Is Venezuela Finally Going Over The Edge? Massive Protests Erupt; Dozens Dead, Injured, Or Arrested

By Daniel Lang

Venezuela has been at the end of its rope for a long time. Between the food shortages, sky-high inflation, record levels of crime, and a rapid decline of their standard of living, the people of Venezuela can’t take much more. And it appears that their breaking point may have finally been reached last month, when President Maduro tried to strip the powers of the opposition-led parliament, which would have made him a full-blown dictator.

Since then, the parties opposing him have promised to lead the “Mother of all Protests,” which began today. The event was preceded by two weeks of protests that saw the deaths of five people, and hundreds of injuries at the hands of riot police. One was a 14-year-old boy who had been shot in the abdomen by government supporters.

Three more protesters were killed today, as tens of thousands of people confronted the police and government supporters throughout the country. Graphic images of one protester who had been shot in the head have surfaced, as well as several photos of mob violence and police confrontations. At least 30 people have been arrested.

Because the country is on the verge of collapse, opposition leaders are calling for an early election, which they believe will oust Maduro. They’re also calling for the release of opposition politicians who have been arrested in the past. It appears the only thing standing between the protesters and Maduro is the military and police, both of which have been called to the streets to quell the protests. The military remains the last institution that is still fiercely loyal to the Maduro regime.

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15 Comments on "Is Venezuela Finally Going Over The Edge? Massive Protests Erupt; Dozens Dead, Injured, Or Arrested"

  1. If we have been following the Venezuela story we find a so called socialist country led by then Hugo Chavez and now President Madero. Remember Chavez called then President Bush the devil. Some people believe Chavez was killed for his US opposition. Madero came into office was then harassed to align with US ,refused then Venezuela was sanctioned until he had to accept monies from world banks. Now look what is happening, Notice the picture he and his supporters wearing red clothes signifying communism I guess and oppressing the citizens not on board with this new political shift. Also notice his closed raised fist, it is the same gesture used by president Duterte in the Philippines and what is happening in the Philippines? Well, many people are dying due to the drug war (estimate 8,000 +) since 2016. We need to connect the dots.

    • A couple of months ago a closed caption news feed I saw at the gym showed scenes of a protest March in Mexico over an increase in the cost of gasoline (new tax?). Many of the protesters were carrying large red flags with a hammer & sickle.

      Also, last week Foreign Policy published an article on a recent hard political shift in France from socialism to communism.

      • Thank you blue579 for your observations. There is really a huge world picture we are not seeing I will suggest. This picture paints an ugly truth about how things are run in this world.

        • You’re absolutely correct, FREEPH, spot on. It’s all there in black and white for those able to look away from the bread & circus routine to peer ‘behind the curtain’.

          Can’t be a ‘coincidence’ for the more than a decade, the governments of both China and Russia have been sparking a resurgence of the “good ol’ days” of Maoism and Stalinism, complete with hard core crackdowns on peaceful mild dissent. Last October Xi was coronated with Mao’s old title Core Leader and given tighter control over the central committee and the same month the Kremlin reconstituted the old KGB apparatus to quell internal dissent.

          Something wicked this way comes, friend. Best to you and yours.

          • The NWO juggernaut IS the totalitarian-tip-toe & now inexorably morphing into a heavy metal monster of mammon…crushing all countries sovereign paradigms & common public assets inclusive, world wide & unrelentingly under its tracks…while the 99% sheeple /sleep-walk thru an alpha~waved haze of ignominy.
            which makes one ponder at the thought that no one gets outta here alive…is the rest of the universe hostile…. & this fukkkk’d up?

          • and the FIB-CIA-NSA monitor all the sheep in the USSA, eliminating those that stick up above the “masses” and speak out. Liberty hangs by a thread here, and the NeoCons and Marxist-Moosie Antifa are all controlled and run by the Same NWO Masters. They use “Isms” like a carpenter uses tools, Fools for Anything but Liberty as can be found in the Original Founding of the US, which has been long perverted.

    • Agreed. Marxists are just Banksters in fatigue uniforms still living off of the peasants. Socialism always goes bankrupt when the middle class money is looted, leaving only the Rich (crony capitalist communists) and the poor.
      Communists are the product of the NWO Oligarchs, same as Lenin & Trotsky starting the USSR.
      The Misery is REAL and Venezuela was very Bad Off in 2013. How it could continue to worsen until now is a testament to the sheeples proclivity to endure extreme abuse and just whimper until it gets So Extreme the society finally blows up or implodes.

  2. Isn’t Socialism great? More oil than Saudi Arabia and the people live in utter poverty. At least the bankster bosses got 695% return on their money. There is plenty of money for the military, secret police and the elites but there is next to nothing for anyone else. Socialism in reality.

  3. The goat worshipers at their finest.
    Print money for protection but not for the masses, let them eat cake.
    Marie Antoinette showed them the way and then they showed her.
    END the FED and all zentral bankz.
    Usury is unChristian.
    Sacrifice the goat(s).
    Silver stakes required.

  4. Over the edge? Venezuela is a Liberal Progressives highlight reel. This is how Liberals and Progressives see the world. Communism or Dictatorship i a Liberal wet dream

  5. I’m listening to the garbage posts. AmeriKKKA shoot the country in both legs, then criticizes it for not being able to walk. Boycotts, coups, economic sabotage, just like in the middle east. Any country that doesn’t have a controlled central bank is being targeted by the beast.The wealthy supporting of some pale trash right wing reactionaries, is not a organic opposition. Kleptocracy that you have in the falling AmeriKKKA, isn’t it great.

    • Good post B – Venezuela had their economy too fixated on oil and the Saudis/NWO wanted to take out Chavez’s memory and Maduro- so it was easy since they imported most of their food. Drop in oil prices hurt Russia too but they had an agriculture sector ready to go and with weapons sales and their gaz – they got thru it . The Zionist bankers will win Venezuela just like they did Brazil.

      • Chavez and Maduro were,are Marxists and Drug Smugglers like the Despots in Cuba. Picking “a side” when Both Sides are controlled by the NWO Oligarchs is just continuing to follow the folly of the ages.
        Marxists are just Banksters in fatigue uniforms still living off of the peasants. Socialism always goes bankrupt when the middle class money is looted, leaving only the Rich (crony capitalist communists) and the poor.
        Read “Animal Farm” and don’t become a “useful idiot”.

  6. Somewhere, deep within the swirling filth of “regime change”, I’m certain you’ll see “made in Jewmerica”, stamped on the mess there. Scum all. Plain and simple.
    Repulsive, to the point of becoming violently ill.

  7. VZ is no model state but the protests are US-funded and the opposition is led by creatures literally educated and directed from Wall Street and Washington. This is another “regime change” op. Please follow the money and dissect the various parties involved instead of trying to discern events from mainstream media “reports.”

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