9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

By James Corbett

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Mayor Giuliani oversaw the illegal destruction of the 9/11 crime scene and is criminally liable for the deaths of hundreds of emergency workers for not passing on prior warnings about the collapses of the Twin Towers. It is no wonder, then, that the Fire Department of New York so passionately detest Giuliani for his actions in disgracing their fallen brothers and covering up the 9/11 crime.

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35 Comments on "9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani"

  1. Terrorists were from Saudi but we went into Iraq and Afghanistan… that says it all…

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark

    • you mean those 19 men wielding box cutters, who somehow got on those planes without being on the passenger lists? LOL come ON, Dan. The terrorists reside in WDC and Jerusalem/Tel Aviv. Why were those Izzraylees dancin’?

    • Well, yes, the Bush family and Israeli MOSSAD did use Saudis to distract and blame Islam, and the Bush family did misuse the U.S. Military to destroy Sadaam Hussein for not sticking with the Bush/MOSSAD plan.
      Yes, the Bush-CIA/MOSSAD did unite struggling, mercenary Al Kaeda and Muslim Brotherhood factions into ISIS-ISIL, which serves as the proxy army of the CIA/MOSSAD. Yes, ISIL is driving Arabs from their homelands into NATO countries of the EU with assistance of the German chancellor, Mrs. Angela Merkel. Chancellor Merkel has followed the guidance of the US alias, Barrak H. Obama since June 2015 and her G7 meeting at Castle Ulmau in the Bavarian Alps of Germany.

      And yes, the majority of Germans, especially the non-nazi-type segment, are tired of hearing her repeat the German version of Obama´s “We Can Do It,” because they DONT WANT to do it and want to stop the Merkel-Maas entourage from doing it.

    • No, I don’t think this is going to work for us! Not at all!!

  2. As long as Giuliani is being accused of covering up the crime scene, why aren’t members of the Bush administration being held accountable for the actual destruction of the Trade Towers? Most everyone knows this was an inside job, but many people continues to ignore it. They can’t imagine our government could do something this heinous to it’s own people. Give me a break. The government of this country has been doing heinous things to its citizens for a long long time.

    It’s pathological denial that some continue not to believe this when it has been proven by countless scientists in physics and demolition experts that there simply isn’t any way the buildings could have been knocked down my a mere airplane hitting each of them, and then of all preposterously impossible things, the buildings fall straight down into their own footprints, just like controlled demolition does. That is an impossibility for a random occurrence, It had to have been done by experts. Then Building 7 falls down for no apparent reason. It was not hit by a thing and was clear of the destruction zone of the Towers, yet it fell into rubble, too.

    Not one person has come forth to dispute this with any evidence to the contrary, and the authors of the white washed 9/11 Report have distanced themselves from their own report admitting it was a white wash.

    How foolish can we be to fall for every lie the government tells us?

    There is no conspiracy theory at play here. However, there was a definite conspiracy.

    • See Marks’ comment above ^^^

    • “New Pearl Harbor Event” called for in the Neo-con paper “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” (People for a New American Century.)

    • The Pentagon was BS, so that means all the rest was BS too. It’s incredible what the Bush administration got away with. That pretty much goes for all the a-holes in Washington today!

      • Absolutely. We continue to wonder about how these a-holes get away with what they do. I suppose we ought to post an armed state militia in the Federal buildings to secure them against criminal activities.

        Whatever it was that hit the Pentagon was not an airplane. An airplane cannot smash through the number of dense concrete walls as did whatever hit the Pentagon. Airplanes are simply not built to withstand such impact.

        People who witnessed it said it appeared to be long and tubular in shape but it happened so fast and it was the last thing they would expect to see, that no one got a good look at it. There is a short video around that I’ve seen, but it doesn’t show much either.

      • HighMaintenanceLowTolerance | February 15, 2017 at 11:37 am |

        Cut a piece of cardboard 1″ wide x 12″ long to represent the wingspan of a Boeing 757/767 of 124′-10″.
        Cut another piece of cardboard 1″ wide x 15″ long to represent the fuselage of a Boeing 757/767 of 155′-3″.
        These dimensions represent a ratio for the sake of simplicity, though using a scale of 1″ = 10′ would be another option if someone wanted to go to that much work.

        Lay the “wing” across the “fuselage” like an old-fashioned balsa wood toy plane; staple or tape the 12″ wing midway along the length of the 15″ long piece.

        Now open up a sheet of newspaper and cut a hole in the center that measures 4″ square (1″ = 10′) to represent the impact hole in the side of the Pentagon. The hole in the side of the Pentagon had a maximum height of 40′, which by the way is the height of the tail section above grade.

        Hand the “plane” and the “wall with the impact hole” to someone who doubts the truth and ask them to insert the cardboard plane through the hole without damaging any other area of the “wall”.

        This exercise is a simple, hands-on demonstration that anyone can understand. Those who focus on explaining the thermal-dynamics of the Twin Tower destruction are talking way over the heads of most of us, while this is much easier to comprehend.

    • Because 19 determined terrorists can’t hijack planes and crash them. And burning fuel doesn’t cause fires that can become hot enough to weaken steel so that a building’s static weight collapses it. Oh, and it’s possible to set explosives in two 110-story buildings completely undetected.

      Your feelings of powerlessness in the face of a terrorist attack led you to believe that you are completely helpless in all things. Believing that you are a helpless pawn of a vast conspiracy allows you to justify never taking any risks or doing anything to change your life or to better society.

      • As I said earlier, you must not be able to face reality. Where did I say I felt like a helpless pawn. You said that. Don’t put your silly words in my mouth.

        Face the facts. This could not have been done as it is portrayed to have been done. Even the esteemed people who wrote the “9/11 Report” are now distancing themselves from it. They are saying it was a white wash.

        I don’t feel powerless at all. What gave you that impression? Your inability to learn the facts on your own from unimpeachable sources as I have?

        People like you are the reason the governance of our nation can do as they wish without feeling a need to explain a thing to us. They know they have people like you — the true believers — in the bag, who will always accept whatever they say or do.

    • I love the last sentence ” There is no conspiracy theory at play here. However, there was a definite conspiracy”.
      Very well said.

      Muslim we have been targeted, vilified and made as enemies of the state.

      Why because the mainstream media owners and politicians are together in this abhorrent tragedy on the American people and the half million lives lost due to LIES and DECPTION.

      Is there NOT one Military General capable of overthrowing this “DEMOCRATIC” government.

      RISE UP!!!!

      • I have quite a few Muslim friends, and they are at their wit’s end about how to be accepted in this country. Some have been citizens of the US since the Seventies. The msm is the government’s megaphone. They report the news they seem to be told to report by the governing liars who run our government. So they’ve created a palpable fear among the citizens that’s so thick you could cut it with a knife.

        Everyone knows that fear is the most effective way of controlling the masses, so fear is what they use. Every conspiracy needs a villain, so they must demonize Islam to have a rationale for the citizens for the endless wars in the Middle East. Wars that are fought to protect big oil, big banks, Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. Think of the real unemployment rate if they stopped the wars. The “defense” industries would have to lay off thousands of people and the real unemployment rate would go sky high.

        The ironic thing to me, is that upon being attacked on 9/11 by some Saudis, Bush attacks Iraq. He can’t attack Saudi Arabia since his family is very close to the Saudi royal family.

  3. Rudy Giuliani went on to become very wealthy through Speaking fees and starting and heading a Global Security Consulting firm.

  4. We simply have not convinced enough of our armed uniforms to point their weapons at the real criminals instead of protecting them and their power structure.
    That would take courage and valor.
    Are the uniforms up for that?
    Any honorable Admirals, Generals, Police Chiefs left? Or will our heroic local Sherrifs with citizen backing win the day?

  5. The best evidence I`ve seen on the events of 9/11 , check out ,Where Did the Towers Go? , Dr. Judy Wood ,youtube dot com /watch?v=ZWjktDulhR8

  6. PBS did a special about 9/11 where they interviewed Larry Silverstein in his office, on video. He spoke of Bldg. 7 having caught on fire that day. (Bldg 7 of the WTC complex had CIA and FBI offices, Secret Service, Emergency Management, reinforced glass and other accoutrements installed with approval by Guliani.) Silverstein said that he spoke with the fire dept. officials who said they weren’t sure they could contain the fires, so ultimately they made the decision to “pull it” (industry speak for a controlled demolition) “…and we watched the building fall.” OK, I’m sorry but 9-11 was a very busy day, so WHEN DID YOU HAVE TIME TO GO IN AND SET CHARGES TO BRING DOWN BLDG. 7? MAYBE WHEN YOU PLACED CHARGES IN THE OTHER TWO TOWERS AS WELL? LIKE DAYS OR WEEKS BEFORE? Because those towers were built to sustain DIRECT airplane strikes without collapsing, and a poorly oxygenated oil fire won’t soften steel sufficiently to cause a pancake collapse like we witnessed on film. Silverstein collected for TWO acts of terrorism from Lloyd’s of London Insurance. Even more curious, MARVIN BUSH owned the security firm and contracts for the WTC complex AND the airports where the jet-liners ostensibly took off from. No reason to talk about why NORAD was instructed to stand down that day, because war “games” were being conducted, of airplanes flying into buildings!

    • Yep, you got it right. I’ve researched this extensively, or I wouldn’t be so brash as to write about it What I found was the building was closed the week-end before for “routine” maintenance and other things. Things like setting the charges and the wiring for them I would suppose.

      And about your point of the buildings being built to withstand an airplane hitting them, even if they weren’t, with an impact on the side they should fallen over in the opposite direction. But they didn’t. They dropped straight down.

      Think about this. If bin Laden was the master-mind of this, he would have taken buildings out like this in four or five major cities on the same day. That would have brought America to its knees. But yet it didn’t happen. So we have to wonder why. Well, it appears that the insiders who did this didn’t have the stomach for it, or one was enough to enable the war in Iraq to begin. Just as now, the neocons and the deep state were itching for a new war. So they created a reason for one. Beware of the arms build-up on the Polish border with Russia under the auspices of NATO, that worn-out, out-of-date and mindless alliance. The same group of sociopaths want a war with Russia. That’s unimaginable.

      We all saw the news videos of Dubya Bush reading to children in a Florida school when supposedly he gets the news from an aide. He looks around for a moment, then continues reading. Strange behavior for a President during an attack as bad as Pearl Harbor.

  7. Prof. Judy Wood in her book: “Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11” gives the best scientific explanation of what happened on 9/11, from physics stand point of view. This article looks almost like ‘presidential advertisement for Hillary Clinton’, since Gulliani

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