Congress Passes “Massive Spending Bill” To Subvert Russian Politics

By Kurt Nimmo

The fake and hysterically overblown accusation that Russia interfered in elections in the United States and Europe will result in a new federal fund to destabilize Russia.

From RadioFreeEurope and RadioLiberty (brainchild of the CIA):

The $100 million allocation, called the Countering Russian Influence Fund, is aimed specifically at Europe, earmarked for “civil society groups involved in rule of law, media, cyber, and other programs that strengthen democratic institutions and processes, and counter Russian influence and aggression,” according to the legislation.

The money will go to “support democracy programs in the Russian Federation, including to promote Internet freedom, and shall also be made available to support the democracy and rule of law strategy” under State Department policies. (Emphasis mine.)

In other words, Congress will fund efforts to undermine the government of Russia.

In 2012, Russia kicked USAID out of the country in response to “attempts to influence political processes through its grants.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said protests surrounding his re-election were orchestrated by US-funded NGOs.

“It’s about attempts to influence political processes, including elections of various types, and institutions of civil society though the distribution of grants,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in September 2012.

US-funded protests to undermine Putin, of course, did not become a counterpoint when the establishment media screamed from the rooftops that Russia had meddled in the election and helped Donald Trump get elected.

“[CIA director John Brennan] and his cabal of dark players know fully well that it is the CIA that has pioneered in the art and science of election manipulation,” writes Wayne Madsen. “In 1996, it was Russia that bore the brunt of CIA election manipulation with its agents-of-influence in Moscow and other large cities, namely the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and George Soros’s Open Society Institute and Foundation, engaged in political dirty tricks aimed at undermining the electoral chances of the Russian Communist Party presidential candidate Gennady Zyuganov.”

Republicans and neocons in Congress are using the unproven allegation that Russia interfered in the US election as an excuse to step up USAID and NED-like meddling in Russian Federation politics.

The real objective of The Countering Russian Influence Fund is to destabilize Russia as the national security state has done since the end of the Second World War.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Donate to ADE Here.

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7 Comments on "Congress Passes “Massive Spending Bill” To Subvert Russian Politics"

  1. Just why is Russia “our” enemy? I know Russians and they are OK people. I think Russia is the enemy of Israel and others who have infiltrated our nation and run things for their own greed.

    • What a friggin moron.

    • Because the Pentagon has been ripping off the American Taxpayer for the past 60 years by keeping Russia – the Enemy. Trillions have been stolen thru this Propaganda – and the idiot Americans – still haven’t figured it out yet – and they probably will Never figure it out LOL

  2. So, this is part of the $1.1 Trillion federal budget. This article makes it appear that this $100 Million spending bill stands on its own. That doesn’t make the bill more acceptable, but it’s an important point.

    That said, it’s a waste of money, it goes to the EU, it promotes a new Cold War, and it’s based on false (or at least unproven) motivations. It’s reason enough for Trump to veto it, IMO.

  3. This is supposed to be news? I hate to tell you this, but US based NGOs have been subverting other countries’ politics for many decades. This is just more of the same. The problem is that Washington can dish it out but can’t take it, when what they do on a regular basis is suddenly returned!

  4. What it all boils down to, is that the Fingers that manipulate Trump, want a new war. The economy is about to blow worse than 2008. They want to subvert this coming crisis by starting a Bigger War than those they are still running around the World. The Troops are in the former Warsaw Pact Countries. The Navy is in the Black Sea.The Navy is in the Pacific. There is control over the Ukraine. Russia is in the Middle. If Trump starts hostilities with Russia. It is because he is a Puppet, not a President.

  5. It’s clearly the time for Russia to pull the plug on the any internet traffic coming from the west. I would have done it years ago. America has nothing to offer but misery and death cut them off at the knees and boot everything American out of the nation.

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