Post-Election Blues

us-elections-prepareBy The Conscious Resistance

If you are upset about the results of the election we ask you to listen to this short message. #Election2016 #PresidentTrump #Agorism

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2 Comments on "Post-Election Blues"

  1. deplorableGweneth | November 10, 2016 at 8:08 am | Reply

    Nuthin to be upset about.
    Trump will do what he has said and he will fix it and fix it fast. How could some find the return of jobs and prosperity disheartening. The America I knew will return.

  2. At first he’s right, that whichever of the establishment candidates are elected the system will continue. But his solution? Build gardens in your community! How’s that going to stop the wars and murders this empire is and will continue to bring to the world? If you pay taxes, you’re paying for those wars of the empire; if you don’t, and you’re in the minority because you’re busy gardening rather than spreading the truth as your first priority, then you get jailed for tax evasion. You don’t win by ignoring the elections either.

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