Update: Homeschooled Children Snatched By Government Being Returned To Mother

By Lily Dane

Back in early February, two elementary school aged children in New York were snatched by the government because their mother dared to opt to homeschool them.

Last November, Kiarre Harris withdrew her children from school because she felt they deserved a better education than the system could provide.

“I felt that the district was failing my children and that’s when I made the decision to homeschool,” she told WKBW.

As we reported in February:

Harris followed the school system’s procedure for withdrawing her children. She filed documents at Buffalo City Hall, and she has proof that the district received her paperwork on December 7, 2016.

“I spoke directly to the homeschool coordinator and she told me from this point on my children were officially un-enrolled from school,” she said.

But a week later, Child Protective Services called Harris to find out why her kids weren’t in school.

“I told them that my kids were homeschooled now and that I could furnish the documents if they need to see them,” Harris said.

Unfortunately, Harris’s ordeal did not end there. A few weeks later, CPS workers and police showed up with bad news: they had a court order to take her children. When she refused to cooperate, she was arrested for obstruction.

CPS took Harris’s children, and they were placed in foster care.

She is finally getting them back, but naturally the system had to get one last act of aggression in before closing her case.

Harris and one of her supporters, Demone Henderson, were arrested after a scuffle with police.

Director of Public Information with New York State Courts Lucian Chalfen told WKBW that Henderson was passing out a t-shirts reading “Hands off Harris Children” outside the courtroom. Officers realized Henderson had an outstanding Family Court warrant and was placed under arrested. Chalfen says when he resisted he was pepper sprayed.

“All of a sudden this door cracked open and we saw this gentleman being severely assaulted by officers,” said Harris supporter Duncan Kirkwood.

During the struggle between Henderson and police, Harris allegedly put her hands on a court officer. Henderson has been charged with obstruction of government administration while Harris is facing the same charge.

“I guess they were saying she put her hand out to stop another officer from jumping in and beating up her friend, that’s the most of what she could have possibly done in that instance,” said Matt Alberts, the attorney representing Kiarre Harris.

Despite the events outside of the courtroom, Alberts said Harris will regain custody of her children after two supervised and two unsupervised visits.

Unfortunately, Harris will not be the last parent to face government opposition to taking her children out of their indoctrination centers. However, her victory in court provides a glimmer of hope for parents facing the same battle.

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17 Comments on "Update: Homeschooled Children Snatched By Government Being Returned To Mother"

  1. Wonder if the vacinated them while in prison?

    • Most likely. keith

    • Mahatma Muhjesbude | April 16, 2017 at 12:40 pm | Reply

      Wonder if THAT’s why she took them out of the Leftist child indoctrination systems? She refused mandatory vaccinations like I believe they now have in Kalifornia? Or maybe she didn’t like the curriculum of ‘World Religious History’ classes where they Only mention and study Islam?

      • No telling Mahatma, in today’s world of madness and unbelievable disrespect for life anything could be going on.

        The SF Bay Area in California is where I grew up, a most incredible place now the victim of rape and abuse beyond imagination. I tried to visit in 2010 and it was a nightmsre of rules, regulations, laws, and horribly over “developed” and under loved. ?

  2. Something tells me there is something missing from this story, an event that had nothing to do with home schooling. We will never know, the can say whatever they want, family court is private.

    • I would not cut the City any slack unless there is evidence shown to support its case. If Harris sues whatever you are implying is material but presently private should become available to the civil court, even it some of the information is discussed in closed session.

  3. Horrific!!!

  4. Let’s hope Mrs. Harris (and Mrs. Henderson) sue the school district, social services and the Buffalo Police Department, and doesn’t just sue the departments, but also the individuals involved. She has rights, she was deprived of those rights, she incurred significant damage- and apart from murder, I wonder what could be worse that a mother being deprived of her children- and the guilty parties should bear the responsibility for their guilty acts, and pay appropriate compensation. Unfortunately, the judge who issued the order is probably untouchable, but his or her name should be plastered all over the internet and he or she should suffer the shame and embarrassment of community approbation.

    • I totally agree. The very least that should be done is to expose these leftist neo-fascists for being the civil rights violators they are. If we didn’t have a complicit media, it might actually happen.

  5. We allegedly live in a “Free Country!” We are “Free To Do What We Are Told!”

  6. The monstrous head of the progressive movement from a century ago is rising again in America. I’m glad she has her kids back, but she aught to check for tracking chips and signs of neural re-programming (brainwashing) just to make sure everything is OK. And I hope she finds a good lawyer who can find grounds to sue the smiles off the faces of everyone involved in the conspiracy against her civil liberties.

  7. It sounds to me as though she can prove gross negligence with malice against the system and should be able to get justice for the ordeal she was forced to endure.

  8. What those “court officers” and CPS thugs really needed was a Louisville Slugger right across the chops.

  9. They have to get those booster shots in them somehow.

  10. What you are describing is sad, and does occur. That said, this sort of thing is in the extreme minority when it comes to home-schoolers. If there was anything like what you have described going on in the above case, it is almost guaranteed that CPS would have made their case based on those findings. Although, yes, these agencies have to be careful, they very often do quite the opposite – abrogating parental and civil rights – and never admit to any wrong-doing. If you know of such abuse going on, do not quit calling the authorities until they actually do something about it.

  11. CPS/DCF MUST be disbanded. This agency, the only federal agency NOT under the authority or direction of a federal attorney general, receives huge sums of ten of thousands of dollars for every child they remove from it’s parent/parents. It’s a government funded child trafficking ring with a long history of horrific abuses of children.

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