US Navy Plans To Release 20,000 Tons Of Explosives, Heavy Metals Into Pacific Ocean

navy-pollution-pixabayBy Whitney Webb

Several times a year, the US publicizes its “war games,” both domestic and abroad, allowing the massive, heavily-funded US military to showcase its might, develop new strategies, and test combat readiness. Yet, ignored all too often is the environmental impact of these exercises which, since World War I, have left behind tons of bombs, heavy metals, explosives, depleted uranium, missiles, and sonar buoys, which contaminate the world’s oceans and harm humans and marine animals alike.

Even though the outright dumping of chemical weapons was banned in 1972, the Navy has continued to carry out a policy of “leaving behind” munitions and explosives following its military exercises. The Navy, for its part, insists that the “contamination of the marine environment by munitions constituent is not well documented,” though critics insist that the Navy has intentionally not looked for or measured its environmental impacts.

Indeed, this claim of the contamination not being “well documented” shows a willful ignorance of the abundant evidence that these pollutants have caused great harm to the environment, considering that even the US government admits that the Navy has been responsible for creating thousands of contaminated sites around the world.

The Department of Defense, which includes the Navy, is the world’s largest polluter, producing more toxic waste annually than the five largest US chemical companies combined. In 1990, the Department of Defense admitted to having created more than 14,000 suspected contamination sites around the world. In 2014, the officially reported number rose to 39,000, but the actual figure is likely far greater.

Recently, the Navy’s path of environmental destruction has made headlines. In 2014, the Navy was caught illegally dumping wastewater into one of the world’s largest marine reserves.  This past June, Pennsylvania’s governor urged over 70,000 residents from three different counties to sue the Navy over the contamination of their drinking water. The lawmaker suggested suing the Navy just for the funding to pay for blood tests proving how polluted their own bodies had become with heavy metals and other toxic substances. Just last month, the Port of San Diego sued the US Navy, as the Navy’s injection of toxic chemicals into the coastal waters threaten to contaminate the entire bay.

Now, the Navy has just announced its plan to release 20,000 tons of environmental “stressors” (i.e. toxic munitions, explosives, etc) into the coastal waters of the US Pacific Northwest. The plan is laid out in the Navy’s Northwest Training and Testing environmental impact statement (EIS). These “stressors” are documented by the EPA as known hazards, many of which are highly toxic at both acute and chronic levels.

One of these chemicals is perchlorate. Perchlorate is incredibly persistent in the environment and it often appears in the breastmilk of women exposed to perchlorate-contaminated water. It also affects children and fetuses much more than they affect adults. Another common chemical, picric acid, can cause severe poisoning if only one gram is ingested. Others, such as TNT, remain chemically active in aquatic environments, bioaccumulate in fish, and can cause developmental and physiological problems in humans.

That’s not even the worst of it. The 20,000 tons of “stressors” mentioned in the EIS does not account for the additional 4.7 to 14 tons of “metals with potential toxicity” that the Navy plans to release annually into the inland waters along Puget Sound in Washington State, a heavily populated area including major population centers such as Seattle.

In response to concern, a Navy spokeswoman said that heavy metals and even depleted uranium was no more dangerous than any other metal, a statement which is a clear rejection of scientific fact. It seems that the very US Naval operations meant to “keep Americans safe” comes at a higher cost than most people realize, one that will be felt for generations to come.

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5 Comments on "US Navy Plans To Release 20,000 Tons Of Explosives, Heavy Metals Into Pacific Ocean"

  1. The alien/military/industrial/complex (AMIC) is agenda 21/30 in action. I have often commented on this here at AP. In short they are killing US and others as part of the hidden warfare that has been on going for decades. Some of this information has recently been surfacing via the Podesta emails and is available at Linda Moulton Howes’s website – as more is released the pattern becomes apparent that we are being sacrificed to reach the goals set by the AMIC. We have the right to act as a matter of self-defense but litigation always trails the crime the damage is done. We must attack the source of the problem directly which is the AMIC.

  2. Grace by Faith on yt | November 26, 2016 at 11:22 am | Reply

    More killing the planet to save the planet, or their favorite weapon, truth duality – where evil is now good and good is now evil and the opposite of what we once considered true is now a goal, because a confused population is one more easily controlled.

    Or is this just more lies (propaganda which is legal for them now – like they ever obeyed the law to begin with, yeah, right) to divert money into their own pockets like the NASA fraud? Frankly, I don’t believe a word of what the government puts out because let’s face it, they lie like the snakes they are because their ends justifies their means. And we have no means to check their veracity, especially if it is on “the news”. But I don’t doubt for a minute they are deploying soft or slow kill weapons on us and have been doing so for decades, and they are killing the planet to kill us, because we always hear them whining about overpopulation which is simply hogwash, too.

    I just saw a yt video about a possible explanation for their use of chemtrails – even though I still think they’re also going to use them to project their fake alien invasion onto. They know that sunlight is imperative for life, and that darkness invites sepsis. This is a biological fact, that when it’s dark bacteria on the microscopic level decomposes plant and animal life and their waste; it’s a life-cycle no biologist can deny. But on a more sinister level, it depletes life forms like us of our Vitamin D, and encourages our deconstruction at cellular level as well. This, along with the fact plants require the sun to live and many life forms depend on plants for food, brings up a whole new set of worrisome possibilities. Could this be another method of their slow kill aside from the damage the actual spray does? Removing our sunlight? We know there are countless methods they have deployed on us and I haven’t researched this theory very much yet, but I’d be interested to learn more if any of you have.

  3. Are they clearing a path to build something under the ocean? Something that we taxpayers will pay for that we will never benefit from or get to enjoy?

  4. Get the word out to stop this.

  5. As above so below.
    Connecting underwater oceanways with high speed mag trains. Taking them anywhere they wish at the expenses of the slaves.

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