President Elect Trump: A New Era of Unpredictability Awaits

donald-trump-1274535_960_720By Makia Freeman

President Elect Trump is new title for New York businessman, millionaire and Republican candidate Donald J. Trump, who yesterday on November 8th, 2016 successfully won the US presidential election. Trump managed to defeat favorite Hillary Clinton by a relatively narrow margin.

The victory came as a shock to many Americans, regardless of where they reside on the political spectrum. For many in the alternative media, the victory of President Elect Trump comes with a great sense of relief that career criminal Hillary Clinton was not elected (or installed) as so many had expected. Clinton had already showed a propensity to collude, cheat and lie during the Democratic Primaries where she triumphed with dirty tactics over Bernie Sanders. For many others, turned off by Trump’s racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and generally flippant comments, the Trump victory is devastating and will challenge them psychologically and emotionally to accept the reality for the results.

Hillary Clinton: What Went Wrong?

The result is especially surprising given the degree to which Hillary Clinton had ingratiated herself with the upper echelons of the NWO (New World Order). From an outside perspective, it seemed Clinton had left no stone unturned in brown-nosing and sucking up to the most powerful people and organizations in the world, including the Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and many many more. Additionally, given her propensity for criminality and her powerful backers such as George Soros, coupled with the serious problems electronic voting machines possess in being able to be hacked and the vote flipped, many are left wondering how Hillary lost. What went wrong?

At this stage in the game of post-election analysis, we can point to a few things. Hillary’s criminal past clearly caught up with her. It is unprecedented in the history of US presidential elections for a leading candidate to be under an on-again, off-again criminal investigation. Clinton simply has so many scandals in her recent and distant past that it’s like trying to stop a ship with 30 holes from sinking; you can’t plug them all. She was also running up against the problem that the Democrats had been in power for 8 years, when recent history shows that power seems to change hands in around that time frame. Clinton represented the establishment, and as the popularity of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump has shown, people are tired of the same. They intuitively know the system is rigged and corrupt, even if they can’t exactly put their fingers on it. Obama, Mr. “Hope and Change,” got in with a slick campaign of promising something different (upon which he didn’t deliver). Trump represented anti-establishment; and whether he truly embodies that or not is an entirely different matter, because it’s all about perception.

Does a Trump Victory Show that NWO Powerbrokers Are Less in Control Than It Seems?

The win of President Elect Trump is truly a shocking and monumental event. Many people (including myself) were predicting that it was a foregone conclusion that Clinton would win. For instance, founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange stated before the election that “Trump would not permitted to win”. The MSM (Mainstream Media) were clearly favoring Clinton at almost every turn. Whatever you think of Trump, we can at least say the will of the majority of American voters was respected, which is a relief, given how much corruption exists in our society today.

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The question now is this: is a Trump victory the result the NWO powerbrokers wanted all along, for reasons we are yet to see? Or is it a genuine uprising against these forces?

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Liberty and Freedom?

For me, Trump can be summarized in one word: unpredictable. President Elect Trump truly embodies unpredictability more than any other high-level politician around. One moment he is railing against the 9/11 official story, then he is declaring his love for Israel, then he is bringing up the vaccine-autism connection, then he is suggesting Snowden be killed. Next he is suggesting GMO corn makes you stupid, then he suggesting Muslims be banned from the US, then he is calling global warming a hoax, then he is suggesting the Government be given the power to shut down the Internet. Then, after all of that, he makes friendly overtures to Russia while demonizing the hell out of Iran. What does he stand for? Peace or war? Freedom or tyranny?

At this stage no one knows, probably not even Trump himself. He has contradicted himself numerous times throughout his campaign, and merely once suggesting a good idea (i.e. looking at who controls the issuance of money instead of letting the international bankers via the Federal Reserve control it) doesn’t mean it will become his policy. Unpredictability is one of Trump’s great qualities, but also one of his most dangerous. A lot will depend on with whom he surrounds himself once becoming President Trump, and what kind of advice they give him. His VP Mike Pence is a standard conservative Republican who will be no doubt far more to the liking of the NWO conspirators, but Trump is also taking advice from retired DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) chief Michael Flynn, the man who came out and highlighted how the US created ISIS in a declassified DIA document.

For now, America and the world have around two-and-a-half months to get over the incredible shock of yesterday’s result and psychologically prepare itself for a Trump presidency. Meanwhile, it would be foolish for us to expect that one man can fix all of America’s problems. It will be the job of the independent and alternative media to hold Trump to his promises and his word, and to continue to share ideas of how we can truly create a better, freer and more just society. This necessarily involves questioning the very structures and systems of society, and will never magically improve with just the passing of the baton from one politician to another.

Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at (FaceBook here), where this article first appeared, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance


Image Credit: Pixabay

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24 Comments on "President Elect Trump: A New Era of Unpredictability Awaits"

  1. it really isn’t the voter that counts, but he that counts the votes. This was no surprise to the globalists, because Donald Trump is no outsider. They do not take chances with such a key nation. Donald is playing his part as it has been given to him to play. Appearing to be an outsider that beat all the odds, he will not interfere with the plans of those that hold the power of this global dominion. Just his known connections reveal that much. What about him honoring Hilary in his speech for her “serving this country?” Really? Just a week ago, he wanted her in prison and now he is thanking her for her service? He will only do what he is told to do. And Hilary will not be prosecuted for any of her murderous, criminal and otherwise treasonous transgressions against mankind.

    • True, the connections cannot be overlooked. Will Trump facilitate or oppose the march to digital slavery? He is on record supporting mandatory E-verify…the path to a national RFID biometric identity card. The Mark of the Beast system is moving at warp speed. Please consider the info in the article in the link below reporting on the Globalists’ rapid advances to track and monitor Africa, to include the poorest peasants living with in areas with none of the infrastructure one would think necessary. It’s a massive leap frog that leverages an economic tabula rasa.

      The Emerging ‘Mark of the Beast’ System

      • Scary stuff, Blue. I was looking for a really crazy (but well researched) biblical mark of the best RFID piece I read somewhere that was very interesting — to be taken with lots of salt of course, but I can’t find it. Your link looks like well researched piece, so I will read it later tonight.

        Cheers !

        • The Waking Times piece is excellent. Unfortunately, articles from the original source are behind a paywall. C’est dommage. Maybe you already read some of my posts on Saudi Arabia undergoing a rapid transformation into “Vision 2030”?? If not, here’s a recap. The Kingdom of SA is requiring all cell phone / smart phone users register their biometrics with the govt, the same biometrics needed to access their phones (steps towards “mark of the beast”). This year KSA is aggressively rolling out the four cornerstones of 2030 & global technocracy: 1) 24/7 tracking & monitoring to include smart grid, 2) austerity to drive lower consumption patterns, 3) privatization of public assets, and 4) deep economic interdependence and social integration (liberalization, globalist style). The engineered drop in oil prices provided the necessary cover. KSA royals were clearly tipped off the apex global elite were going to hammer oil prices. Exactly one month before the plunge, the Guardian reported the Saudis hastily rounded up one million migrant workers for deportation – packing them in squalid makeshift camps for processing, and KSA didn’t stop there, the govt was in the process of rounding up another million. A big purge: 30 M people living in KSA including 7-8 M immigrants. During the first round of massive deportations I was reminded the ol’ Keystone cops parody. I read in one instance the authorities snatched several immigrants working at a municipal sewer / water plan serving a large metropolis resulting in sewer water flooding the city. IMO, while the engineered price drop has been used as a cover for Vision 2030 in KSA and other oil wealthy gulf nations (GCC), its primary aim must have been to counter the inflationary effects of QE beginning to pinch working and middle classes (can’t have ’em wake up, right? and they only seem to react strongly to economic pain). In an MSM article I read a couple of months ago (WaPo or Bloomberg), the writer described KSA’s radical transformation as “a revolution disguised as economic reform”. The wave metaphor, sweeping across the globe…

          • Wow Blue, thanks for the update. Great analysis on the econ front and did not know about the sheer magnitude of the KSA purge. I sift less and less through the news today, so updates on the more salient longer term shift are appreciated. I find myself getting terribly myopic if I read too much news, rather than a nice distillation like you or others can provide.

            Cheers !

          • Always glad to be of service. You’re one of the few non cave dwellers who can follow these events and “get it”.

        • More about the infrastructure for digital slavery being prepared for Africa with the help of Zuckerberg.

          P.S. At the end of the exchange I had on BLN two days ago with the peak oil / climate change academic minion, I posted some quotes by UN Climate Change officials (one was the chief until a few months ago) admitting environmental edicts are about creating a new economic order.

  2. Is the Trump victory the result the NWO powerbrokers wanted all along? How else to explain the last minute Wikileaks dump? Clinton became a NWO liability because her mind and body are literally falling apart and they know they cannot control this country with a body double. They played their Trump Card allowing America to think they have a voice. That notion will be rudely yanked away in short order come January. The best outcome we can hope for regarding justice for Hillary is that her body finally gives up the ghost and she fades into dim history where she belongs. The rest of us get ringside seats to watch the final dissembling of a rogue empire.

    • Good insight, OS! There’s also the Hegelian sorcery ‘bonus’ of using Trump to create bridges, i.e. shifting “conservatives” and populists into globalism-left-Marxist paradigms. For instance, Trump is on record (60 Minutes interview) saying he supports universal health care = more centralization & tracking. Making peace with NWO-controlled Russia could pave the way for conservatives to accept a global UN style police and military force. All the while, smart grid, smart cards, and mandatory vaccinations go forward. The scheduled dismantling of the US as hegemon for the NWO signals the rise of global governance – not what we’ve been hoping for….so let’s keep our fingers crossed and stay active. 😉

      • I’m totally on board with your analysis. The key is the “making peace with Russia” part because they must unite the major superpowers. Putin has been playing his role all along, waiting to smoke the peace pipe with Trump.

        Meanwhile on Planet Weird it’s…

        “Good Morning Vietnam!” – Robin Williams, may he rest in peace off planet.

        • Russia is all over UN Agenda 2030, the re-emergence of Stalinism (big time!), and a rapid intercalation of energy sectors via privatization. Russia its privatizing state owned assets thus facilitating buy in opportunities for multinational corporations, the Saudis are simultaneously doing the same, in turn, the proceeds from the sale are used to buy into energy & resource related companies in based in the US, Europe, Asia, etc. Follow the money trails…. Williams and Carlin are sayin’ : told ya so! & that crap is so weird it’s funny, who could make THAT up? lol

          • Meanwhile free energy technology is kept submerged while the Black Snake prophesy at Standing Rock emerges.

          • Exactly. Free and decentralized energy sources are kept from us. Coincidentally, 2 days ago I entered into an online back and forth with a likely academic minion “sentry” peddling peak oil and climate change, two horsemen of 2030 authoritarian world govt apocalypse (i.e. aspect of the term meaning unveiling). Black Snake? I’ll have to look that up.

          • A brief C/P for you about it:

            “This prophecy was foretold by a leader named Black Elk in the 1890’s who predicted that in seven generations the Native American nations would unite to save the Earth from a zuzeca snake – a black snake – that would threaten the world. The black snake is clearly the oil pipeline currently being attempted to be inserted through the heart of their reservation with the oil extraction of fracking.”

          • Thanks. Guessing they have some of the best shamans on the planet.

          • …a criminal conspiracy of an ‘Absorb & Discard’ juggernaut…without any concern whilst deliberately trashing Gaia….all for their diseased $$$ fix addiction?
            … a woman who has a 100 cats …or…a man with newspapers & magazines stacked to the ceiling in every room..are as in most minds= ‘Mad as Hatter’s’…but a person that accumulate spiles & piles of wealth, to the detriment of all others in the ‘financial pool’..
            ..gets his picture on the front cover of Forbes Magazine….go figure.

          • At least with the Forbes cover you have a nice, clear photo of the enemy.

          • cheers!

      • Blue got da Big Pic…outstanding

      • Nobody’s accepting any of that N.W.O. B.S. Too many people are awake and more are continuously waking up at an exponential rate. The N.W.O. is D.O.A.

        • Hope you’re right, Gazoo.!! Although, looking though the lens of their endgame global technocracy (under the banner of Agenda 2030 = Brzezinski’s Technotronic era = old term “scientific society”), they are making fast progress, insidiously & seductively.

          • They screwed up beyond belief when they created the internet. It’s over for the NWO elite. The tide is rising and lifting all boats. Besides the great awakening technology is ruining their plans, like 3D printing. Soon people will be able to print not just guns but bullets to. Soon enough energy will be free. It is a race, but they’re totally losing at this time in my opinion.

  3. deplorableGweneth | November 10, 2016 at 7:52 am | Reply

    Well, as for me, Trump will do what he says he will do and he will fix it and fix it fast.
    I am hoping for the best, that he had an epiphany and thus the hand of the Lord is upon his shoulders.

  4. Don’t trust the man myself.

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