Ho, Ho, HOAX! Reina Nightclub Shooting in Istanbul

By Nathan Stolpman

A few glaring issues in the Reina nightclub attacks jumped right out at me. Erdogan is the reigning heavyweight champion of the false flag, so we’re starting to see a few patterns in his handiwork.

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2 Comments on "Ho, Ho, HOAX! Reina Nightclub Shooting in Istanbul"

  1. A small point, perhaps: the cinderblock (not “concrete blocks”) shots were taken in daylight.

    Then again, the spark paintballs are pretty much an exact match with the ones on… well, the various screens.
    Sparks CAN result from rounds glancing off pavement at an angle (ricochets). But the match with the paintball rounds is very striking!

  2. I didn’t buy into the Russian Ambassador’s “assassination” either. No blood and the position of his body was totally phony If he had been shot in the back, would he be lying on his back? Wouldn’t the impact of the bullet have driven him forward so that he would have been face down?

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