Rothschild Family Wealth Is Five Times That Of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined

By Isaac Davis

A recent report by Oxfam International highlights the dramatic rise in income equality by noting that the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires is more than the lower half of the world’s population, some 3.6 billion people. The intention of the report was to bring awareness to the unfairness and injustice inherent in our global economic system.

It calls for a fundamental change in the way we manage our economies so that they work for all people, and not just a fortunate few. [Oxfam]

Listed below are the 8 billionaires along with their estimated wealth, which combined equals $426.2 billion.

Bill Gates – $75 b
Amancio Ortega – $67 b
Warren Buffett – $60.8 b
Carlos Slim Helu – $50 b
Jeff Bezos – $45.2 b
Mark Zuckerberg – $44.6 b
Larry Ellison – $43.6 b
Michael Bloomberg – $40 b

Oxfam’s assertion is that world economies are mismanaged in favor of the wealthy, which is largely true; however, the report failed to hit the mark on this serious issue by not acknowledging the greatest problem with the world’s economy, which is the global central banking model of privately owned debt-based fiat currencies.

The current banking model is the product of hundreds of years of planned development, structuring, manipulation, force and trickery which began in earnest with Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who first established banking and finance houses in Germany in the 18th century.

The careful cultivation of his wealth with the assistance of his five sons allowed Rothschild to profit immensely during the French Revolution by providing financing and war materials to Austria, which in turn allowed the budding family empire to evolve into a multi-national organization, henceforth becoming a major financier of industry and war.

Around that time, Rothschild sent his five sons to live in the capital cities of various European countries. His goal was to have each of his children establish a banking business in Frankfurt, Naples, Vienna, Paris, and London, and throughout the 1800s, they did. With Mayer Rothschild’s children spread across Europe, the Rothschilds became the first bank to transcend borders. Lending to governments to finance war operations for the past several centuries provided ample opportunity to accumulate bonds and shore up additional wealth in a range of different industries.[Source]

Fast forward to 2016, the Rothschild family is a dynasty of unimaginable wealth which manages to somehow conceal it for the most part, never quite being publicly credited as the richest and most influential family in the world. By dividing up their capital and holdings amongst the many members of the family, including numerous descendants and heirs, occasionally a single member of the family will appear on a list of the world’s top individuals; however, the family as a whole represents the largest fortune ever known.

Traditionally, the Rothschild fortune is invested in closely held corporations. Most family members are employed by these corporations directly or invested in operations that generate family wealth. The remarkable success of the family has largely been due to a strong interest in cooperation, being entrepreneurs and the practice of shrewd business principles. [Source]

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Investopedia estimates the family’s total wealth at over $2 trillion in assets and holdings, including some of the world’s oldest living corporations:

…their holdings span a number of diverse industries, including financial services, real estate, mining, energy and even charitable work.There are a few Rothschild-owned financial institutions still operating in Europe, including N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd in the United Kingdom, and Edmond de Rothschild Group in Switzerland. The family also owns more than a dozen wineries in North America, Europe, South America, South Africa and Australia. [Source]

At $2 trillion plus, the family’s reported wealth is closing in on five times as much as the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires, meaning that the Rothschild family alone controls more wealth than perhaps three-fourths or more of the world’s total population.

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Isaac Davis is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an outspoken advocate of liberty and of a voluntary society. He is an avid reader of history and passionate about becoming self-sufficient to break free of the control matrix. Follow him on Facebook, here.

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44 Comments on "Rothschild Family Wealth Is Five Times That Of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined"

  1. Satan’s lineage

  2. Cap on how rich you can be. Rest of the assets go to the people in various and obvious ways not hidden and stolen or rejected for deals.

  3. Now people will scream and point fingers at the Rothshilds.
    Why ?
    For the ability of the Rothshilds to play the system the people themselves did approve by SERVING it ?

    Change the system by starving it instead of FEEDING it with your taxes !

    The fundamental political question is why do people obey a government.
    The answer is that they tend to enslave themselves, to let themselves be governed by (s-elected) tyrants. Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve.

  4. If WE started real democracy, WE’d quickly decide to confiscate the quadrillions that the banksters stole from US and OUR Forefathers, start a global fund and give every Human a debit card that pays for any necessity. Those wanting luxury could take a job or create value for extra income. That would lower the global crime rate by ninety percent.

    • NJguy - Proudly Deplorable | January 21, 2017 at 10:19 am |

      Nah. Just use it to pay off all the fake debt and refund the soc sec trust fund which was robbed.

      • Yes, Obamacare stole $700-800 Million from Medicare and never paid it back. The law prevented the government from taking/borrowing/stealing money from SSA, but not the law establishing Medicare. The only reason Obamacare had the money to roll out is because it was all stolen from Medicare. Think Medicare will ever be paid back?

        • What’s Obamacare got to do with the Rothschild?
          Leave Obama alone, he’s no longer president

          • It’s real simple. Who pocketed the $700-800 Million stolen from Medicare? When you research the Rothschild (Red Shield) you will learn that their wealth was made by theft, lies and cheating, including the theft of huge sums from government that trusted them. If you research some of the greatest wealth in the world, you will learn that public funds either made or increased that wealth substantially. Who owns Big Pharma? Who owns Monsanto-Bayer? The more research you do, the more you’ll know, and you’ll start to connect what just looks like a few dots to you now.

    • Who gets to decide what constitutes a “luxury”?

    • Alan D. Smith IF WE did live in a real democracy H. Clinton would be our president. Thank God our founding fathers gave us a republic. The banksters did not get a good hold on us until Woodrow Wilson sighed the federal reserve in to law. Then Nixon took us of the gold standard. People like Andrew Jackson are still doing flip flops in there grave and we twist in the wind.

    • The ultimate controllers in our world may not be human beings at all. My own researches point at the existence of an intelligence that dwarfs that of any human genius. This is the force worshipped and served by the elite.They call it Lucifer, Moloch, Baal among many other names.

      It will betray them in the end for that is its nature. They will be left with ashes in their mouths. That will open the door for humanity to attain the natural liberty that is our birthright provided – when the SHTF – enough of us stay cool and come together in cooperation.

  5. END the Fed and all zentral banks. Bring back e/o 11110 and print real silver certificates.ala JFK…rip
    The most high the most vile the most hated. These vampires never die.
    Silver stake required.

  6. NJguy - Proudly Deplorable | January 21, 2017 at 10:17 am |

    I wonder how the Rockefeller family stacks up. Must be close.

  7. Kismet. This is exactly what I was telling a friend who was talking about the article of 8 richest people. I was telling them it’s nothing compared to the many gold vaults the Rotheschilds have around the world deep underground. They’ve basically siphoned off the wealth of this planet so we live in a duo sphere of either feudal capitalism or feudal socialism.

  8. what perplexes me is how one president of said legal counterfeiting apparatus can have more fiat currency than another one. “Infinite” is the same for all of them, no? …as in: What actually limits the amount of electronically created “money” created by any of these “bankers”?

    • They do not count their funny money as wealth…they know better. They count the plunder they receive in the form of stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, etc. We serfs are the only ones who were tricked into believing that their fiat currency was real wealth.

      • oh, yes they do count it. They count on this “wealth” to purchase people for all sorts of deeds… including assassination hits and blackmailing efforts. Anything which has purchasing power, regardless of the level of “sucker” possessed and/or exhibited by the contractee, is “wealth”, per se. Unlimited wealth comes from unbridled “legalized” counterfeiting.

  9. Rotschilds, Roman Church treasurer and Jesuits?

  10. Let’s all get mad, not pay taxes, shut it all down and start killing each other!

  11. Gary Reber Comments: The Rothschilds historically figured out that to become wealthy you must become an OWNER of wealth-creating, income-producing capital assets. Yet all you will hear from politicians and economists are discussions that ultimately boil down to the presumed need to create jobs and train workers to fill them . . . which isn’t really all that helpful in a world in which technology, owned by the world’s 1 percent, is taking over more and more of the burden of producing marketable goods and services. What people need is to be empowered to own wealth-creating, income-producing capital without the requirement of past savings pledged to acquire the self-liquidating capital.
    It all boils down to either the 99 percent OWN the FUTURE ECONOMY or they continue to BE OWNED.

    “Conventional wisdom says there is only one way to earn a living, and that’s to work. Conventional wisdom effectively treats capital (land, structures, machines, and the like) as though it were a kind of holy water that, sprinkled on or about labor, makes it more productive. Thus, if you have a thousand people working in a factory and you increase the design and power of the machinery so that one hundred men can now do what a thousand did before, conventional wisdom says, ‘Voila! The productivity of the labor has gone up 900 percent!’ I say ‘hogwash.’ All you’ve done is wipe out 90 percent of the jobs, and even the remaining ten percent are probably sitting around pushing buttons. What the economy needs is a way of legitimately getting capital ownership into the hands of the people who now don’t have it.” ~Louis O. Kelso, Journal Asset Based Finance, 1982.

  12. Autor , can U give us some evidence of this Rothschilds $2 trillion? Some calculations, source of this number wealth? From where u take this $2 trillion?

  13. Still waiting for proof of this $2 trillion Rothschild … I don’t see any of evidence

  14. The Rothschild family–thanks to Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s decision to carefully hide his assets before he passed on–may be worth way more than US$2 trillion. They certainly have the ear of every central banking organization and strongly influence groups like the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum.

    In fact, the Rothschild family are possibly the only people on Earth that have the power to decide the fate of nations–including the United States of America and even the People’s Republic of China.

  15. Rothchild colonies Israel ,U.K .Canada and U.S and their biggest criminal organization is NATO run by the Rothchilds …….Hitler was a Rothschild grandson .

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