The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory

By James Corbett

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the Syria Strikes from the truth-telling truth-tellers in the truthful government and true mainstream news!…in under 5 minutes!!


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10 Comments on "The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory"

  1. Love ya James. Wish you still had your radio show.

    • He’s always been a very bright light, a sign of sanity in a mad, mad world. Although, even Corbett has had to limit his expansive view on geopolitics to avoid crossing over into dangerous territory.

      • You ever listen to his archived shows? A real wealth of “pure” facts and educated opinions. His stuff on the penopticon and anarchism is truly smart.

        • Yes, great stuff. Although, I woke up about five years before he did and had already taken very deep dives in the first couple of years. Thus when he got started he was mostly covering stuff I knew quite well. After 9/11, I woke up in my early 30s reading dark penetrating stuff such as Michael Ruppert’s From The Wilderness newsletter. I was a subscriber. That was a rude awakening, esp. for a medical science nerd. Some steely super genius activists still had “fire in their bellies” back then and much hope we could steer our Titanic towards safer waters. I miss that very much, they were great fatherly and grandfatherly mentors.

          • “After 9/11, I woke up in my early 30s ”

            Seems like I have been “waking up” on a regular basis since JFK was murdered, always a new layer of revelations about our imprisonment.

            “That was a rude awakening, esp. for a medical science nerd.”

            Gives you more empathy for those in the traumatic cog diss modality hey?

            “and much hope we could steer our Titanic towards safer waters”

            That certainly was a great feeling, addictive in the best sense. In 1972, walking into the KPFA studios in Berkeley and knowing just about everyone there shared a common “fire in belly” for freedom. We had a Rasta brother, Chipembay, gay guys from Fruit Punch, Iranians, a black preacher on Sundays, etc. True inclusion without the hype and demands.

          • You’re a gem & a cool time capsule!

          • Thanks. We prefer to be called precious stones and info vaults. :-)))

          • Ain’t that the truth!

  2. Sure paks a lot truths in just a little over 4 minutes. Great stuff James.

  3. Hmmm

    Given the extremely low level of damage on the primary target, as well as little in the way of proof that more than a handful of missiles actually struck the airfield, one has to conclude that either US cruise missile technology is a farce…….or the majority of those missiles were actually sent to other targets. Which of course begs the questions: what targets and what exactly is Trump hiding from the American people?

    As for Syria and/or Russia being responsible for using gas, I think the answer to that one is painfully obvious. Means, motive, opportunity and who benefits. All parties involved have the capability. Only the terrorists ( Israel’s ISIS and the US’s Al Qaeda) have legitimate motives. And it is Israel that stands miles in front of anyone else in the motives department.. Who had the opportunity? Well since the evidence on the ground clearly shows that the gas was not released via an air drop (dispersal patterns quickly established that) it means that since this is/was Israel/US controlled geography Syria and Russia are automkatically ruled out. Gee whiz, who does that leave?…….. And the big one , who stood to benefit the most? Keep in mind that no one is seriously suggesting that any of the key players, Trump/Kushner (the dual citizen Israeli is clearly calling the shots here for the US), NutenYahoo, Assad and Putin are dummies. So even a cursory examination of the events and the application of rational thought, critical thinking and a bit of common sense leaves us with Trump, and NutenYahoo as the only possible bad guys responsible for this false flag op as they were the only ones with the means, motive, opportunity and stood to benefit in a big way.

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