EU Just Voted to Create Its Own Army, Britain May Be Forced to Pay for It — In Spite of Brexit

eu-brexitBy Jack Burns

Members of the European Parliament, or MEPs, have passed a controversial resolution, calling on all member states to contribute funds for the establishment of a European Defense Union. In a press release issued on the 22nd of November, the European Union (EU) passed a resolution calling on all MEPs to contribute 2% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to the formation of said military force.

The resolution comes in the wake of Brexit, the U.K’s decision to pull out of the EU. Brexit, a referendum to withdraw from the EU was passed June 23rd, 2016, with 52 percent of voters deciding to pull out and 48 percent voting to stay in. The UK’s intention to withdraw from the EU has apparently created a military power vacuum, leaving the EU weaker militarily.

Tuesday’s resolution marks the first time in the history of the EU that the collective of MEPs has decided to create its own military force, defense budget, and proposed training site. In short, the EU is creating its own fighting force which pledges to work in unison across international borders.

According to the press release, the EU listed a number of reasons for creating an EU military. “Terrorism, hybrid threats and cyber- and energy insecurity leave EU countries no choice but to step up their security and defense [sic] cooperation efforts, thus paving the way to a European Defense [sic] Union,” it reads. The type of terrorism alluded to in the statement must surely be Islam-inspired jihad attacks, which have been wreaking havoc in many parts of the EU, including France, Germany, Turkey, Belgium.

The resolution, which passed Tuesday, suggests MEPs devote 2% of each country’s GDP for the “establishing (of) multinational forces and (an) EU headquarters to plan and command crisis management operations, and enabling the EU to act where NATO is unwilling to do so.” The significance of the statement cannot be overlooked. Each of the EU countries already has a military, police forces, and intelligence services, but they’ve just announced they’re joining forces to create one, potentially, more powerful defense (and offense) force, all under the direction of one central command.

The resolution may also serve as a knee-jerk response to statements President-Elect Donald Trump made during the presidential campaign which suggested he was in favor of pulling out of NATO. Of the 28 member states in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), created in 1949, only 3 countries, the U.S., Britain, and Greece, actually spend the pledged 2% of their GDP on defense. Trump told the Washington Post in March, it’s time to change that arrangement. “We certainly can’t afford to do this anymore,” …NATO is costing us a fortune, and yes, we’re protecting Europe with NATO, but we’re spending a lot of money,” he said. As a result, the EU may be taking the billionaire businessman, now future president of the U.S., at his word, and taking their security measures a bit more seriously than they were pre-Trump.

The press release continues, “MEPs want the Union to respond faster and more robustly to real threats, which, they say, demand that Europe’s armed forces work together better.” Implied Translation: cross-border military forces, with quick-strike capability.

Going further, the statement reads, “MEPs call on member states to pursue joint purchases of defense [sic] resources, and to pool or share non-lethal material such as transport vehicles or aircraft.” While it may start with “non-lethal” implementations, if the EU’s new joint military force progresses, it could mean that the EU will, in essence, become the world’s next superpower, equipped with the very same nuclear weapons many of its members now possess. France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands already possess such weapons. Could this new EU central command also wield the power to launch such weapons if attacked? Such questions are still unanswered.

The resolution also calls for “An EU headquarters” to “be set up to plan and command crisis management operations.” Modeling their new defense union after NATO, the resolution says, “EU member states should aim to spend 2% of GDP on defense [sic] and should establish multinational forces within the Permanent Structured Cooperation and make these forces available to the common security and defense [sic] policy.”

Alluding once again to the possibility the United States, under Trump’s leadership, may pull out of NATO, the resolution calls on closer cooperation with NATO but insists, “the EU should also be prepared to act autonomously in cases where NATO is not willing to take the lead.”

Strictly interpreting the resolution’s press release may lead some to believe the Union is in the birth pangs of creating its own unified military force. This may or may not be the case. While each MEP is still sovereign and a part of the overall EU, the resolution to militarize the EU could lead to diminishing sovereignty, much like members of the UK felt just before passing Brexit. It must also be noted, the measure was not agreed upon by all MEPs. Of those MEPs who voted, 369 voted for the resolution, 255 against it, and 70 abstained from voting, which may lead some to conclude the EU is not as united as it must be in order to create its own military. The move may lead other member states to follow Britain’s lead and begin to pull out of the EU.

It must also be noted, the measure was not agreed upon by all MEPs. Of those MEPs who voted, 369 voted for the resolution, 255 against it, and 70 abstained from voting, which may lead some to conclude the EU is not as united as it must be in order to create its own military. The move may lead other member states to follow Britain’s lead and begin to pull out.

According to reports, the U.K. may not yet be off the hook for funding the EU’s new military. As RT reported, “If the UK proves incapable of untangling itself from the plan it could be required to shell out up to £420 million per year.”

Also worth noting is the fact the EU’s new army calls for a defense minister and for EU army troops to train in Iraq. The press release reads the EU army will be, “launching a training operation in Iraq to support member states involved in the coalition against Daesh.” Who would that person be, how much power would he or she possess, and why would the EU Army be deployed first to Iraq. These questions and more have many scratching their heads.

Jack Burns writes for, where this article first appeared.

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9 Comments on "EU Just Voted to Create Its Own Army, Britain May Be Forced to Pay for It — In Spite of Brexit"

  1. BREXIT? It’s NOT happening.

    • Oh yes it will. Believe me.
      France will be the next exit called: FREXIT. After Elections in 2017 the EU dictators will be confronted by a favorite of mine: Madame Marine Le Pen.
      She also wants the country back for the wellbeing of the French people and independence.
      Hopefully she will be the one to save the people of Europe from these luncatics in Europe/Brussels.
      A European Army, right, an army against its own people it will be, if it will become true.
      And to think Brussels have austered the people of Europe into oblivion for years.
      Now they want an army. Well they want Europe to have their own MIC is my guess.

      What a corrupt mess.

      She will be elected as president of France in 2017, as I am convinced.
      The climate in France is right for her presidency.
      She will be a force to reckon with.

      • Not happening, obviously NOT happening!

        Today coincidentally Tony Blair was sharing with The Telegraph, exactly how BREXIT can be made NOT to happen.

        The real problem is people, especially SJW’s have no idea the power and evil of Globalism. BREXIT won’t happen.
        Trump I very much doubt will actually get into the White House (replaced by idiot Globalist Pence I think) and Globalism will continue it’s destruction of all FREE and DEMOCRATIC Nations, including the UK, France, Germany, Israel, USA, Canada, Australia and so on.

        The only way for Globalism to succeed is to DESTROY these Nations.

        Elections DO NOT matter.

        Globalism is speeding up and doubling down.

        BREXIT will not happen. But when it does pass as intended (immigration/economic issues are not watered down) then let’s chat.

        Until it’s a done deal imho it’s not happening. I am not happy about this at all.

  2. Regional Armies of Orcs under the watchful Eye of Sauron World Govt.

    Now you know why Japan’s rulers amended the constitutional clause on a pacifist defensive-only military. A couple of days ago Japanese “peacekeeping” troops were sent to Sudan. China is making bold moves to command a bigger presence in the UN blue helmets brigades. => Global military and police force with carte blanche authority (= “license to kill”).

    • The Conservative Party in the UK has for years now, slowly & surreptitiously de-funded & sold off for scrap! & have decimated their navy’s preparedness …ergo Brexit is a joke!….this steady attrition was/is designed for only one thing ….a EU (globalist-style) uniform standing army, air force & navy representing all the European countries under one umbrella, that can be morphed into a ‘Global’ militarized police state as the next iteration that will ultimately be serving under the directives of the bloodline 0.01%…all under the aegis of their NWO mandate…a global feudal slave /master Hunger Game Society….ruled by a very very few relative to the 99%….What’s wrong with this picture?.

      • Let’s not let that happen.

        • It’s too late. It’s done, Globalism has destroyed everything. The time to engage and put a stop to this Globalist insanity was at least 10 years ago, when I was asking people to do just that. There is only ONE WAY OUT now.

          The WEST is finished. BREXIT won’t happen(certainly not as anything resembling what people voted for)and there is no way TRUMP will be President. Globalism is the greatest evil to have ever befell this planet. People are way too late to see it.

  3. Don’t they have policemen?

  4. According to the report only 10% of the NATO participants are paying their fair share; one of which is Greece believe it or not. Since this new military force will require the same monetary investment I think it is safe to assume there is more afoot here than superficial paranoia.

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