The Ruse of Children’s Rights

childrens-rights-governmentBy Rosanne Lindsay

We are entering the era of mandates and government invasion, where up is down, privileges are rights, and children are the property of the State. In the land of liberty, all is illusion.

According to William Wagner, J.D., magistrate judge, “Today, a majority of the Supreme Court no longer treats the parents’ right to control and direct the upbringing of their child as a fundamental liberty.”

The denial of parents’ rights by State authorities has become more frequent over the last five decades as government has tested its reach under the color of law. Color of law refers to an appearance of legal power to act but which may operate in violation of law. Case in point: A Medical Kidnap website documents thousands of cases around the country where hospitals have taken possession of children based on a medical diagnosis “in the best interest of the child,” with the court’s approval. Without being reported in the mainstream media, the general population is blind to these acts while unsuspecting families are targeted and picked off one at a time.  After years of market testing, State governments are now unveiling draconian laws without fanfare.

The Bill of Rights for Children and Youth In California

After the turmoil and confusion surrounding the 2015 passage of a mandatory vaccination law SB277 in California to ban children from attending private or public school without full compliance with the CDC childhood vaccine schedule, California proposes SB-18. The Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California (SB-18) seeks to usurp the natural rights of parents as caregivers. Taken together, these two laws set a dangerous precedent that not only spells the end of medical freedom but also the end of parental rights whenever a government official or agency declares it so.

When did an obligation to care for and raise children suddenly turn parents into potential child abusers under the law? Although tyranny seems to have reared its ugly head overnight, history shows we have all been living this ideology under a slow boil. It was Karl Marx who said, “The family… must itself be theoretically and practically destroyed.” He argued fiercely that government and its authority must be substituted for parental authority for the sake of Capitalism. What he didn’t say was his desire to maintain a materialistic, feudal society where people are commodities without consciousness. 

Marxism socializes people to think in a way that justifies inequality by teaching children to accept there will always be someone in authority who they must obey – the Master-Slave dynamic. Marxist philosophy redistributes the wealth to third world countries that have suffered under socialist/totalitarian policies imposed by the same corrupt regimes.

There is no other purpose for anti-social, socialist dictates other than to unravel the fabric of the family. As Confucius said, “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” As the family goes, so goes the nation. 

The strength of this nation has eroded from the inside due to a federal government without accountability, through policies that have: 1) drained the economy with never-ending war, 2) transferred wealth from Main Street to Wall Street, and 3) outsourced American jobs overseas, among other things. The stage has been set for the resurgence of a Marxist State, primed under the guise of liberalism, which pushes vaccine mandates for children while claiming to be the party of choice when it comes to abortion rights. Legislative and judicial overreach has resulted in a new social state where the citizenry, kept in the dark and powerless, are none the wiser.

When Rights Are Legalized

Inherent rights are natural and inborn, granted by the Creator. They come from our humanity under Natural Law, not from man-made laws. Rights granted and legalized by governments are not rights, but privileges that can be restricted and taken away by legislation or Executive Command. Legalese is the hidden language that redefines words as tools to expand the scope and power of the State.  Under statutes, a “person” is a legal fiction, not a human being with free will. At the same time, a “corporation” is defined as “a number of persons united in one body, so it can acquire wealth, expand, and enjoy other rights, even though a corporation is incapable of loyalty or love.

A government that gives itself power by its own authority is a rogue government and must be stopped because the trend is toward a One World Government homogenizing and standardizing all laws under International treaties. (e.g., Trans-Pacific-Partnership trade agreement). FYI: The United Nations (UN) hopes to “reduce inequality” by implementing new norms of global socialism and corporate fascism as part of their Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Treaties Usurp National Law

In 2011, the US was the only country that had not ratified a UN International Treaty called the UN Rights of the Child (UNCRC). However, this treaty appears to be the foundation of several U.S. court decisions regarding child placement, as well as the new California law SB -18 the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California. Like so many laws that do the opposite of their intended purpose (i.e., Clean Skies Act), the Rights of the Child Act strips the child of any rights.

One provision of the UNCRC states that a child’s view should be taken into equal consideration along with the parents. This means anytime there is a conflict between parent and child, a government referee can decide what is in the best interest of the child.  The U.S. courts already control for the “best interests of a child” with a Guardian ad litem” (GAL) to investigate solutions in cases of divorce and parental responsibilities. However, author and Family Psychologist John Rosemond says, “This [Act] is a convention on the stripping of rights from American parents and parents all over the globe.”

In other countries that have adopted the Act’s provisions, like Sweden, home schooling is illegal, and carries the risk of criminal charges and children being removed from the home. In Belgium, doctors can terminate the lives of babies under one year old if the child is disabled. No parental consent is required. President Clinton approved this treaty during his term. The only thing that prevents implementation is a two-thirds approval by the Senate.

California is a testing ground in America. As California goes, so goes the nation. Yet even without formal U.S. ratification of the Act, U.S. federal courts are taking the lead from international law to advance the objectives of the UNCRC. States legislatures are lifting articles straight out of the UN treaty and passing them under new laws (i.e., Customary International Law), thereby making UN law the supreme law of the land. The Legislative and Judicial branches are already joined at the hip with Executive Branch approval. When Child Protective Services acts as child collection agencies then Social Services means the child belongs to the State.

Withdraw Consent

There is a difference between legal and lawful and that distinction is playing out in the American family. Going forward we must resist playing the their game of claiming “Parental Rights” vs. “Children’s Rights” in a corrupt system that no longer recognizes Inherent Rights.

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Instead, we must take back the language and determine who we are if we are to retain our Natural Rights and those of our children. Are we a person-corporation or a soul embodied? Do we have free-will or do we ask for permission from an outside authority? Do we consent to the dictates of a rogue government or do we withdraw consent? Do we own our bodies or does the State?  Do we recognize inalienable rights over privileges and act on them? Do we reclaim our sovereignty as free-will beings? It is time to redefine the words we live by to work in our favor.

In the American system no government is sovereign. The peoples of the states are the sovereigns. It is they who apportion powers between themselves, their state governments, and the federal government. In doing so they are not impairing their sovereignty in any way. To the contrary, they are exercising it. – Tom Woods, Tenth Amendment Center

Rosanne Lindsay is a board certified Naturopathic doctor, Tribal healer under the Turtle Island Provider Network, Mother, Daughter, Earth Keeper, liberty-lover, writer, and author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Natureofhealing and consult with her (long-distance consults available) at

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11 Comments on "The Ruse of Children’s Rights"

  1. Each child has parents that should be held accountable, until the child is over the age of 18.
    Parents should choose public, private, or home school.
    Vaccinate or not, I chose NOT.
    All of my children are healthy, they eat organic.
    And California does not speak for me, no man made gooferment ever will.
    They are not public officials, rather they are (s)elected public servants.
    Teachers should not have to teach anything concerning sexuality, which is given to you at birth.
    Mind boggling as it seems the Darwin theory(idiocracy) should only be taught as an alternate along with creationism.
    History, Language and Math should be the focus.
    Parents should have input into what their child is taught.
    Parents are there custodians until their child(s) reaches maturity.

    • How would you deal with the fact that many parents abuse their children?

      • certainly they shouldn’t be taken by the government, because they are a bunch of satanic pedophiles…if the abuse is severe the abuser should be prosecuted and the child should be placed with a relative, friend or neighbor…i think most abusive parents don’t cross that line and should not be interfered with by the law

        • When child is seriously abused, the local goverment takes the child into protective custody until a relative can be found; if that is not possible, a foster parent is sought.

          If a child is, say beaten, there is no time to find a suitable relative who is willing, so someone has to protect the child. That is the job of government, which is mandated to protect the rights of all, including children. Each year, there are a million cases of serious abuse.

          To call the government pedophiles is to descend into madness. I have worked at a juvenile prison and public schools as a teacher: there were no pedophiles.

        • Padraigin Eagle | December 25, 2016 at 4:39 am | Reply

          Fail duff is a troll, disinformation is his role, best to engage the cretin with The Eagle’s weapon, headless chicken’s best not in the canyon be a goose stepping.

      • This is the ‘slippery slope’ they will argue but it’s rubbish. I have advocated/represented abused/displaced children and the activities observed are not in any way ‘borderline’. These are children who are obviously being attacked physically/sexually or have been abandoned. Common sense comes into play and not everyone will be saved or get what they need but this is the best we can do. The notion of allowing the ‘state’ to determine such broad parameters in squishy language to be determined BY the ‘state’ is wrong and the obvious intention has zero to do with the child’s actual welfare.

  2. This is one of the goals of the filthy Globalist scum. Already they are warping Children’s minds with the degenerate Gay Agenda and the use of drugs of all sorts to placate and destroy their minds and Spirit.

    Vaccines and Fluoride in food and water also are being used to further damage and dumb down Children today. Children’s Books, Movies, Cartoons etc. are full of Pedophillic and Gay Propaganda. Their little minds are being warped and someday Children of the State will report you to the “Authorities” for whatever.

    Wonder why your Child is unruly, abusive and prone to Stupidity? Never mind, the State will deal with the Kid. You are obviously a bad Parent.

  3. Thanks for your views and your willingness to explore this difficult subject. There are a billion reasons for why America is standing at this place in time, and the failure by many parents to properly care for their children is one of those reasons, and when I say “properly care” I am talking about feeding nutritious meals and providing warm clothing and safety. The Convention for the Rights of the Child (CRC) was originally entered into the United Nations in 1988, and confirmed by just about every country in the world except the U.S. by 1989. One of the primary reasons behind the CRC was to stop forced genital mutilation to children, to stop child abuse and to ensure the education of all genders. These are noble goals. You mention Sweden, and let us recognize that Sweden was an early force in ensuring that all children obtained necessary meals and warm clothing. Sweden passed the first laws to stop “spanking” and corporal punishment of children when they realized that 80-90% of Swedish children were whipped, spanked and hit. It took 9 years to obtain 90% compliance with the law, and the educational accomplishments of all children in Sweden rose dramatically as a consequence. Crime in Sweden went down by over 75% too. There are many children who have benefitted greatly by home schooling, but much of what passes for home schooling is an excuse for keeping children with adverse vaccine reactions out of mainstreamed education rather than confronting the dangers of mandatory vaccination and what has been illegally allowed into vaccines. America faces difficult and unfair forces adversely affecting children including GMO foods, massive chemical use in farming and toxic vaccines, but at the heart of parenting is a willingness to invest in your children and the children of your community. Are American parents willing to make that investment? Will American children receive the kindness, care and fairness they deserve?

    • Excellent post. Abusers almost always were abused, so the sooner the cycle is broken, the better the chances of end it.

  4. The People of California brought this upon themselves….

  5. We are certainly undergoing “social engineering” being crafted and imposed by the Globalist Central Banking system as it marches over humanity on its way to its psychopathic goal of a NWO; the globalists and their banks will hide behind the UN and all the Sheeple will be told international law now supersedes any national sovereignty. This is why the global warming/global climate change hoax materialized. We will be made to believe WE must ALL do the globalist’s bidding “for the good of the planet”. This revolting spew of propaganda will be spread by the globalist’s political minions/presstitute ‘media’/corporate spokesmen and judiciary ad naseum. Many, including Activist Post, posed the question, “If you could counterfeit all the fiat “money” you wanted, how long would it take for you to own everything?”. The Rothschild led Global Central Banking system and the Rockefeller clan; who can do just that, are unified into a Supra-Predator destroying families, cultures, nations, faith as well as controlling/poisoning food supplies, “medicine”,water and the earth itself; it is “their” planet. The “gender revolution” is just another hoax/manipulation to confuse the impressionable/wreck families/create chaos. Eugenics and de-population are very high on the collective agenda of this insane and deadly predator. If more people see it; grasp the reality of it, we may be able to save ourselves. However, denial, confusion, ignorance and even human nature itself stands in the way. As a ‘herd’, we’re being guided down the chute to our own destruction.

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