasize about beheading people as long as you are on the left. It looks like I need to get up to speed on the developing political landscape.

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