Georgia Tech Exposed: Producing High Tech Weapons for DARPA, Complicit With War Crimes

gt-exposedBy Cassius Kamarampi

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is part of the United States military industrial complex. The academic institution has been granted part of a hundred million dollar contract by DARPA, the “mad scientist” division of the Pentagon known for developing high technology weapons such as self-guided “smart bullets.”

This Era of Wisdom video below explains.


Their website paints them in a rich, esteemed manner, saying Georgia Tech is one of the oldest and most respected polytechnical universities in the United States.” The truth is, they are pimped by the Pentagon into developing devices of hegemony.

Georgia Tech is firmly embedded into the military industrial complex, being granted part of 100 million dollar contracts from DARPA for the development of high-performance computers, developing robotic legs for helicopters to land on rough terrain so the US can fight wars more aggressively, and more.

They received this 4.2 million dollar contract from DARPA for “military research to better secure data transfer.”

Georgia Tech received this 2.9 million dollar contract from DARPA for “low-volume DDoS attack defense.”

Pages upon pages could be written about Georgia Tech’s involvement with DARPA, the Pentagon, and a criminal US military industrial complex.

Like Boeing or Lockheed Martin, Georgia Tech is just another piece of a criminal, imperial hegemony.

Any academician or scientist developing technology for Georgia Tech, DARPA, or the US Government is guilty by association with a criminal government.

Any scientist developing weapons should think long and hard about US war crimes including the Yemen market bombing of March 15th, 2016.

In this strike, Saudi Arabia used US supplied weapons to kill at least 97 civilians, including 25 children.

This is where your scientific efforts will lead if you work for a criminal government, or an academic front for war crimes.

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3 Comments on "Georgia Tech Exposed: Producing High Tech Weapons for DARPA, Complicit With War Crimes"

  1. be careful or they will murder you like they did the person who found the method to power your car with water…

  2. Hegemony… well the helicopter legs is a stupid concept and the low level DDoS defiance you can get for free. From this video it looks more like their flushing money away and producing no technology advancement.
    Given the current state of things I’m not sure thats a bad thing.

  3. Those are not unusually high levels of funding for academic research, and it does put money into the school and allow its students to learn and work and discover. The bigger problem seems to be that the research, produced at a public university, is then shepherded solely into top secret projects that no longer see the light of day or benefit the rest of humanity. In the early years of Space technology, one of the first things the US government and NASA did was explain to Americans how all that space technology was directly benefiting the rest of America, from pens that could write upside down, etc. Ha! Now, no effort is made at all to “include” Americans in the process. Your tax dollars are spent and you are no more important to the process than the ants crawling in your backyard.

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