Tom Woods Explains Nullification in 3 Minutes

tom-woods-nullificationBy The Tenth Amendment Center

NOTE: Tom Woods literally wrote the book on Nullification. This video is a short clip of the keynote speech he gave at the TAC’s 2011 nullification conference in Philadelphia.

Tom’s Liberty Classroom is packed with great educators who will give you all the tools you need to learn Constitutional history, the American Revolution, economics and more.

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1 Comment on "Tom Woods Explains Nullification in 3 Minutes"

  1. Love jury nullification as a way to take a stand…though, a very rare occurrence.

    We will all be “nullified” on the individual level when every person on the planet becomes a digital slave, enforced by an army of Stasi Borg Orcs, numbering in the billions. It’s already happening, China taking on a much bigger role in the ranks of the UN Blue helmets. Japan amending its constitution to enable its troops to operate as armed UN “peacekeepers” in Sudan. Singapore further blending its military with Australia.

    Hope you’re taking careful notes, Mr. Wood.

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