White House Survey Asks Public: Should The Presidency Be Eliminated

By Carey Wedler

While some survey options fall in line with the traditional Republican agenda, such as cutting the Department of Energy and the National Endowment for the Arts, others appear to flout the power of the Washington D.C., establishment. The CIA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Pentagon, and National Security Council are also options.

The survey allows users to select entire departments or bureaucracies within each department. It also features a question regarding which agencies survey participants would like to reform rather than eliminate.

Most surprisingly, however, is the option to eliminate the “Executive Office of the President” altogether. Users can also select smaller branches of the executive office and other agencies. Even U.S. Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are options under the larger umbrella of Homeland Security.

Users can select as many options as they like and are also provided write-in boxes where they can list their suggestions and ideas in more detail.

The survey is an apparent result of an executive order President Trump issued on March 13. According to the website:

On March 13th, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order that will make the Federal government more efficient, effective, and accountable to you, the American people. This Executive Order directs the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to present the President with a plan that recommends ways to reorganize the executive branch and eliminate unnecessary agencies.

It claims the president is seeking Americans’ input to achieve this goal. “President Trump wants to hear your ideas and suggestions on how the government can be better organized to work for the American people,” the website’s statement reads. The survey will remain online until June 12 of this year.

It is unclear whether or not the president, like any other politician, is actually eager to hear the ideas of his constituency and Americans in general. While that could be the case, the website appears to be a useful tool, at the very least, for creating the appearance of accountability and concern with what voters actually want.

As TIME pointed out, “As an online poll that can be easily gamed, the survey is hardly scientific, but it could be a useful tool for the White House to push its own ideas down the road.”

For now, the results of the survey are hidden, and the site does not specify whether the final results will be made public. Notably, however, a disclaimer at the bottom of the page warns users that the White House “may not respond to every comment that is submitted and submissions do not bind the Office of Management and Budget or the Administration to further action.”

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19 Comments on "White House Survey Asks Public: Should The Presidency Be Eliminated"

  1. Eliminate lobbyists, severe term limits, rigid salaries with no bonuses beyond service, limit staff numbers, as a start.

    • Heads up, Joe, this story is an op to condition the public to accept the end of representative government. It’s the same reason TPTB made sure the popular vote was at odds with the electoral vote – deep-sixing the presidency and electoral college are at the top of the wishlist for TPTB. Their mouthpiece is technocracy advocate Parag Khanna. Keep on eye on him and please let others know in your wanderings.


      • Thanks blue. Simple government isn’t absence of one. The bloated mess we have today of USA Inc. could run great on a third of the bloat. If indeed we are a corporation and not a democratic republic then we the board members should do something about it.

        Not wandering much anymore as I said, just cheking my profile to see if any old comments were replied to. You and the gang of course get the priority of my attention and a reply.

        Today being my first day off the habit I only read a few things at a couple of sites. No more commenting. As I told Eddy, my feeling of reception of my time spent on commenting has turned into the “pearls before swine” reality. Ten mins on a comment, 3 or 4 up votes and lots of nasty shills has lost it’s charm on me 🙂

        Working on trying to get my youtube channel functional. Some of the ‘how to’ vids by 20 year old’s are VERY difficult to follow. Like they are on high doses of caffeine or something. :-O

  2. Hasn’t it already been eliminated – long ago?

  3. What are they thinking? Replacing the heads of State with AI? Begin to automate government so that the only way to access it will be if you are chipped? They certainly would want the citizens to suggest it. I certainly believe some govt agencies may overlap in responsibilities and they can be consolidated in include other duties. Isn’t the FBI outdated already and replaced by DHS?

  4. Don’t need a potus, Rome didn’t and we don’t either. The potus is a marionette with strings.
    CONgress is so corrupt like a drunken free for all, it isn’t their money that they swindle from us.
    Drop the dpt. of Education, indoctrination, of our schools.
    Drop the EPA, since it only destroys rivers, Animas river in Colo. will never recover. The EPA will not go after chemtrails.
    Ambassador’s do nothing but manipulate others into wars, as in wrong way Kerry.
    Drop the retirement baloney with term limits.
    Drop the welfare state gee no more free tracking phones.
    Drop the income tax, it is unconstitutional.
    Drop most every regulation on the books and allow businesses to mind their own shops.
    Drop usury, it is unChristian.
    END the FED and all banks, start another system less intrusive and more forgiving.

  5. Drop vaccines, they are abusing our children with these unholy drugs.
    Drop the ACA, it is a joke and another tax.

    • Modify the ACA so it actually does what was promised; and yes, drop the forced vaccinations and chemtrail sprayings.

  6. Replace our private de facto Federal Government with a lawful de jure Federal Government of the people or, preferably, eliminate the Federal Government completely and the Union and become to 50 independent nation states.

  7. Nationalize the Federal Reserve to serve US vs. the international private bankster cabal. Transition to Prof. Feige’s automated payment tax system (APT). Repudiate the debt, stop selling T-bills and put US on sound money footing all in one swoop, over night. Merge with the SEC and SSA into the Department of Investment.

    Merge the DOE with the EPA into the Dept. of Innovation, clean, affordable (free) energy for all.

    • William Burke | April 24, 2017 at 12:21 pm | Reply


    • “Merge the DOE with the EPA into the Dept. of Innovation, clean, affordable (free) energy for all.”
      -> ZPE is great, but maybe better after letting go the biggest criminals in those places, who decide how to kill populations (nuclear weapons, herbicides, pesticides, GMO’s, mind control, synthetic biology, etc…)

  8. Hmmm

    Talk about a loaded and deceptive question wow! What they are really asking is: should we abandon the Constitution and by default the Bill of Rights along with it, thus scraping the Republic all together. To my mind this is thinly veiled form of sedition, nothing more.

    The question a Patriot would ask is: should we return to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  9. Prosecute Monsanto, Bayer and other companies like them for poisoning our people and our nation.
    Parents have rights in their children’s medical matters.
    Curtail the pharmaceutical power and prices.
    Why are natural remedies that have been used for thousands of years illegal when half the pharmaceuticals on the market have side effects that are worse than the problem they are supposed to help?
    Get rid of the lobbyists.
    Term limits. Salary limits.
    Make it easier for states to fire representatives when they’re not representing their people.
    Get rid of the electoral college.
    Equal time for everyone running for office. The two party system isn’t working. We are working on a “Whoever has the most money” system and we deserve better.
    Our country was based on freedom of religion. We are not a white only, christian country.
    We are an English speaking country. We should not have to learn another language because a newcomer refuses to learn it.
    Our educational system should go back to basics, teach the basics only and teach it well.
    Quit poisoning our air, water and soil. We have to LIVE in it.
    If I want to drink raw milk, back off.
    I have a right to know what’s in my food.
    Lots more but you can start there.

  10. Eliminating the presidency might be a good idea – at the very least, this would put an end to lone-warmonger executive orders.

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