US Slammed After Drone Strike Kills at Least 15 Civilians in Afghanistan

drone-imageBy James Holbrooks

On Thursday, the United Nations condemned the killing of at least 15 civilians by a U.S. drone strike in the Nangarhar province of eastern Afghanistan, and called for an independent investigation to be initiated.

From a U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) press release:

In the early morning of 28 September, an international military forces unmanned aerial vehicle conducted an airstrike, reportedly targeting members of ISIL/Daesh, that struck a civilian home killing the 15 civilians.

The civilians had gathered in a village to celebrate the return of tribal elder from the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and were reportedly sleeping in a guesthouse of the elder when the airstrike occurred. Civilian victims of the strike included students and a teacher, as well as members of families …

All killed were men, with a total of 13 others — including a child — wounded.

The UNAMA condemned the strike, and reiterated “the need for all parties to the conflict to adhere to their obligations under international humanitarian law” before calling for a “prompt, independent, impartial, transparent, and effective investigation into this incident.”

U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed via press release on September 28 that it was, in fact, the United States who ordered the strike, calling Nangarhar province “a focus for Daesh activity since 2015,” and claiming the area is used “to train, equip, disseminate propaganda, and expand their control over innocent Afghans.”

CENTCOM declined to comment further on Wednesday’s strike, stating:

We won’t discuss the details of the specific counter-terrorism operation conducted in Nangarhar on 28 September because we are still reviewing all materials related to the strike. We take every possible measure to avoid civilian casualties in these operations, and will continue to work with Afghan authorities to determine if there is cause for additional investigation as we partner with the Afghan government in the broader fight against terrorism.

Casualties of war, and such.

The news comes as the latest in a rash of recent blunders carried out by the United States in the Middle East, both militarily and diplomatically.

Less than two weeks ago, a U.S.-led coalition airstrike killed 62 Syrian soldiers, purportedly due to bad intel. Days after that, following an attack on a U.N. aid convoy, the U.S. immediately dumped the whole of the blame on Russia — but was forced to back off that accusation after Russia began questioning the validity of the attack.

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13 Comments on "US Slammed After Drone Strike Kills at Least 15 Civilians in Afghanistan"

  1. This goes on day after day with ‘Double-Taps’ as brown skinned family members rush to the carnage…while some 18 yr old pimply faced ‘vidiot’ is manning his ‘joy stick’ munching on gmo dorito’s & washing it all down with aspartame neurotoxic faux sweetener’s &/or super sugar rush sugar pops…like it’s just another video game.

  2. PattyFromTexas | October 1, 2016 at 5:35 pm | Reply

    For every person we kill with a drone strike we make 100 more enemies that have become an army of Muhajadeen who have dispersed into all Western countries, and who can blame them?

  3. Maybe these civilians had recorded footage of the American Soldiers loading opiates onto the cargo planes, or were in some other way a threat to international “transparency” (as they want the world to see). These drones have incredible accuracy and the targets are given to the video game players. They are told that they are bad guys. It becomes just another day on the game in the comfortable nestles of Colorado, far away from the people’s lives they destroyed.

    I cannot imagine why the citizens of the world have a growing animosity toward us.

  4. WOW, if the United Nations condemned this, it must really be important.

  5. Good job America, killing people is great, isn’t it?

    • I have just watched a 2 hour video called “Of Hearts and Minds” about the Vietnam War and killing Gooks whether Male/Female/Chilren as they were called was no problem for the pilots of the planes as they were dropping Napalm and spraying lands with chemicals to clear the forests and gardens of plantation. I am not aware of the UN ever making any complaints about the Humanitarian situation during this war. You have to admit the US military has been and still is a great killing machine of human beings. It nearly made me cry watching what they did there.

  6. cellaphaneman -the deplorable | October 2, 2016 at 6:43 am | Reply

    Just a guess,but by the use of the number 13 the unholy scum is sending a message to the rest of the tribe. This was a satanic hit ordered by the soros color revolution.

  7. i will not answer to the murderous United States of America, who is free to kill, destroy and steal from people across the world. Thus, how can any federal indictments be taken seriously since this country is run by thugs and criminals who are unaccountable for any crime they commit.

    Your tax dollars at work. Ask your church what you should do and see the response. I bet they tell you to pray for your leaders.

    The US is a farce and more than half of americans are asleep.

    Who will go to jail for killing 16 innocent people? Who is the real terrorist of the world?

    Those two questions alone described our predicament.

  8. Here’s something the criminal psychopathic neocons consider themselves good at…killing innocent women and children by the hundreds while hatching out new terrorist’s by the score every time they launch one of these criminal drone strikes and kill other innocent civilians.

  9. Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon | October 3, 2016 at 4:09 am | Reply

    The idea is simple, terrorize the terrorists by striking on the homes of their friends, relatives and themselves. Putting the members of these communities together as a political entity composed of

  10. Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon | October 3, 2016 at 4:19 am | Reply

    This is genocide, massacre, in violation to the international law. This is the assassination of communities because among them live terrorists. All what US needs to do is to stop the flow of the American made weapons and British-Saudi money to them, stop the drug production and distribution. This is cheaper and humane, not like the drone program. No but that is not profitable for the war mongers as Hillary Clinton and her friends.

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