Regional, World War Possible As Israel Continues To Provoke Full-Scale Confrontation With Syria

By Brandon Turbeville

The war in Syria is heating up yet again with signs that the conflict may soon be about to take greater international dimensions. This is all due to greater Israeli participation and aggression in Syria against the Syrian military and on the behalf of terrorist organizations fighting against the Syrian government. The questions that remain, however, are whether or not the Israelis are willing to tempt the resolve of the anti-terrorist coalition of Syria, Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia and how steadfast that resolve of those powers might actually be.

In the past week, we have seen an escalation in the Syrian conflict the likes of which we have not seen in decades in terms of Israeli-Syrian tensions as well as the potential for a clash of nuclear world powers in the Middle East as a combat theatre.

After a mobilization of U.S. troops near Manbij – designed to prevent the Syrian military from retaking the city and as a means to stop combat between Turkish and Kurdish forces – Israel launched an air attack on Syrian targets near Palmyra, the Zionist settler state’s farthest penetration into Syria yet. Israel claimed it was bombing an Iranian-Hezbollah weapons convoy while the Syrian government claimed Israel had targeted Syrian military positions who were in the process of combating ISIS. Regardless, Israel clearly violated international law and the concept of national sovereignty.

This time, however, Israel was not able to bomb and bail as they have done eleven times in the past as Syrian air defense systems were mobilized and an Israeli jet shot down as a result. This shoot-down was apparently launched after the Syrian military informed the Russian military of its intention to shoot down the Israeli planes. It is assumed that the Russians did not object to the use of force.

Indeed, Russian Marines were only a few kilometers away from where the Syrian military was attacked. After the attack, the Russian government summoned the Israeli Ambassador, Gary Koren, to demand an explanation for the operation. This, in and of itself, is an unprecedented event.

Very soon after the shoot-down, both Syria and Israel engaged in a war of words and threats regarding any future incidents. For instance, Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, stated that, “The next time the Syrians use their air defence systems against our planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation.”

Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, also responded to the incident with statements of his own.

“Putin sent a clear message,” he said. “The fact is that the Israeli ambassador [to Russia] was summoned for a conversation only a day after he submitted his credentials [to the Russian Foreign Ministry last Thursday], and was told categorically that this game is over.”

Jaafari pointed out that the attack has changed the rules of the game and that Syria will not sit idly by while Israel attacks its forces.

But, on Sunday, a new incident arose with the Israelis launching an airstrike in Quneitra, located in the Golan Heights. Syrian news media reported the incident first, saying that a militia commander had been killed in the strike. Lebanese television station, al-Mayadeen identified the man killed as Yasser Assayed, member of the National Defense Militia. He was a commander of the Golan Brigade, a Druze militia fighting alongside the Syrian military against terrorists. The assassination was allegedly conducted by virtue of an unmanned Israeli drone.

On March 19-20, Israel launched more airstrikes on the Lebanese-Syria border, supposedly targeting a Hezbollah weapons supply convoy.

On Monday, March 20, an Israeli drone was shot down over the Golan area allegedly by Syrian aerial defense systems. Hezbollah paraded pictures of the downed drone on its social media pages as proof of the shoot down, forcing Israel to admit that the UAV had indeed been brought down.

And the Israelis have yet to stop their aggression. In fact, despite having been warned by the Syrian government and having apparently angered Russia over the initial airstrikes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doubling down on the perceived Israeli right to bomb anyone anywhere anytime without consequences.

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“If there is feasibility from an intelligence and military standpoint – we attack and so it will continue,” said Netanyahu during his visit to China. He added that he informed President Putin of Israel’s intentions.

On Wednesday, March 22, Israel launched more airstrikes deeper inside Syrian territory, targeting Syrian army posts near the capitol, Damascus. This marks the fourth Israeli airstrike operation in Syria within one week.

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated that Russia is relying on Israel to abide by the agreements that were established during Netanyahu’s official state visit to Russia earlier in March where the two men held extensive talks regarding the Syrian crisis.

“We will judge not by their statements, but by their actions, to what extent our Israeli partners are sticking to these agreements,” said Lavrov.

Syrian President Assad told Russian MPs visiting Syrian that he is counting on Russia to do something about any further Israeli attacks on Syria and to assist Syria in avoiding a real full-scale war with Israel.

Israel has been regularly bombing Syria over the last decade with increasing attacks taking place since the Western-backed destabilization beginning in 2011. In 2017, however, have seen the biggest concentration of attacks thus far.

But while the conflict between Syria and Israel heats up, the ever-present suicidal American readiness to fight and die to the last American to preserve Israel also comes into play. In the past, the United States, due to geopolitical interests at vastly higher levels than that of the Oval Office, the immense sums of money use to purchase members of Congress, and the extraordinary religious brainwashing of many American Christians, the United States is always poised to leap into World War Three to protect the “little Jewish Ulster” and biggest destabilizing factor in the Middle East today.

Assad’s comments and Israel’s behavior reveals that a full-scale war is bubbling just below the surface, perhaps only hours away. Comments coming from a number of Israeli officials only a week ago has made it clear that Israel would naturally draw Hezbollah into such a war as well, perhaps involving Iran if for no other reason than the fact that Iran is the principal patron of the militia group. The question would then become whether or not Russia will simply allow Israel to undo all of the anti-terrorist work it has undertaken since it became involved militarily in Syria. The United States is another wild card, having instigated the entire crisis and having been an unwavering goon for Israel since the settler state’s beginnings. At this point, we would be witnessing the steep drop off to not only regional war but also potentially a world war of unimaginable proportions.

Hopefully, for the sake of the world, Russia will be able to talk Netanyahu from leading the world into conflagration but, given the Israeli penchant for being unreasonable, we at least hope that the United States will not sacrifice itself to become further embroiled in the Syrian conflict on Israel’s behalf.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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60 Comments on "Regional, World War Possible As Israel Continues To Provoke Full-Scale Confrontation With Syria"

  1. its to bad the israeli people have been duped with the iron dome hoax and may fall victim to its government agressions

  2. Syria has full right to defend itself and should do so without hesitation.

    • Assad is a Doctor, legal president of his country, not a terrorist as being painted by TPTB in their typical pre war chanting and rhetoric.

      General Wesley Clark was told after 911 by a high ranking general in the Pentagon, “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

      • The Assads were dancing with the globalist zio devils long before the Syrian war. Follow the money trial of mega billionaire Rami Makhlouf who controls 60% of Syria’s economy, Assad’s cousin and the keeper of the the Assad extended family fortune. You’ll see Makhlouf was doing joint business coventures with global elite ‘usual suspects’ Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, AIG, and other top of the money chain and pyramid of power entities. By the early 2000s Makhlouf was building out the infrastructure for the Agenda 21 foundation of a green energy economy. The Syrian upper crust and managerial class was rapidly transforming Syria into the dominant neoliberal globalist social and economic paradigm, as detailed in a doctoral dissertation by a western educated young Syrian I found online. There’s much more to this that speaks to an elaborate international operation that dwarfs the creation Al-CIA-duh as essentially another Operation Cyclone (2.0) on mega steroids.

        As for Clark, he is a close friend of the Clintons, globalist bootlicker who was directly involved in the slaugther of innocents in the massacres at Waco and the Serb-Bosnian NATO action. In 2015, Cohen-Clark infamously said in a recorded televised interview he favored putting disloyal Americans who oppose the government’s tactics in the global war on terror (thought criminals) in internment camps!! No exaggeration whatsoever, he said it!
        I’m trying to say, all is not what it may seem. Clark is no friend of liberty and no whistleblower against “neocon aggression” as the left wing outlets portrayed when he first made that statement and then echoed in alt. Clearly, I believe Clark’s statement was a psy op seed to plant a meme. The statement is ludicrous on its face because Iran was already in a state of deep capture by the globalists by the 90s and moving that direction long before that – Ayatolla Khomeini a US asset since the late 70s and very much so by the 80s – not speculation, it has been officially documented.

        • Wow, the very thing I was addressing in the “String of dead Russians” post. Damn, we sure need your research skill to stay afloat. So in many ways Assad and Hussien were both players with the neocons? Please tell me my positive view of Gadaffii is still OK?

          • Yes, from what I can tell Gaddafi was trying to keep his people out of the NWO paradigm as best he could. P.S. The Russian ambassador death appears to be a joint Turkey-Russia [f]alse [f]lag. Sorry about the odd spelling. I still don’t have a clue what triggered the moderation of my historical outline comment further up the thread. LOL P.P.S. There’s A LOT more going on under the geopolitical ‘sheets’ involving Syria, Russia, and Iran than we are being told, esp. the latter two working hand-in-glove with the Banksters to create their global gulag.

          • BTW, from what I have uncovered, Assad was not thrown under the bus, he is cooperating in the creation of the New Middle East Project, therefore, different from Hussein’s relationship to the top of the pyramid cap. This only makes sense when a person steps back to absorb the entire context and analyze across the board specious reporting. I can fill in the details later for you if that might help with big pic synthesis. 😉

          • Thanks, look forward.

            Listening to a rense radio show a few years ago and I think it was Jim Marrs who told a story about Hussein. According to him Hussein believed he was the incarnation of Nebakanezar, the biblical dude who put three Hebrew priests into a “time machine” of some sort and four people came out. Hussein had apparently discovered the equipment or rebuilt it and wanted to try it out.

            When the Americans attacked the first place they went to was the museum and stole property, later bringing back some of it.

          • Yeah, I heard that story too. You never know, but the the megalomaniacs are always predisposed to mania and delusions of grandeur, thus, like our pal Randall, I like to carry my salt shaker around. LOL 😉

        • Gr8 Dig & summation!…all verifiable…that’s the scary part…as very few seem to be able to connect- the- dots & then GROK the ramifications of such machinations like you have…cheers

  3. The warpigs of DC/NYC have failed to get Russia to take the bait to start WWIII (or are we on IV now?), so perhaps it is time for them to play the Israeli card.

    Whatever it takes, the NWO needs a full blown war to usher in the final stages of globalization, and mask the crash of their fiat monetary/banking system.

    • The NWO is already slipping in under the radar via a global Biometric Big Brother Stasi rollout and MASSIVE international cross flows of capital. The war meme is a fear inducing weapon of mass distraction. Russia has been rapidly implementing UN 2030 and the entire NWO paradigm, along with Iran. Check out Iran President Rouhani’s globalist ties.

      • I agree that globalists reside in all nations. As do nationalists.

        There are forces within Russia (and elsewhere) that are vehemently opposed to a one world bank/one world currency.

        War is the NWO’s final solution. The NWO’s one world army (US military) has been waging a world war since 2001. Did you somehow miss that?

        • A world war could easily lead to loss of control over the global economy and would damage TPTB’s infrastructure and thus control grid – their final paradigm. The top of the pyramid cap is dominated by extreme control freaks, it doesn’t make sense they would resort to anything more than a far flung demonstration conflict. Besides, they have more precise ‘tools’ at their disposal than war – economic, environmental, biological, and assassinations such as the entire Polish executive branch in plane crash after they rebuffed the IMF.

          What are we, as the bottom of the pyramid, doing to resist the unfolding UN-internationalist NWO takeover as TPTB set the stage to ram global totalitarian technocracy down our throats? Lots of awake people are unaware the clock is running as they watch Kabuki theater.

          BTW, prominent Russian companies (e.g. Qiwi) with global reach are directly involved in the one world energy credit new global currency system using block chain technology (which was being developed by intelligence agencies before Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies emerged). This is all tied to a fully integrated global smart grid system, with Russia receiving assistance from European engineering firms going back more than a decade.

          • I’ve verified what you’ve stated above clear & concise extrapolated logic based on fact…cheers on your erudition…wish people would see that all thi spseudo saber-rattling & bellicose propaganda is purely meant to mass distract the 99%’s attention off the Globalist’s ball… being rolled out as the NWO juggernaut & close to encapsulating us all by eradicating our sovereignty (national & individual) & subjecting us to a full-circle draconian Technocratic Kontrol Grid of a Centralized mandate of the Borg.

          • I agree with most of what you are saying, but the war, a real, hot, shooting war with over 1 million already killed, has started. It is right in front of you.

            Nothing that the NWO does makes sense to rational people. They create nothing but debt, and destruction.

            They seek control through chaos.

            Have heart, the awakening is REAL!!!

          • Absolutely you make great points, good reminders, it is ultimately the end justifies the means through ordo ab chao that is driving the NWO end game.

            The war to enslave us has been going on for centuries, and somewhat more subtly, for millennia. There have been many inflection points, esp. noted by those of us born in the heart of the main tool of the globalist empire for the last century. One hundred million slaughtered in the communist purges and millions deliberately starved to death in the Holodomor and many other examples. Far more murdered in democide than all the wars combined. War is the bankster’s construct, all wars are bankers wars but not all wars are as we envision them from movies. Some are wars of attrition, psychological wars, engineered mass murder of those with the biological imperatives to resist their control, wars on our health and access to the truth, and social engineering wars on authentic connections to each other and our great collective and individual potentials.

            The final war is already here, imho, it’s the final war for our hearts and our minds. In the words of the elites themselves in their white papers, they stated they had “Four Worlds” to conquer, the fourth and final world being the minds of humanity.

            Thank you, yes, I take heart in good folks like yourself. Cheers.

          • *Sad but true…once one knows what we’re all up against…I’m still searching for the hints of an approaching Tsunami of Pure Love Energy to ripple out thru space from thevery pleroma/ heart of our galaxy…& to enter every mind on the planet & scour out the darkness …filling us all with a fresh clarity of renewed hope & an organic vision of the possible …essentially waking us up from our hypnotic nightmare & bring us back to common sense reason & an uncomplicated comprehension ….I can still dream …cheers

          • It’s a beautiful dream. There’s something to be said for faith in the greateer good. Secularists might call the resulting ‘miracle’ butterfly effects and serendipity “favoring prepared minds” as the thinking goes, and spiritual types point to karma and divine intervention, the power of compassion and truth. Whatever it is, I’m ready too. 🙂

          • ….waxing down our etereal silver surf boards …’Hangin 10′ over the reefs as we glide thru the atmosphere of Planet Shangri la

        • Just for the fecord:
          *Between 1898 and 1934 the Marines invaded: Cuba 4 times; Nicaragua 5 times; Honduras 7 times; the Dominican Republic 4 times; Haiti twice; Guatemala once; Panama twice; Mexico 3 times; and Colombia 4 times. All done for the corporations to get natural resorces and farm land for them.
          *Eisenhower murdered over one million innocent Germans in open field prison camps, AFTER the war’s end.
          *President Truman dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki murdering over 100,000 innocent people inspite of Japan’s desire to surrender.
          *Johnson, Nixon, and J. Edgar Hoover were at Clint Murcheson’s ranch finalizing JFK’s murder the night before.
          *George Bush allowed 9/11 to occur then murdered a million Iraqi innocents.
          *Obama dropped over 26 thousand bombs in 2016 on innocents plus allowed the drone murder of wedding parties.

          We been doing the dirty work a long time friend.

          • [Hey Joe, my reply is under pending moderation. Is the word heII a flag word? Hmm. Trying again piecemeal to see what the trigger issue might be…]

            Question is, how is the top of the pyramid cap orchestrating these events through out the centuries in every nation state, every regional war, virtually every domestic conflict? Who are they, what is their end game?

            When aIt media focuses on the bulk of their reporting on the military and economic hegemon the pyramid cap created after WW2 to finish their Orwellian control grid, they keep minds distracted away from the end game and the banksters UN Trojan horses. We are all to be China-fied into Technocratic HeII…. if TPTB get their way.

          • [continued…]

            A good example is the terrorist attacks in Turkey being portrayed as an attempt to take down Erdogan, a loyal globalist minion in good standing. That alone didn’t make sense. Not one aIt outlet pointed out Erdogan has been aggressively campaigning to pass the April referendum that will allow to him to rule by decree, effectively becoming a dictator, and combating terrorism has been the justification for this hard shift towards totalitarianism. Turkey was the base location for the long running Gladio B operations in which Turkish intelligence played a primary role. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn many of the terrorist attacks in Turkey and the assassination of the Russian ambassador were [f]alse [f]lags, all of it done to drive this iron fist paradigm to rule by decree. Also, consider that Erdogan vs. Gulen is CLASSIC Hegelian dialectic theater, absolutely tried and true clash of diametrically opposed ideologies, the one world religion globalist modern thinker Gulen vs. Islamist backed nationalist Erdogan – both men globalist stooges. Takes us back to Billington’s Fire In The Minds of Men.

          • Went and looked at your history but couldn’t find the flagged one? My testing at AP came up with any formulation of (chew) any link, etc. BB is similar. BLN just outright removes some of my posts. Sometimes the site will put my post into “pending” limbo.

          • From what I can tell, when there’s a pending moderation post it appears under my profile where I can see the text and the red box “pending” but others looking at my profile cannot see it. If you look below this post you’ll see I recopied it in two parts, marked by brackets. It went through truncated and I spelled heII differently. Who knows, a professional censor might want to yank my chain or it’s due to an algorithm ‘decision’. I’ve noticed now that some of us have been harassed, the instinct for many is to compare notes more closely, thus the action backfires.

          • My guess was similar to yours, an auto flagging vocabulary that can be added to as time passes. My warrior ego at first thought it was my account that was hot. ?

          • This is when it’s good to think like the Apache. The Spider and The Starfish being an awesome book and metaphor and real life example of the benefits of being decentralized, we adapt faster [than monolithic control grids] and are more agile in our thinking. If you ever want to take a peek at the book it’s available online and I’d be happy to supply the link or an overview.

          • Hmmm….. never heard of it

          • You missed my first longer post on it on BLN, talking with Pyra at the time, sometime last year – it was at the top of an article thread, lots of eyes on it, in any case. Then it came up again in a nice longish exchange with BTC…. which you saw and commented on but may have forgotten due to the short term effects of your tx. I’d be happy to give you an overview anytime you feel up for it. 😉

          • *cheers…I think I was Harvoni compromised at the time.(lol)

          • I await with open mind. ?

          • Gen. Smedley Butler was a beacon in a lighthouse with uncompromising ethics despite the actions of these 0.01% vipers…which when viewed in relation to 2017 its not hard to see the conspiracies for what they were…& all promulgated ultimately by the bloodline ‘Gangsta Bankstas’…since its actually becoming much more evident that “ALL Wars …are Bankster Wars”

          • There are many misconseptions about patriot soldiers. I believe many are very sincere in their desire to keep people free, etc. and are not necessarily drones programed to kill people of color. They understand the communist and other agendas.To be a military whistle blower is a very hard step for them.

            It is interesting how many line officers Negrobama got rid of the past couple of years.

          • BTW, there was a military wife who did a two hour interview exposeing her officer husband’s creepy sexual history with Marines, both officers and enlisted. Kay Greer or something is her name. Don’t have the link on my iPad now and I am sitting in a Firestone waiting room getting my beast worked on.

          • I listened to it a couple of yrs ago as a matter of fact…she does not appear to be mendaciously inclined at all..she spoke the truth imo..’Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned’ (lol)

          • Yep it just goes on and on. Only the american people can stop the evil freaks that run america, and most folks just don’t seem to care.

          • I would but dancing with the stars will be on and let’s, something else is going on…?

          • Yep. I hear ya.

            Bread & Circus

          • That is right and it is already going on for two hundred years.
            The plan is still the Jesuits will rule the world.

          • I tell you DarkEyes, after a half century of political/social activism the only “truth” I know is secret societies with malevolent agendas are by their very nature, secret. The onion skin layers of Skull&Bones, Majestic 12, CFR, Bilderbergers, Jesuits, etc. are beyond one’s ability to discover who or what is really behind the madness of our beautiful world.

            The main thing I now offer is this. Look at your own life as being an agent of change that will help carry water. Attend any meeting that affects the life and livelihood of you and yours…PTA, city and county councils, school boards, anything on Agenda 21, flouride, cell towers, vacinations, land annexation, etc. We need to be like the white blood cells of our bodies. They go and fight infection at the site to the benefit of the whole body.

          • A very positive initiative for action.
            A excellent advise to follow and carry out indeed.

    • The NWOers will not survive this war, if there will be a war.
      Nobody wins WWIII. We are all gone. Even the Head of the Planet, The Vatican.

      • “Remember, that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”
        – Mahatma Gandi

  4. Why weren’t Syrian – Russian air defenses brought to bear during yesterday’s i$raeli aerial attacks?

  5. At least the rest of us can be grateful to watch the destruction of the degenerate state that is causing so much trouble in the World and has for the past 60 years, before we ourselves are destroyed! Small compensation I know but much appreciated.

  6. Why does the U.S. send billions to Is-Ra-Hell….anyone….anyone…anyone…

  7. ““The next time the Syrians use their air defence systems against our
    planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation.””

    Heres a hint: Dont go into Syrian airspace uninvited and their air defenses won’t shoot your planes down.

    The nerve of Syria defending it’s territory!

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