From Bad To Worse In The South China Sea

By James Holbrooks

On Friday, Anti-Media highlighted the situation unfolding in East and Southeast Asia, where the United States, Japan, and South Korea are coordinating military drills purportedly aimed at taking out Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

Meanwhile, just south of those exercises, the relationship between China and formerly-staunch U.S. ally the Philippines is warming. Filipino troops are now stationed on some of the islands within the Spratly chain, and Reuters reported Monday that Chinese military vessels are even lending a hand to Filipino fisherman at the Scarborough Shoal.

As Anti-Media has pointed out, tensions are likely to escalate considerably in the coming days, as Japan intends to send its mightiest warship on a three-month tour of the South China Sea in May — its biggest show of naval force since World War Two.

And if that isn’t enough, the New York Times reported Monday that the U.S. military just rerouted some major firepower in the direction of North Korea:

The commander of American forces in the Pacific has ordered an aircraft carrier and several other warships toward the Korean peninsula in a show of force by the Trump administration just days after North Korea tested another intermediate-range missile.


The officer, Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., the head of the military’s Pacific command, diverted the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and its wing of fighter jets from a planned series of exercises and port calls in Australia, the commander said in a statement. The Vinson and three guided-missile destroyers and cruisers steamed out of Singapore on Saturday for their new mission in the Western Pacific.

Incidentally, the U.S.S. Carl Vinson is the craft that transported the Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Delta Force units to South Korea, where they are currently taking part in the military exercises.

This means that right now, a U.S. aircraft carrier, supported by a squad of warships and fighter jets, is steaming north toward the Korean peninsula. Of course, it will have to pass by the Filipino and Chinese-occupied islands in the South China Sea.

At the same time, Japan is preparing to send a powerful warship south with the stated goal of “touring” those very waters.

So a Japanese warship, we’re told, will be hanging out in the region just as a U.S. aircraft carrier — again, escorted by gunships and jets — passes through on its way to North Korea.

For a more detailed look at the factors that make the area of the South China Sea so potentially explosive, readers can turn to a more comprehensive analysis published by Anti-Media last week.

For now, it’s significant to note that there’s at least one man who’s looking at the whole board — the Philippines’ president, Rodrigo Duterte. During a news conference Monday, he referred to his move to occupy islands in the Spratlys, stating:

I ordered the occupation of the ten or nine islands that are just near our shores because there’s a heightening of geopolitical issues and eventually maybe a violent low-intensity war over here.

The president didn’t elaborate on how a war can be both “violent” and “low-intensity” — particularly when the conflict will involve the level 0f military hardware that’s currently building up in the South China Sea — but it seems clear that at a minimum, he accepts that bloodshed could be a near-approaching reality.

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  1. China & Japan at loggerheads yet they’re fighting ‘terrorists’ side-by-side in Sudan under the UN Blue helmets brigades.

    China & US rivals, yet Obama transferred internet over to ICANN / UN worth trillions in data collection with China already known to be poised to take over much of the management of the net. In 2016, China invested in tangible US and European assets at nearly double the rate the year before. The number of Chinese students currently in the US has soared nearly 10 fold from a decade ago to 370,000, dubbed The Parachute Generation by NY Times. Erik Prince, advising Trump on the global resurrection of The Phoenix Project, is in China helping to train legions of Chinese Mercenaries to guard China’s overseas investments. The Pentagon approved the addition of Chinese troops in Afghanistan.

    These inverse narratives in sharp contrast from the “boots on the ground” reality are right out of 1984.

    • Old insane & diseased reptilian socio/psychopath serpents… that can no longer shed their skins & now call others naked & shameless… as they trace their machiavellian laws in the shadows cast on the sand…with their backs to the sun…speaking ‘doublespeak’ to the 99% with rabidly flecked & frothing flickering forked-tongues.

      • I’m thinkin’ your channeling Shakespeare (with an edge) today! 🙂

        • More like Stephen King. :-)))

        • actually its Gahill Gibran …loosely …cheers

          • aka Khalil Gibran, a Lebanese American poet? Found some great quotes of his.

            In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

            Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.

            The most pitiful among men is he who turns his dreams into silver and gold.

          • Exactly…beautiful words from a wold class that died sadly as an alcoholic…seems the vicissitudes of ‘this’ world were too much for him as well.

          • My favorite of all his mini speeches in The Prophet. I can see my copy from here on the shelf. He carried the finished copy around for four years till he felt he had it perfected. My kind of OCD guy :-)))

          • You have good taste and a great inquiring mind, Joe. 🙂 I had never heard of Gibran. Thanks for your input, I’ll check him out some more.

          • In college at San Jose my aunt and uncle had a three story boarding house for college girls. I worked there doing dishes, etc. and lived next door. The girls had a curfew and I would often accompany my aunt sitting on each side of the landing and she had me read poetry to her. The Prophet was our favorite.

          • That’s a beautiful touching memory of your grandmother I’m visualizing … as a little tear wells up in each eye. 🙂

          • My aunt Jean, favoritist aunt in the world. When she died of cancer I went to the funeral parlor and stayed for an hour as I promised her. I played my silver flute and meditated with some music I made. Years later a psychic friend in Hollwood made “contact” with her and she told him that my attention to her had helped her cross over since she had died screaming.

          • Great story gets even more interesting. Wow. You’re very fortunate to have had that kind of bond with your aunt. I’ve had that with three people and two fur babies. 🙂

          • …..all the silver & the gold …its so hard & its so cold…can’t you see what comes between you & me…old King Midas lost his touch…when he couldn’t catch any of us…yet here we are alive …& our minds are still flying free.

  2. These ZNWO-lickers that include South Kor*a/Ind*a/Singap*re/Jap*n – are going bankrupt with so much foreign debt! Thus they want a share of those trillions/more worth of unexplored yet ultra deep sea oil/gas-rich in all the five world oceans; and that include among the ZNWO most urgent agenda of destroying North Korea/Pakistan/Russia/China/Iran’s Nuclear Weapon (that’s why the late Pres. Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Pres. Col. Muammar Gaddhafi of Libya were savagely murdered) !

    Look at how Jap*n with its ZNWO’s master is also destroying the Pacific-Indian Oceans through Fukushima
    Nuclear-reactors explosion in 2011 (supposedly labelled as so-called accident caused by earthquake and the following Tsunami) – called Fukushima 3-11, which was suspected to have been caused by Diego Garcia-based highly secretive ZioNuclear Submarine’s bombing underwater in the Pacific; see – at Japanese Military Joins U.S. And NATO In Horn Of Africa, Richard Rozoff, Stop NATO, April 25, 2010; at – Israel Submarine Capabilities,July 30, 2015; at – Welcome to Fukushima, 3/11 Truth, Page last updated on March 5, 2014; at – Fukushima Site Still Leaking AfterFive- Years, Research Shows, March 7, 2016; and at – Asia Tsunami Proved Biggest War Crime in History, Tsunami Part Two. Copyright Joe Vialls, 24 February 2005 (the bravest Joe Vialls mysteriously died of ‘heart attack’ soon after this NWO nucklear- Tsunami’s exposure , in 2005)

    • The massive radioactive contaminants released into the Pacific ocean from Fukushima 3-11 until today, is causing diseases especially cancer, and massive environmental disaster, that is suspected to be producing the massive extreme heating and rising up of the sea level, and hence producing extreme radiation/burning-like hot weather and also drought/flooding – but labelled as so-called natural El-Nino, especially across the Western Pacific Ocean, and towards the Indian ocean.

      See – Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Confirmed, Fukushima Mega Nuclear Disaster Causing Massive Die Offs, agreenroadjournal, Updated: 2016; and at – TV: Radiation in ocean off Fukushima at highest levels in years — Out of control leakage coming from plant — ‘Big spikes’ in radioactivity observed — “Surprising… Concerning… Crisis” — 1,000s of tons of contaminated liquid being released — Scientists: Japan gov’t covering up situation, By ENENews, Published: March 16th, 2016.

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