Damascus Water Crisis Now Over As Syrian Military Retakes Wadi Barada

By Brandon Turbeville

If there was any doubt that the water crisis in Damascus was created by the Western-backed terrorists operating outside the city, the end to that crisis should now dispel the rest of that doubt. This is because the crisis is now over precisely because the Syrian military was able to retake the area.

Indeed, the Syrian military has taken back the Wadi Barada area, forcing the terrorists to leave, surrender, or die so that the experts and specialists can attend to repairing the damaged water system and begin providing clean water for the people of Damascus.

Of course, the mainstream media is doing its best to ignore this story and will likely not be reporting on the fact that it is the Syrian government which is providing the water to the people of Damascus after America’s terrorist rats cut it off nor will it mention that the Syrian government was not in control of Wadi Barada and could not have been in control of the water supply and the water treatment plant coming from that location. Thus, it could not have been the Syrian military who poisoned the water supply.

According to a report by Leith Fadel of Al-Masdar News,

The three week long water crisis in Damascus has finally come to an end after an agreement was put in place between the government and jihadist rebels on Friday afternoon.

Following their successful military operation to seize Bassima village on Thursday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was able to cutoff the jihadist rebels from the Al-Fijah Springs, forcing the militants to either starve themselves out of the area or surrender.

A military source in Damascus told Al-Masdar News on Friday night that water technicians officially entered the Al-Fijah Springs after the jihadist rebels agreed to withdraw from this area.

The remaining territory in Wadi Barada will remain with the jihadist rebels for now until a reconciliation agreement is put in place to surrender the area to the Syrian Arab Army and their allies in Damascus.

Shortly after the liberation of Aleppo, al-Qaeda fighters in the Barada Valley outside Damascus dumped diesel fuel into the water supply to the city on December 22. Obviously, this made the water supply impossible to consume and, on December 23, the Syrian military launched a campaign to retake the area and to restore the city’s water supply.

A number of organizations signed a letter of intimidation to the Syrian government demanding that the SAA halt its siege, saying that they would turn on the water if the SAA ceased military operations. One of the groups signing the letter was the corporate media darling known as the White Helmets.

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5 Comments on "Damascus Water Crisis Now Over As Syrian Military Retakes Wadi Barada"

  1. Every captured or fleeing US-PAID & ARMED ‘Sunni Rebel’ must be ELIMINATED in the region.
    If the U.S, likes them so much, let NOODLEMAN take 3,000 OF ‘EM IN HER D.C. CONDO !

  2. Just imagine how Americans would feel if Chinese funded radicals did this to a large American town. The funding, training, arming, feeding, transporting and protection of Obama/Clinton’s terrorists must end now. If America has a problem with the Assad Regime, deal with it in the legitimate ways. Stop creating roving terrorist armies now. No more.

  3. “…the water crisis in Damascus was created by the Western-backed terrorists operating outside the city…”
    Or in other words the “western backed terrorists” were friends of crooked Hillary Clinton and her merry band of criminal neocons and warmongering psychopaths. RINO’s John McCain and Lindsey Graham are of like mind and are surely honorary members of that criminal clique as well…

  4. The Wadi Barada village itself is still under terrorist control. On the 13th a deal was made between the terrorists and the government for repair teams to come into Ain al-Fijah and repair the water station. They worked until the morning of the 14th until it was fixed. That same day a terrorists sniper killed the SAA general Ahmad Ghadban who was returning from talks with the terrorists. This canceled the ceasefire and the offensive went on as before.

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