Did the Trump/Johnson Effect Destroy Libertarianism?

By Adam Kokesh

It’s been so sad to see so many so called libertarians drifting away from the message. Adam Kokesh delivers epic rant about anarchists and libertarians becoming statists under Trump.

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5 Comments on "Did the Trump/Johnson Effect Destroy Libertarianism?"

  1. Adam: Good taking points. Your rant is why I no longer call myself a Libertarian. It’s washed over Republican Politics.
    Come over to the side of Nihilism and cut loose all the political ties. Semper Fi !

  2. No, Gary Johnson did that all on his own. The anti 2nd amendment part of their platform put the nail in the coffin.

  3. The Libertarian Party took a 180 on a lot of issues. The state parties took a stance opposite the national party. That is why I left them. This has been going on for the past 10 years. I was a Libertarian so I could run for office, now I quit.

  4. you people keep attempting to define and debate libertarianism with words. Sadly, Kokesh started a “homesteading project” in rural AZ, where he was setting course to LIVING libertarianism. He was ready to SHOW us what anarchoVol libertarianism would look like (including the best way to defend oneself against an encroaching state). What happened? Last we heard, the county government was poised to shut the property down because of some inane “zoning” laws. Kokesh had his day in court scheduled for sometime in Oct. ’16. THEN WHAT? All we heard was desert crickets chirping…… Talking about liberty is just stupid if you can’t defend your rights in an organized manner.

  5. WatchmanofEzekiel33 | February 18, 2017 at 6:05 pm | Reply

    I have never discussed politics with any Libertarian and came away liking them.

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