Former Ambassador to Russia Gets in Twitter War With WikiLeaks

wikileaks-blurBy Kurt Nimmo

On Monday the former US ambassador to Russia went after Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Michael McFaul said WikiLeaks is “a foreign agent, supported by Russia, publishing stolen data.”

There is no demonstrable connection between Russia and WikiLeaks. For the US government and the establishment media, this isn’t a problem. Now that the Russian espionage mantra has been hammered on for a few weeks, the media considers it gospel truth.

WikiLeaks responded to McFaul’s tweet and defended the organization. McFaul then insinuated WikiLeaks works for Trump and the Republicans.

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He then switched back to the Russian espionage mantra and said WikiLeaks is on the payroll of Putin’s intelligence service.

It turns out the spat is personal.

The tweets go on like that as McFaul responds to criticism and continues his tirade against Assange and WikiLeaks.

If anything the exchange provides a glimpse of the mindset of Obama’s former Russian ambassador, and Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of Russian and Eurasian Affairs at the National Security Council.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of

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25 Comments on "Former Ambassador to Russia Gets in Twitter War With WikiLeaks"

  1. Snowden is also a “foreign agent” operating in Russia. The difference is Snowden’s leaks are designed to ‘normalize’ surveillance in the west whereas Assange is pumping tabloid style political circus fuel.

    Assange, who grew up in “The Family” also called the Santiniketan Park Association and the Great White Brotherhood, an Australian eugenicist new age cult tied to the CIA (received LSD for experimentation, ~ MK Ultra?) and disparages the 9/11 Truth movement is the nexus for distraction theater of the absurd. The leaks are designed to keep political infighting at a fevered pitch, not to expose the rise of global totalitarian technocracy and Bankster Deep State machinations.

    • OMG, well said!, especially “global totalitarian technocracy…Bankster…”

    • You’ve cracked the matrix code again, blue! You are my hero.

      • You’re very kind, OS. I stand on shoulders, ya know, and I try to honor that dedication with persistence. Helps to have luck and a decent BS radar too. 😉

        • We all serve in our different ways. It’s an honor to know you. Crank that BS radar on BLAST, the time is nigh.

          • Same here, OS, it’s an honor and privilege.

          • Oh look! I can see you! You are so very beautiful, blue, body and soul, truly stunning in all ways.

            I just read this elsewhere and thought of you immediately. This will be us!

            “We signed up to this. Either as a lightworker here with a cosmic and personal mission or as a soul riding the karmic release waves on planet earth as its panopticon prison crumbles. This is a rare, momentous and incredible time to be alive, breathing and here! When you’re kicked back someday in a starship lounge enjoying a cosmic cocktail this is the lifetime you and your tribe will be reminiscing about. This lifetime with its peaks and troughs, waves of intense growth towards freedom, unique experiences and true beauty of the planet and the human experience. This is the lifetime we will all remember. The one we cleared hundreds of lifetimes worth of karma.”

          • Literally brought a tear to my eye, thank you, OS. Good morale boost too, today esp. I’ve been thinking “they aren’t ready by a long shot, too comfortable in their old Matrix patterns to gaze into the abyss.” Wonderful respite imagining a sane existence alongside kindreds. 😉

          • Ya, I got a little misty, too. It will be good to be reunited once the matrix has been dissolved. I’ve been working with a group of shamans. They are all over the world, doing amazing work, flying under the radar, working on a different timeline and creating safe space. We cannot save them all, blue, only the ones who are safe to save. If you save only one, you have done your job. Never give up, never give in. I know you will not. Onward and upward, we soar like ravens!

          • Your words ring truer than ever. I recently communed with someone online with the aptitude and emotional capacity to be shown the full extent of the layers of control, which was fully grasped once shown. Then this person raised a white flag to retreat back into the echo chambers of pseudo alt. We can shine light, that’s all. Few will take the full journey. Onward, yes. Much thanks for the update, it truly helps this tired soul.

          • I know, blue. Know that amidst all the lies and deceit, there is one great truth: those who choose the dark must stay in the dark and work in the dark, to be the dark. We are the keepers of the light.

          • Today YOU are very my heroine and a very beautiful one at that. Thx.

    • Publishing proof of government officials breaking the law is tabloid style political circus fuel?

      • Problem is, these leaks never lead to prosecution or loss of position for high level pols. They function as ammo for further division with the controlled media entities, to include large swaths of ‘alt’, selectively hammering on one side or the other. They also function as limited hangouts, never diving into deep state machinations and conspiracies, or perspective on the ‘end game’. As far as the public losing confidence in the political process, the leaks are useful as social engineering to prepare the citizens of “western democracies” to relinquish their hold on the ideals of representative government willing to accept technocratic rule and global governance.

        Where are the leaks on the Sandy Hook false flag? It’s fairly recent.

        9/11 is the one event that had led to genocide in the middle east and Assange, the faux humanitarian, instead of exposing it calls it a false conspiracy. A simpler example is Assange ignoring the plight of whistle blower Andrea Davison who was seeking asylum in Ecuador at exactly the same time he was. Andrea was privy to information along the same lines of Dr. David Kelly, the UK whistle blower on specious information used to accuse Iraq of possessing WMDs, Kelly was clearly murdered (suicided).

        The psy ops are elaborate and compartmentalized and have multiple agendas. None of which help people wake up and change the system. Can’t stop at what we are reading, need to get past it all and expose the entire system and then get active resisting the control grid, create our own realities.

        • Your mistake is assuming that they have VERIFIED information on absolutely everything. It sounds like speculation about what they have.

          • To public mind verification is not the issue. It’s about division and distraction.

          • I mean that you’re wondering why they don’t release this and that… but you don’t know that they even have what you’re asking about.

          • I understand what you’re saying. It doesn’t seem mathematically probable that a big internationally known whistle blower organization never received anything of importance related to deep state activities. How penetrating is Assange if he hasn’t bothered to research 9/11 and rudely dismisses it? He could have publicly called for false flag whistle blowers to come forward and he would support them, others would follow, same with other issues, vaccines, GMOS. We are running out of time, the electronic control grid is going online. No half measures. Someone legitimately in that role could release information on any number of fronts that would crack the facades. Instead the first leaks were timed to kickoff the Arab Spring revolutions, gossip about Gaddafi before Libya was run over, etc.

          • Show me your math. You’re making assumptions without evidence.

          • What assumptions without evidence? You’re not carefully reading my replies. “doesn’t SEEM mathematically probable” [given the amount of system corruption across the board]….I’m more informed than you realize, typically investing 6 hours a day on original geopolitical research on a wide spectrum of interconnecting issues = time & effort to support open source collaboration and outside the box synthesis.

          • Speak of the devil… Wikileaks just asked for suggestions on how to strengthen coverage without suggestions involving “magical resources” such as “leaks on X.” You don’t know what they have, so how can you demand that they release it? It’s possible that they have a little bit of info on whatever you’re talking about, but they can’t verify it. And given their 100% perfect record of authentication, that’s no small deal. Also, ironically, time spent in study doesn’t guarantee the quality of your resources.

          • Send your suggestion. You’re missing the big picture, but that’s OK. Remember, you replied to my comment. I was merely clarifying my concerns.

  2. McFaul is a personification of all that is wrong in the US State Department. It has absolutely no concern for the truth. Lies will do just fine, thank you very much! That a former diplomat would argue such drivel is almost a joke, but unfortunately one in very bad taste. If the US wants to ever be trusted again and regain much of its lost soft power, it is going to have to start telling the truth and cease its lying propaganda. Personally I don’t think it has the ability to do that.

  3. Banksters_Rule_the_World | November 2, 2016 at 6:02 pm | Reply

    Hackers have become the news and Journalist have become the hacks.

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