Legal Marijuana Is Killing Cartels And Corporate Media Is Trying To Say That’s A Bad Thing

dcmarijuanaBy Jack Burns

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado has led to some interesting developments in the war on drugs. According to a video segment on Fox News, seizures of marijuana flowing out of Colorado into neighboring states has risen from 58 in 2008, to 394 in 2015. This indicates Colorado has unwittingly become an exporter of legal weed, found to be illegal in many adjoining states.

Sitting in for Fox News’ Shepherd Smith, Gregg Jarrett asked FNC reporter Alicia Acuna if neighboring states were fighting a losing battle. Acuna responded by saying 8 states already have recreational marijuana, and another couple dozen states have some form of medical marijuana at work. Mason Tvert, of the Marijuana Policy Project, told FNC, “If anything, what’s happening is no different than it was before. People are still using marijuana, it’s just that they’re more likely to be using marijuana that didn’t come from a Mexican drug cartel.”

According to FNC and University of San Diego professor David Shirk, that fact has now been confirmed. It seems, as marijuana proponents asserted, the Mexican cartels are getting out of the illegal marijuana trade. Shirk says the cartels are turning their backs on marijuana in favor of other “more predatory criminal activities” such as, “kidnapping, extortion, larceny…stealing petroleum from petroleum lines,” Shirk stated.

FNC reported what proponents have been saying for years. If you make marijuana legal, the illegal, criminal elements, such as Mexican drug cartels, will find other means to sustain their income. However, it is important to note that the reason these cartels exist in the first place is because of the drug war. Attempting to claim we need the war on drugs to keep the cartels from kidnapping people is like saying we need people to murder each other so police can have a job to do.

Had drugs not been illegal in the US, the cartels would have been extremely hard pressed to amass the money and power they now have. Rest assured, however, that kidnapping and larceny are not nearly as sustainable as the drug industry as it is much easier for politicians to look the other way on drug smuggling than it is for them to ignore children being stolen from parents. That’s why, rather than kidnap people, the Mexican cartels are still capitalizing on the American drug war.

One such way the Mexican drug cartels have reportedly upped the ante is to produce a drug which is much more addictive than just heroin alone. They mix heroin with Carfentanil, which “is a synthetic opioid so strong that just a few granules the size of grains of table salt can be lethal. Since mid-August, roughly 300 people in at least four states have overdosed on heroin linked to Carfentanil and the less powerful compound fentanyl,” Time reports.

If heroin were decriminalized in the US, overdoses would plummet and so would its use. This is not an assertion, it is fact. 

One positive coming out of Colorado’s legalization of marijuana is the fact that the drug task forces which were previously engaged in going after marijuana, can now turn their attentions to going after the organized criminal element such as the cartels, which have no regard for the patient seeking medicine for whatever ails them.

FNC concluded their marijuana segment by saying President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have a problem with medicinal marijuana but added he does not approve of recreational marijuana. Whether or not Trump will allow the continuation of progress in the legalization of marijuana is yet to be seen. Certainly, Colorado will put up a fight if the newly named Attorney General Jeff Sessions seeks to overturn CO’s legal weed business as it’s now providing millions of dollars to help fund the educational system in that state.

The FNC segment confirms what TFTP has been saying for months now, legal weed does more to stop the cartels than the official war on drugs. As we reported to you in March, “in the past seven years (seizures of marijuana at the Mexican-American border have dropped) from 4 million pounds in 2009, to just 1.5 million pounds last year.”

Jack Burns writes for, where this article first appeared.

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4 Comments on "Legal Marijuana Is Killing Cartels And Corporate Media Is Trying To Say That’s A Bad Thing"

  1. Simon Hardinsky | January 5, 2017 at 2:14 pm | Reply

    Legal marijuana is the best thing for quelling crime however the plutocracy cannot make money on something that you can grow in your home or in your back yard. It’s all about the money and the politicians are in the hip pocket of Big Pharma for spare change out of the billions and billions of dollars of profits from selling patients F.D.A. prescriptions that keep us coming back to the drugstore window for more pills and treatments that just add side effects that require more pills and treatments.

    Look at what’s happening in Maine where the voters won complete recreational legalization of marijuana and now the fat cats who are in the legislature want to delay making this real for another year. In Wisconsin most of the residents want medical marijuana but that is not going to happen for the same reason as the state I live in is making it almost impossible to have access to this natural medicine that treats so many maladies that present F.D.A. approved drugs cannot even begin to touch. Yes! This is all about the money.

    In my state, Virginia, you can get a gun easier than treating yourself with this magical plant. Today, I went into a gun shop and handed over my drivers license and within a half hour I bought a revolver but I cannot have any amount of cannabis whatsoever or my first offense will be up to thirty days in jail and a mandatory five hundred dollar fine. We know what is wrong with this and it’s all about the money.

    We need to revolt now. We don’t live in a democracy. Our votes are for glitter only. The few people at the top are lying to us and they don’t care about our health. On January 20, 2017 we will be in Washington D.C. where free marijuana joints will be passed out to everyone who is there to show support of marijuana being legal on the federal level so that these small town fat cats can’t get their fat little greedy fingers in our cookie jar!

  2. Great article, but you may be underestimating the ability of politicians to ignore children being stolen from their parents.

  3. Jack Burns, you have hit a home run.
    The war on drugs is complete idiocracy.
    Let the plebes ingest what they wish and the heck with all of the laws that prohibit these healthy herbs.
    Going to a guy in a bar or on a corners is absurd and only makes the cartels more powerful, not to mention Eric ‘fast and furious’ Holder, guns for drugs being brought back into the U.S.
    I suggest ‘the Committee of 300’ by John D. Coleman and ‘Barry and the Boys’ by Dennis Hopsicker.
    It doesn’t matter who approves or not, judgment will be reserved by the creator.

  4. John C Carleton | January 7, 2017 at 7:13 am | Reply

    If drugs are made legal, a lot of banks would suffer, as laundering drug profits are big business. Many blue blooded rich folk would see a huge monetary loss, it is not street criminals who run the drug smuggling. The CIA would loose a very large black book revenue stream. The DEA would have to at least, get rid of about 9/10s of their goons. The police forces would have to lay off many of their leg breakers and bag men. The slave worker prison system would loose it steady stream of non violate slave labor. Murders, home robberies, stick ups would plummet as a druggy could get a dollar on the street as a handout and have enough money for drugs for a few days, being illegal is what makes an otherwise very cheap product expensive, forcing junkies to rob, steal and kill for just one more fix. All the people busting heads and killing people for the government, could be put to work picking up trash, fixing pot holes, delivering meals to old folk. Not as much fun as busting heads and kicking in doors for sadistic cops, but hey, they could always beat up each other if they miss the violence.

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