Google’s anti-ISIS propaganda program to be used on Americans next


By Lori Harfenist

Google’s tech incubator, Jigsaw, teamed up with a London-based startup to run a program that would identify potential ISIS jihadi sympathizers and then influence them by showing them anti-ISIS videos when they clicked on what appeared to be pro-ISIS videos. The program was a success in their eyes, so now they turn their sights on their next group to target for influence: ‘violent’ right-wing Americans. The Resident discusses.

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4 Comments on "Google’s anti-ISIS propaganda program to be used on Americans next"

  1. What about Soros’ violent left wingers? …..and groupies of Obama’s long time friend convicted domestic terrorist Bill Ayers (Weather Underground communist brought to justice by the FBI for bombings) who tweets messages to disrupt Trump rallies…

  2. Even though ISIS was created by the CIA (US government) and certain allies, they are being sold to the public as Al Qaeda 2.0, who as we know was also created by the US, and they are supposedly the newest and baddest anti-American terrorists out there. The ISIS Psyop will inevitably lead to the entrapment of certain extremists who want to fight American Imperialism in the Middle East.

    • This year TPTB have been aggressively attacking truthers of all stripes. This month Wolfgang Halbig who been in the trenches trying to get to the truth of Sandy Hook has been cut off at the knees threatened with harm if he continues his work and now he has shut down his website. Some other high profile truthers have been taken out recently. All dissenters are the “extremists” now.

  3. What else can you expect from the left wing zioinists the pos.
    I wouldn’t put any thing on that unholy site.

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