Mass Hypnosis, Mind Control, and Trigger Words

By Melissa Dykes

In this video, Melissa Dykes of shows how the mainstream corporate news media hypnotizes their audiences and how certain “trigger words” are used to turn people into unthinking zombies so they can be easily controlled.

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here and their new series The Cold Noir here.

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3 Comments on "Mass Hypnosis, Mind Control, and Trigger Words"

  1. Love your work Melissa. Michael Rivero mentioned you yesterday.

    I did a slide show at schools in the Bay Area in the mid 70’s based on the books Subliminal Seduction and Hidden Pursuaders.

    The unintended consequences of the military’s invention of the Internet is probably a real savior for many, although it does have the danger of misuse. When 50 million kids watch an MKULTRA video by Katy Perry, that is a real danger.

    The combination of words, images, and sound is formidable in it’s power.

  2. “The combination of words, images, and sound is formidable in it’s power.”

    I can agree with this observation. From what studies I have done they can all be distilled into number. Then, one can use number in formula or algebra as it were. That used to at one time be called magic. It is now called mathematics. Francis Bacon gave us digital life with the binary construct, binary can be an infectious language capable of healing the ailing if wielded using care, wisdom, goodness. I’m sure you can imagine the converse well enough and if not simply watch televised current affairs shows. See how bright the tiger glows.

    On an aside, I recently watched a movie. Yes, I know there’s all for rot to say of such creatures. I was pleasantly surprised seeing it though. This movie, _Interstellar_ actually inspired and evoked a sense of something I thought long lost, hope. Granted it may be mere window dressing to assure the intellects stay pleasant and compliant as our world/s fall away. Still it was nice to be reminded of once having been explorers. And the stars reigned and rained down on us as we took unto them in our darkest time of want, oh see the sorcery of silver celluloid screens.

  3. There are a lot of sick and weak minded individuals out there. These are the ones that Politicians and Priests like to prey on. The younger generations have to bite the bullet, and lose their reliance upon Technologies that are affecting their minds and bodies. The research is out there for them to study. However, self gratification is upon them. With Bread and Circuses to keep them tied down. They are going to have great difficulty in coming to terms with reality. Their minds are slowly being Blown Away and they will just keep voting for more.

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