Assange: Clinton Conspiring With Deep State To Oust Trump For “A Pence Takeover”

By Claire Bernish

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suggested on Twitter Tuesday Hillary Clinton and certain unnamed members of the U.S. Intelligence Community are plotting a takeover by Vice President Mike Pence.

“Clinton stated privately this month that she is quietly pushing for a Pence takeover,” Assange tweeted. “She stated that Pence is predictable hence defeatable.”

“Two IC officials close to Pence stated privately this month that they are planning on a Pence takeover,” he added in another tweet. “Did not state if Pence agrees.”

Further, he continued, By handing unilateral power to the CIA over its drone strikes at this time White House signals that bullying, disloyalty & incompetence pays.

In response to shocked reactions to the tweets, Pence lambasted Assange’s suggestion of a takeover as “absurd” and “frankly offensive” in an interview with radio host Laura Ingraham, asserting,

I would find all of that dialogue to be absurd and frankly offensive. It is the greatest honor of my life to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with the 45th President of the United States. To see his leadership every day, to see the compassion that he has for the American people every day. I would dismiss that out of hand and tell you that I’m just, I’m so excited about the progress that we’ve been made strengthening this country, protecting this country, reviving this country’s economy and all credit goes to President Donald Trump.

Although Assange did not make immediately apparent the reason for the tweets or sources for the information, The Daily Caller suggested, “Assange’s claims appear to come in response to reports that President Trump authorized the CIA to perform drone strikes on terrorists Monday evening.”

To wit, The Wall Street Journal reported last night,

“President Donald Trump has given the Central Intelligence Agency secret new authority to conduct drone strikes against suspected terrorists, U.S. officials said, changing the Obama administration’s policy of limiting the spy agency’s paramilitary role and reopening a turf war between the agency and the Pentagon.

The new authority, which hadn’t been previously disclosed, represents a significant departure from a cooperative approach that had become standard practice by the end of former President Barack Obama’s tenure: The CIA used drones and other intelligence resources to locate suspected terrorists and then the military conducted the actual strike. The U.S. drone strike that killed Taliban leader Mullah Mansour in May 2016 in Pakistan was the best example of that hybrid approach, U.S. officials said.

For some time, rumors claimed the aptly-named Deep State has been scheming to oust Trump should he not align sufficiently with the renewed Red Scare so vociferously championed by former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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Allowing what, in essence, constitutes the broad gift of power and militancy back to an agency whose wings were clipped by the previous administration, could present those Deep State players with additional urgency if there indeed exists a plot to install Pence.

Zero Hedge handily summarized what this coup brewing behind Washington D.C.’s curtains could entail for the rest of us:

No matter what one makes of Trump – or his administration and the policies that have been initiated thus far – the fact remains that Trump won the U.S. election. The people working behind the scenes to oust him are not subject to democratic controls, nor are they working in the best interests of the American public. We are left to ask ourselves exactly how renewing relations with Russia –  a nuclear power –  could possibly endanger American lives.

Either way, we are more or less left with two paths ahead of us. The first path involves Trump giving in and adopting an anti-Russian agenda, as is already apparent in his decision to send more ground troops to Syria alongside Saudi troops, who will intentionally oppose the Syrian regime (a close ally of Russia). The second involves the possibility of another direct coup within the Trump administration, this time one that may ultimately force Trump out of the White House so he can be replaced by Mike Pence, a war hawk who will be more than happy to do the job Hillary Clinton wanted to do.

It was less than one month ago, on February 15, that Assange hinted of a seeming surreptitious Battle Royale, tweeting, “Amazing battle for dominance is playing out between the elected US govt & the IC who consider themselves to be the ‘permanent government’.”

As The Free Thought Project reported in February,

John Schindler, a former professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College, who spent nearly a decade with the super-secret National Security Agency as an intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer — and who still maintains deep connections to the intelligence community — readily admitted that senior elements of the intelligence community (IC) are engaging in treason against Trump.

Schneider tweeted, “Now we go nuclear. IC war going to new levels. Just got an EM fm senior IC friend, it began: ‘He will die in jail.’”

Whether or not the ultimate war for control of the flailing American empire is actually taking place, indications the political establishment is on the verge of all-out rebellion have been apparent for some time.

Perhaps Julian Assange knows something the rest of us don’t — or, at least, not yet.

Notably, only a minute percentage of Vault 7 documents — WikiLeaks cache of files on the CIA believed to be far more sizable and significant than the Edward Snowden revelations on the NSA — have been published thus far.

Claire Bernish writes for, where this article first appeared.

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6 Comments on "Assange: Clinton Conspiring With Deep State To Oust Trump For “A Pence Takeover”"

  1. The people working behind the scenes are seditious and should be outed.
    Enemies both domestic and foreign.

  2. Psychic Warrior | March 15, 2017 at 6:14 am | Reply

    Bill Clinton gave the CIA the authorization to act within the physical boundaries of the US. This would mean that domestic drone strikes are now potentially operative here in the homeland. We can all thank the Donald hand puppet for the next wave of US terrorism to come. Another new low as the corporate intelligence agency takes its alien reverse engineered death tech to higher levels.

    • First, and I will go to Zero Hedges and educate them on this issue, where they said that “The people working behind the scenes to oust him are not subject to democratic controls,”

      First, the controls put on those who SERVE WITHIN our government are not democratic, but contractual, and they are in writing, found within the US Constitution, state Constitutions. Please bother to learn that the USA is NOT a “democracy”, but is a Constitutional republic.

      “What is a constitution? It is the form of government, delineated by the mighty hand of the people, in which certain first principles of fundamental laws are established.” Van Horne v. Dorrance, 2 Dall. 304.

      “A constitution is designated as a supreme enactment, a fundamental act of legislation by the people of the state. A constitution is legislation direct from the people acting in their sovereign
      capacity, while a statute is legislation from their representatives, subject to limitations prescribed by the superior authority.” Ellingham v. Dye, 231 U. S. 250.

      “The basic purpose of a written constitution has a two-fold aspect, first securing [not granting] to the people of certain unchangeable rights and remedies, and second, the curtailment of unrestricted governmental activity within certain defined spheres.” Du Pont v. Du Pont, 85 A 724.

      “The constitution of a state is stable and permanent, not to be worked upon the temper of the times, not to rise and fall with the tide of events. Notwithstanding the competition of opposing interests, and the violence of contending parties, it remains firm and immoveable, as a mountain amidst the strife and storms, or a rock in the ocean amidst the raging of the waves.” Vanhorne v. Dorrance, supra.

      Michael LeMieux: “The Constitution has very little to do with the American citizen. It was written to establish a Federal Government and to place the boundaries by which that government would operate. The constitution was never designed to provide or enumerate the rights of the citizens but to restrain the federal government from meddling in state and ultimately citizen affairs.”

      “President Donald Trump has given the Central Intelligence Agency secret new authority to conduct drone strikes against suspected terrorists,”

      President Trump does not have any Lawful powers that the can “give” to the unLawful CIA unless he is working against the USA and the American people – and even then it is usurpation. Here is the authority and powers that those who serve as a US President is ALLOWED to use…

      Article 2, Section 1: “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. …”

      Section 2: “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several states, WHEN CALLED INTO THE ACTUAL SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES;

      — he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment. (caps are mine)

      He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate,
      — to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur;
      — and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.
      — The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.

      Section 3: “He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient;
      — he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper;
      — he shall receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers;
      — he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.”

      That is the authority that all who serve as US Presidents are contracted to use. Notice that it is in writing.

  3. I will feel much better when the Clintons — especially Hillary — are in prison.

  4. Yvonne Forsman | March 15, 2017 at 2:50 pm | Reply

    Is this article talking about the Assange who is missing since middle of October last year, and the Hillary who is dead and the Wikileaks which is now run by CIA? I didn’t read the article, only the headline, it seemed like a waste of my time.

  5. By passing the Act of 1871, Congress committed TREASON against the People who were Sovereign under the grants and decrees of the Declaration of Independence and the organic Constitution.

    The Act of 1871 became the FOUNDATION of all the treason since committed by government officials.

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