String Of Dead Russians Continues As Witness And Putin Critic Executed: “Typical Show Execution”

By Mac Slavo

What can you tell about the state of relations from a string of deaths?

At home in the U.S., the rhetoric against Putin has never been stronger. The hacking narrative continues to be in use, and behind the scenes, tensions are boiling up in every respect. Flynn was axed from Trump’s administration, and the struggle between deep state and head of state becomes all but transparent.

Elsewhere, there have been Russian diplomats piling up dead, including the ambassador to the United Nations who had a heart attack in New York. The televised execution of a Russian diplomat in Turkey was seared into the collective consciousness. More quietly, there were other deaths, too, in Moscow apartments and hotel rooms.

Now, key opponents of Putin, and Western-sponsored supporters of Ukraine are winding up dead. This will change the narrative. Is this Russian intelligence evening the score, or is it CIA framing their adversaries?

The answers are nebulous, but it is clear that the Cold War is back on.

via Reuters:

Ukraine accused Russia of “state terrorism” after a former Russian lawmaker and key witness in a treason case against former leader Viktor Yanukovich was shot dead in broad daylight outside a hotel in central Kiev on Thursday.

Russia called the allegation “absurd”.


Voronenkov fled to Ukraine last year and was helping the Ukrainian authorities build a treason case against Yanukovich, Ukraine’s pro-Russia former president.


“Voronenkov was one of the main witnesses of Russian aggression against Ukraine

“He had provided investigators… with highly important (witness) testimony for the case. This was a typical show execution of a witness by the Kremlin,” Lutsenko said.

So, the trial was a highly staged show trial by the puppet government in Ukraine to affirm their version of events. Now, Russia has the appearance of silencing witnesses to stymie those proceedings.

It is a tangled web, and there is a great deal at stake.

All sides are working from the shadows, and clearly the provocateurs are attempting to kick off  a major conflict.

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Former CIA acting director and deputy director, Mike Morell, publicly stated on television that he wanted to assassinate the people close to the leaders of Russia, Iran and Syria.

And not long after he advocated covert, targeted killings, Putin’s favorite chauffeur died in a suspicious car crash – the implication, between the lines, was that they wanted him to know they could get to him, get close to the people who surround him.

A deep state war is going on, but the state of confusion may be great. Are we being misled? Who is wagging the dog? What is real, and what is theater for the political hacks?

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9 Comments on "String Of Dead Russians Continues As Witness And Putin Critic Executed: “Typical Show Execution”"

  1. A guy from Ukraine | March 24, 2017 at 6:38 am | Reply

    The assassination of another supposedly oppositional ex-member of russian parliament Voronenkov goes in line with the script of assassinaiton of another oppositional member Nemtsov in Russia 2 years ago. Both were intended to put blame on Russia and both featured one thing in common: the death of the figures murdered inflicted more damage to Russia than did thier supposed oppositional activities. Both posed absolutely no threat to russian authorities and had no valuable information to be used against Russia. I’d recall that shortly after Nemtsov was murdered next to the Kremiln area -apparantly for increased effect – the oppositional members and the media controlled by them went in an overdrive uproar mode to gather anti-governmental uprising. Definitely, Nemtsov was used as a sacrificial lamb to stir up mass civil unrest and proceed along the lines of the ukrainian Maydan coup. didn’t work out then as little people showed up to start another “people’s revolution” (read CIA-orchestrated government overthrow). Now there was seemingly another motif behind the murder of Voronenkov. First, as I noted the string of sudden deaths attributes to allegations that Russian secret service disposes of its enemies, Second, there is another vital reason none of commentators was able to touch upon this far.
    The recent murder overshadowed the massive scandal following the Ukrainian ban for a handicapped Eurovision song contest singer from Russia Yuliya Samoylova a few days before. Here is a summary of the scandal. I would recall that following a more than dubious victory of a ukrainian singer at the Eurovision song contest last year Ukraine will be hosting the high-profile song contest this year (those who followed the contest must have seen the victory being stolen from Russian Polina Gagarina in 2015) The 2016 victory was definetely handed over to Ukraine on purpose to make Russian representatives look extremely uncomfortable being surrounded by brain dead russia hating nazis in Kiev all though the contest. Russia responded with a smart decision to send a handicapped girl-singer. This would have had a two-proned effect: to mock at a obviously handicapped country which has been making scandal headlines all over the globe recently and deflect the possible aggression by ukrainian nazis towards russian representatives (definetely, even the most diehard nationalists will not be justified for attacking a helpless handicapped person). As a sidenote, I’d like to note that I’m 100% sure that if it were not for the song contest taking place in Ukraine after the victory had been clearly stolen for Ukraine, Russia would have never sent a handicapped person (with moderate vocal abilities) as it has been a russian tradition to send the best singers out there kicking out spectacular performance and aiming for the victory at the Eurovision song contest over the past years. You can hardly imagine the uproar the media started here in Ukraine over russian decision to send a handicapped person. Finally, Ukraine came up with a decision to ban entrance to Samoilova on the ground that she violated ukrainian legislation by going to “an occupied ukrainian territory” which is Crimea 2 years ago (the decision was preceded by a public 5 day discussion within the Internal Affairs Ministry of Ukraine over whether or not let the singer in (the ukrainain officials even stated they were studying “russian media reaction” for making a decision – clearly an absurd situation as the ukrainian authorities used to claim that same Law is applicable to everyone). finally, they refused. Russia responded by stating that no matter who wins (and where the next venue will be) Yuliya Samoilova will be representing Russia next year – an outright slap in the face of ukrainian authorities drowning in scandals and an abvious example of the russian policy of “unproportionate measures” proclaimed by Vladimir Putin years ago.
    It’s against the background of another ukrainian scandal that you should be looking at the recent murder of Voronkov. There is war (both hot and cold) between the CIA-subverted Ukraine and Russia going on. All means are good at war as a saying goes. Beeing unable to come up with “unproportionate measures” like Russia all that Ukraine can do is “copy and paste” its head-master CIA’s long term applied methods of false flags being blamed on adversaries. So small but that seems to be the only area they are perfect at -sowing death and sorrow and blaming the innocent.

  2. The game is at hand, the carnal, political stew is nearing complition. The controllers rub their sweaty hands together in antisipation of the glorious slaughter and feast of fear and death. Welcome to whatever you choose to call the end of humanity.

    • Or less darkly, Joe, the end of what’s left of a free humanity. Still sucks. Slavo, not exactly a geopolitical whiz, is pumping his bellows to fuel the fires of nonlinear infowarfare with its blizzards of $hitstorms of ‘news’ directed at the only people on the planet who have a clue we are living in a Matrix. The clip of psy op narrative twister Bilderberger Zio minion Charlie Rosenberg takes the prize.

      • Not intending to dance in the darkness of danger, death, and destruction this morning but my “gut” info base is screaming. Something is very wrong, and since I have not just wiped the sleep from my eyes and stand staring at the NWO for the first time I trust its alarm.

        Too much, in too many places right now to be un choreographed. This stinks of NWO or what/who ever they are desperation.

        • Your gut intuition is spot on! Although the imminent danger is not what cointelpro is pimping directly or by osmosis. That’s the hard twist at the end you’re attempting to reconcile with your feelings of alarm.

          • Thanks blue. That Bill Casey quote about knowing they won when people are believing in their lies hits close to home. Like most of us, I want to embrace the fact that I have a grip on things as best one can. But my, it sure gets challenging at times. This camaraderie we all form out here, for me, is based on the consistency of information that rings the truth bell for me.

            The very instrument of freedom we use, the Internet, is of course infested with virus people looking to distract us, for pay, from each others wisdom.

          • Well said, yes, the Casey quote rings true, esp. now.

  3. Slavo shifts from writing about economic matters to geopolitics? Oops, he’s not reporting on the controlled demolition of US economy and the biggest transformation of the global economy in the last century.

    Don’t look here at the Fed steadily raising interest rates; the budget shift away from ‘butter’ towards guns; Trump’s public-private (read: international corporatism) infrastructure project; the Saudis buying the largest US refinery and pledging $200 billion in infrastructure “investment” = UN2030. Nor the fact that last year China nearly DOUBLED European and American based investment acquisitions in 2016. This massive international swapping of capital is one of the *foundations* of UN2030 to steadily strip away nation state sovereignty in stealth mode.

  4. NJguy - Proudly Deplorable | March 24, 2017 at 7:51 am | Reply

    Wish this could happen to our demonrats.

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